New situation in the North India

UP Election

A new situation is being emerged in some parts of North India. The states where elections are being held include Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab.

Uttar Pradesh

A new picture is emerging in this state which is the integration of Bahujan castes like never before. Yadav, Jatt, Kurmi, Rajbhar etc. The integration of OBC castes and some Dalit castes, who had become disenchanted with the BSP and the predominantly Muslim community, is seen. And this is a new environment.

Farmers Movement

The peasant movement has added a lot to it. That movement has broken the religious hatred of the Sangh BJP. By raising slogans like ‘Alla ho Akbar and Har Har Mahadev’.By this differences between Hindu and Muslim psychi is reduced.

The picture that OBCs, Muslims are united is new in the background of riots before some years. The BJP is getting perturbed because of this changed situation.

The leader of the farmers’ movement, Rakesh Tikait, is well aware of the RSS policy. Farmers have realised that RSS was against the farmers demands. Farmer leaders know that Modi is controlled by the Sangh. Tikait has also openly said that the BJP people are being trained by RSS from Nagpur in telling lies, propagating untruths. This means the rule of the BJP is under the control of RSS. And some non-BJP political parties are also aware of this policy of the RSS.

Secondly, the differences between OBC castes seems to be shrinking. In other words, when these castes come together for the political power, it seems to be a kind of egalitarian initiative or reconciliation. I think this path is going to lead to the mindset that all castes are equal and this path will be a step against caste system, hierarchy. The poisonous move of the RSS, BJP to organize Hindu-Muslim riots here, to create enmity among them has been badly affected by this new situation. Narendra Modi has to cancel the election meetings there too, which means the atmosphere is very hostile. This is a big blow to the notion that Modi’s charisma can make every thing happen.

It is becoming clear from this that this time the Sangh is going to lose its temper. We have to pay attention to what new conspiracies the Sangh finds out.


In this state also BJP has become almost non-existent. The Sikh community understands the conspiracy of the RSS very well. Many Sikh leaders have openly taken a strong stand against its Hindu Rashtra. That’s why you will have to eat your mouth there too. The Akali Dal has already left the BJP.

Modi could not even hold a meeting there. This shows that Modi’s leadership is losing its sheen. This gives an idea of ​​what the atmosphere is like.

The future of BJP in Uttarakhand is said to be not bright.

This is the first time a political picture like this has emerged in the North. What matters is the vision of social and religious integration. There in is the iota of sort of de-hierarchism or egalitarianism within the OBCs. This against the RSS’ model of caste hierarchy.

If it continues and grows then this situation will be important in the defeat of BJP. This situation is like a slap on the Hindu Rashtra design of the Sangh, RSS.

Nagesh Chaudhari is editor of Bahujan Sangharsh, a Marathi fortnightly and author of many books on social issues. His recently published book is, RSS, CASTE SYSTEM AND HINDU NATION

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