A sword pierced my soul, the day I heard the calls
For genocide against our Muslim nationals –
What makes it still more chilling and sinister
Is the loud silence of all those who matter.

We who speak can say that silence speaks louder,
It echoes in ears it reaches and further;
It beats up a drum roll of tacit consent,
Because from high places there comes no dissent.

With bated breath, I await a chastisement;
With none forthcoming, there’s a predicament
I face – is it only me? Don’t others too
Writhe in shame, seethe with anguish? Sure they must do!

I mourn the lost lives of my countrymen all,
Which are pierced by the same sword that pierced my soul.
We have, all of us who suffered the words, died
By the hate of the call, not by genocide.

Amita Braganza has a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. She is an Independent Financial Advisor based in Bangalore. She is also a Poet by hobby, and gets specially inspired to compose on topical matters. She posts her poems on various platforms as well as on her YouTube channel called #PoetForLives. She strongly believes that ‘Every Life Matters.’ Amita is a member of a Bengaluru based NGO called Respect For Life India.

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One Comment

  1. yes right, same breath,same swās,same light,same prakāsh in all people, all souls,
    a beautiful,haunting poem from a feeling heart,thanks for posting it
    our common fundamental humanity is what’s truly important in these critical kalyug times

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