Ukrainian ‘refugees’ wait at a train station in Zahony, Hungary, a border town with Ukraine, February 26, 2022 (Photo: AP)

Racist Ukraine coverage in mainstream Western media. Notice the racist overtones. 

1. BBC

“It’s very emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed” 

– Ukraine’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor, David Sakvarelidze

2. CBS News

“This isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan…This is a relatively civilised, relatively European city” 

– CBS foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata

3. Al-Jazeera [not exactly Western, but West-aligned]

“What’s compelling is looking at them, the way they are dressed. These are prosperous, middle-class people. These are not obviously refugees trying to get away from the Middle East…or North Africa. They look like any European family that you’d live next door to.”

– Peter Dobbie, Al Jazeera news presenter.

4. BFM TV (France)

“We are in the 21st century, we are in a European city and we have cruise missile fire as though we were in Iraq or Afghanistan, can you imagine!?”

5. The Daily Telegraph

“They seem so like us. That is what makes it so shocking. Ukraine is a European country. Its people watch Netflix and have Instagram accounts… War is no longer something visited upon impoverished and remote populations. It can happen to anyone.”

– Daniel Hannan

6. ITV (UK)

“The unthinkable has happened…This is not a developing, third world nation; this is Europe!”

7. BFM TV (France) (again)

“It’s an important question. We’re not talking here about Syrians fleeing…We’re talking about Europeans.”

8. NBC News

“To put it bluntly, these are not refugees from Syria, these are refugees from Ukraine…These are Christians, they’re white. They’re very similar [to us]”.

– Kelly Cobiella, NBC News Correspondent, explaining why Poland, which was hesitant to take in refugees from West Asia and North Africa, is now accepting refugees.

Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar served the Indian Foreign Service for more than 29 years. He introduces about himself thus:  “Roughly half of the 3 decades of my diplomatic career was devoted to assignments on the territories of the former Soviet Union and to Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. Other overseas postings included South Korea, Sri Lanka, Germany, and Turkey. I write mainly on Indian foreign policy and the affairs of the Middle East, Eurasia, Central Asia, South Asia and the Asia-Pacific…”

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  1. My thanks to the Ambassador for pointing this evil. Let me add another incident that I read in the internet news media very recently, validating live European racism that we Indians living here also detect as everyday reality.

    About 1000 African students crowded around a Ukrainian-Polish border post along with other ‘white’ Ukrainian refugees. Africans were immediately told, “Entry only for Ukrainian nationals”, meaning the “Whites”. Let’s not talk about Human Rights here in crisis times!

    It is subcutaneous. It is natural, and you can’t do anything about this sub-anthropo-ethnic phenomenon. It is raw racism no doubt. Only education, love and sympathy through long years for a fellow human being irrespective of his appearance and colour can overcome it. Mahatma Gandhi would not have fought for Indian Independance from British Whites were he not thrown out of a train in South Africa because of his colour. Enlightened evolution of human mind is missing. Europeans, Russians included, are all generic racists in this respect, although outwardly they may look, talk, and behave exquisitely. It is endemic-endogenous in primitive unenlightened human beings.

    Unfortunately, you can’t argue about this with Europeans, because they then become smart to point out our caste prejudices, discrimination against the Dalits, low castes, minorities, Christians and Muslims etc. Africans are also discriminated in India, they would point out and what can you say.

    George Chakko, former U.N. correspondent, now retired in Vienna, Austria.
    Vienna, 02/ 03/ 2022 17:08 hrs CET

    • S. N. Murthy Ch says:

      This is more saddening in addition to the devastation caused by war.