Your Foster Child!

ukraine 4

Nights are on the panics, you filled your gun with bullets;
Nights are dreadful, you shield and polish your weapons with great pride.
Pride – your pride costs how many lives?
You caress your pride like a baby, your only child is your weapon.
Time has come; you’re ready to take charge,
Your baby is well prepared- your gun is your only son.
You crush the earth and teach your baby to choose the smell; smell of blood.
Look, your only baby is so joyful, playing with several lives.
Each night you teach and take care of your son,
How your baby would be rewarded by the garlands of bullets, your child is fully prepared,.
You and your only son- your loving gun
Both are one- as you taught to shoot
In the dark nights, without watching any face.
You’re proud of your gun-your son; whom you reward with gold lace.

Indian writer and poet, born in Suburban Kolkata, SONALI CHANDA completed her Post Graduation from Burdwan University in English Literature and Language, with her Special Paper on Figure Of Speech. Completing her Post Graduation, She pursued her Degree Course in Wild and Landscape Photography from Delhi School of Photography Institute. She’s a Published Author and Poet. Her Debut Travelogue LADAKH is broadly accepted hugely, her Novella ” Love’s Faint Echoes ” published by AUTHORSPRESS Delhi is well read and applauded by the readers, and her third book is a collection of poems, that’s a published recently in Amazon, named as “The Echoes of the Swooshing Winds”: A collection of poems and pictures.



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