If, during the three day Martin Luther King birthday holiday, a world attention getting source, for example, a Chinese government spokesperson, would point out that the government of the United States of America was condemned as the most violent in the world by America’s own idol, this writer believes it would be a sensation, and a most difficult moment for the U.S. government and America’s wars supporting mainstream media.


MLK at RC 4Apr1967 detail1 Martin Luther King Riverside church
MLK speaking at Riverside Church, NYC, 4 April 1967

The United States calls China it’s greatest adversary and has openly begun a cold war of anti-Chinese government propaganda. China, targeted by the huge and comprehensive CIA controlled Western media satellite-reach entertainment/news conglomerates,[1] is at a disadvantage.

However, America’s CIA controlled international reach monopoly media has an Achilles heel, a weakness in spite of its overall strength. Martin Luther King Jr. the famous civil rights leader, is an American hero, the only American whose birthday has been made a national holiday. CIA managed corporate media has had to cover up, with a carefully complete blackout, the last year of Martin Luther King’s life, during which King condemned the American government as the most violent in the world, and held America responsible for atrocity wars and covert violence on three continents since 1945.

If, during the three day Martin Luther King Jr. birthday holiday, a world attention getting source, for example, a Chinese government spokesperson, would point out that the government of the United States of America was condemned as the most violent in the world by America’s own idol, this writer believes it would be a sensation, and at the same time a most difficult moment for the U.S. government and America’s wars supporting mainstream media.

In China, confrontation, both in the martial arts, as in Kung-fu, and in social behavior and personal demeanor, is a face and balance losing stance. However, being that Chinese cities are targeted with US nuclear warheads, and since either by accident, mistake or intention, a millionfold catastrophe could occur, it would seem some outspoken attention, some awareness, some warning for all humanity, is in order. NATO has threateningly declared China a global security challenge.[2]

Four years after King’s highly media promoted ‘I have a dream’ speech, and one year to the day before Rev. King was shot dead, bold headlines in newspapers all around the world read, KING CALLS U.S. “GREATEST PURVEYOR OF VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD.” The same morning in the United States, Wall St. owned, CIA controlled, TV and newspapers, which were all defending and praising the war in Vietnam, vilified King as a traitor to his country and an embarrassment to the African-American community. The New York Times and Washington Post were especially insulting of King.

On April 4th in 1967, at Riverside Church in New York City, Martin Luther King, Jr. had given his blistering Earth shaking sermon ‘Beyond Vietnam — A Time to Break Silence.’ [3]

It was reported that King had stated in a raised voice,

“for the sake of the hundreds of thousands trembling under our violence, I cannot be silent.” 

In 2022, it would be the ‘Beyond’ portion of King’s sermon that might most interest the Chinese trying to get the U.S. to back off its belligerent attitude and vitriolic accusations of China.

What American idol King said about his nation’s wider world military crimes in preserving its hegemony could, if revealed, cause a good deal of embarrassment and consternation in Washington and perhaps a willingness to quiet down its attacks on China.

In his sermon King mentions US attacks in various countries:

During the past ten years, we have seen emerge a pattern of suppression which has now justified the presence of U.S. military advisors in Venezuela. This need to maintain social stability for our investments accounts for the counterrevolutionary action of American forces in Guatemala. It tells why American helicopters are being used against guerrillas in Cambodia and why American napalm and Green Beret forces have already been active against rebels in Peru…concerned about Thailand, Mozambique and South Africa.” 

King saw the reason for wars was to maintain unjust predatory investments.

“Look across the seas and see individual capitalists of the West investing huge sums of money in Asia, Africa, and South America, only to take the profits out with no concern for the social betterment of the country. This is a role our nation has taken, … refusing to give up the privileges and the pleasures that comes from the immense profits of overseas investments. This is not just. It will look at our alliance with the landed gentry of South America and say, “This is not just.”

King had warned,

“adventures like Vietnam continued to draw men and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction tube.” 

King went far ‘beyond’ America’s Vietnam War, so much so to be describing a USA world wide violence that reads as similar to this century’s present day U.S. genocidal destruction of the Middle East and parts of Africa. At the same time, King’s vivid description of America’s genocidal atrocity war in Vietnam cuts deep into the reader’s picture of the preposterous amount of deadly American inhumanity.

“They languish under our bombs and consider us, not their fellow Vietnamese, the real enemy. They move sadly and apathetically as we herd them off the land of their fathers into concentration camps where minimal social needs are rarely met. They know they must move on or be destroyed by our bombs.

