The Great Disconnect Part 3….

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Knee deep in the land of the ignorant. Oh boy, talk about ignorance. Where do I begin. Let me start with the great US foreign policy from 2014 until the present. In 2014, the Obama administration, through the right wing Victoria Nugent, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs ( married to Robert Kagan, one of the founders of the Neo Fascist Project for the New American Century),  helped instigate a coup in The Ukraine. They helped to ferment the Neo Nazi run ousting of the elected President Victor Yanukovych, who was known as a ‘ Neutralist’ concerning Russia and the USA controlled NATO. In his place the US helped install the type of government that was favored by the Svoboda Party and Right Sektor Neo Nazi groups. Kudos to Ms. Nuland and the Neo Con Democrats represented by then VP Joe Biden.

Then we have Syria, where once again the US foreign policy establishment wanted to oust Syrian President Assad. So much so that investigations by multiple news organizations found that we were giving aid and comfort to a group calling itself the Free Syrian Army, which were mostly made up of NON Syrians. Digging deeper, these so called ‘ Moderate Rebels’ were actually elements of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS, folks that ALL our recent presidents named as public enemy #1 ( duh, like what happened on 9/11). It was actually the Russians, with their military aid to Syria, that kept our jackboot from stepping all over the place in that country.

Now, we see this same Neo Con foreign policy establishment attempting to bring the world to the brink of a terrible war with Russia. How would our leaders at home like it if Russia ( shades of 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis) made a deal with Mexico and placed deadly missile batteries on our southern border? Well, after the Russians have had Germany attack them in two major world wars, maybe they are reluctant to have their border facing such powerful missile batteries. FYI the Ukraine borders Russia. Factor that with the reality that many citizens of Crimea owe allegiance to Russia, and 38 % of the inhabitants of the Donbas region of the Ukraine are Russian. Remember if you will that many ( not all but still many) Ukrainians welcomed the invading German army with flowers and cookies during Operation Barbarossa in 1941. Knowing all of this the US Congress just made the Ukraine the 3rd most favored recipient of military aid, with over $2.5 billion since 2014. When just the other day 80 tons of military supplies arrived…

Back home here at the ranch we see the Republican Party doing whatever it can to play down the January 6th, 2021 riot and insurrection. Imagine those legislators who were scared shitless when the mob broke through the ring of police protection and forced their way into the chambers. Then, after the smoke had cleared and they were able to clean their asses, many right wing hypocrites in office said there was peaceful protest… even behavior like that of tourists. By the way, the ‘ Pied Piper’ who promised to ‘ March with you to the Capitol’ was nowhere to be found, except by the boob tube in the White House. And the fools still celebrate this ultimate huckster and his cabal.

The ignorant continue to deny vaccinations and deny face masks as a ‘ Fools badge of courage’.  They are so fixated on the terrible sin of blackness and gayness that they miss the fact that the right wing is nibbling on their bones. It has always been this Military Industrial Empire that looks at all of us working stiffs and unemployed as serfs, even slaves. In reality the color of our skin means nothing to the corporate masters. The only color they respect is GREEN!

Philip A Farruggio is regular columnist on It’s the Empire… stupid website. He is also frequently posted on Nation of Change, Countercurrents., Smirking Chimp and Independent Australia sites. He is the son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen and a graduate of Brooklyn College, class of 1974. Since the 2000 election debacle Philip has written over 400 columns on the Military Industrial Empire and other facets of life in an upside down America. He is also host of the ‘ It’s the Empire… Stupid ‘ radio show, co produced by Chuck Gregory. Philip can be reached at [email protected].


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