A Song for Our Mother

Earth 1

What songs can we sing for you

O Mother, on this Earth Day?


Intercontinental missiles fly. You lie

wounded by bombs. Wombs emptied

into tombs of soldiers weep,

decimated by the monsters of war.


What songs can we sing for you

O Mother, on this Earth Day?


We should have sung of flowing

fields, and waving trees with emerald

leaves. Now we whimper a dirge to you

O Mother Earth as we watch the


Liberation of Mariupol’


O Mother Earth have mercy —

Give wisdom to save us from

this fetid frenzy of hate and

violence that hurts your womb,


from this annihilation, this

devastation, this cry of

hunger, thirst, starvation.

Have mercy. Forgive. Love.


What songs can we sing for you

O Mother, on this Earth Day?


Mitali Chakravarty writes for love, peace and harmony and in that spirit founded the Borderless Journal.

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