So they go, primarily women and children and the aged. They watch as we poison their water, as we kill a million acres of their crops. They must weep as the bulldozers roar through their areas preparing to destroy the precious trees. They wander into the hospitals with …casualties from American firepower. 

So far we may have killed a million of them, mostly children. They wander into the towns and see thousands of the children, homeless, without clothes, running in packs on the streets like animals. They see the children degraded by our soldiers as they beg for food. They see the children selling their sisters to our soldiers, soliciting for their mothers. All the while the people read our leaflets and received the regular promises of peace and democracy and land reform.

For 53 years US corporate owned and operated media, promoting and justifying all US wars, has made sure that not only American children, but the rest of its world-wide satellite reach audience as well, hear or read nothing of King’s blistering condemnation of US wars in small countries of the third world during his sermon on April 4th, 1967.

Would people who were children at the time not be astounded to learn that the day after King thundered about a U.S. history of atrocities, one hundred and sixty-eight major American newspapers had denounced King, some with venom, the New York Times and Washington Post among the most insulting of King for his condemnation of undeclared US wars.

Past articles have mused over the question: why is it that US designated adversaries don’t quote King nor make strong arguments to highlight US war crimes and hypocrisies? [4]

The world, facing desperate situations of climate change, planetary degradation and nuclear war preparation, desperately needs protection from inhumane deceiving war promoting Western media, and from where shall it come if not from the bountiful and powerful two great designated adversaries of the Western powers, China, the world’s most populous nation and largest economy, and the Russian Federation with 11% of planet’s land. [4]

Regarding today’s article, why is it that one (or all) of the nations, under sanctions and constant criticism from the US, doesn’t remind the world that one of America’s own greatest heroes, Martin Luther King  has identified the US as the world’s worst bully and threat to peace?

Besides referencing the long suppressed outcry of American idol Martin Luther King Jr., one could quote a forceful statement of the US Attorney General, America’s chief law enforcement officer, at the time of King’s outcry against US wars and subsequent assassination, Ramsey Clark. [5]

“The government of Americans means to have its way through the use and threatened to use of superior force. It will lie. It will deceive. It will kill. It will escalate the threat and use of force to the highest level it dares. It will bluff, dangerous as that can be. It will do whatever is must to dominate. It does this in the face of the fact that its very preparation for a nuclear war may destroy all life.” [5]

Humanity’s idol Nelson Mandela is also worth quoting:

“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don’t care.”  [6]

It makes sense that US media would bury these embarrassments, but it’s puzzling why Russia and China don’t reference them.  It’s almost as if they’re too polite to bring it up. Meanwhile, U.S./Western media are continually referencing and quoting Russian critics of Russia and Chinese critics of China. Might this unbalanced situation soon come to an end?


Public Awareness of Martin Luther King’s Condemnation of His Government’s Violence Would WakeUp Americans to U.S. Wars Being Criminal and Not Meant to Protect America, but Rather for Profits for the Ruling Deep State Financial-Industrial-Military-Complex.


End Notes

1. “Worldwide Propaganda Network Built by the C.I.A,” December 26, 1977, New York Times

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5. https://www.opednews.com/articles/Ramsey-Clark-Described-His-by-Jay-Janson-Capitalism-Over-Humanity_Genocide_Global-Capitalism_Predatory-Capitalism-210421-869.html https://


6. Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won’t See In The U.S. Media

Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents in 67 countries; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India and the US; now resides in NYC; First effort was a series of articles on deadly cultural pollution endangering seven areas of life emanating from Western corporate owned commercial media published in Hong Kong’s Window Magazine 1993; Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his; Global Research; Information Clearing House; Counter Currents, Kerala, India; Minority Perspective, UK; Dissident Voice, Uruknet; Voice of Detroit; Ethiopian Review; Palestine Chronicle; India Times; Ta Kung Bao; China Daily; South China Morning Post; Come Home America; OpEdNews; HistoryNews Network; Vermont Citizen News have  published his articles; 400  of which are available at: click http://www.opednews.com/author/author1723.html ;   article China Daily, 1989.  Is coordinator of the  King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign : (King Condemned US Wars) http://kingcondemneduswars.blogspot.com/ and website historian of  Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign  http://prosecuteuscrimesagainsthumanitynow.blogspot.com/ featuring a country by country history of US crimes and laws pertaining.

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