Epitaph For Madeleine Albright: Complicit In US Mass Murder Of Millions Of Non-European Children

Madeleine Albright

The death of former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has elicited lavish but utterly false praise from US Alliance politicians, journalists and academics. The horrible reality is that Albright was a major US Government official and thence influencer  from the 1970s onwards, and was heavily complicit in the active and passive American mass murder of millions of non-European children around the world, notably the 0.5 million Iraqi under-5 infants who died under US-backed Sanctions.

Set out below is a summary of Madeleine Albright’s adult life as a leading foreign affairs adviser of the US Democrat Establishment [1], together with details of horrendous  under-5 infant mortality  and total avoidable mortality (as determined from UN Population Division demographic data) [2-4] in various countries impacted by US actions in the relevant periods.

The US has invaded 72 countries (52 since WW2) [2, 3, 5, 6].  It is very difficult determine violent deaths associated with US hegemony, US invasion, US occupation and the post-occupation realities in devastated countries – as US General Tommy Franks declared: “We don’t do body counts”.  However the UN Population Division provides detailed demographic data for all countries dating back to 1950 [4], and this is a “smoking gun” enabling one to estimate  “under-5 infant deaths” and “avoidable deaths” (excess deaths, deaths that did not have to happen)  for all countries and all periods from 1950 onwards. “Avoidable deaths” can be exhaustively estimated as the difference between actual deaths and the deaths expected for a peaceful, decently-run country with the same demographics (e.g. birth rate, proportion of children).

Using this readily available and authoritative data it is possible to determine (for all countries and all periods) “average population”, “average child  births per 1,000 of population” and “average under-5 year old infant deaths per 1,000 child births”.  For a rough and rapid  estimation “total avoidable deaths” are about 1.4 times the “total under-5 infant deaths” [2, 3].  Whether a child starves to death or dies from untreated disease, the death is just as final and the perpetrators just as culpable as when the child is killed by bashing, bullets or bombs.

While “avoidable mortality” is a basic concept in medical epidemiology, this smoking gun in relation to the extent of the  crimes of US imperialism is resolutely ignored by US Government-beholden Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes, who (like Madeleine Albright) are complicit in the US mass murder of children.

The only major reservation about this approach is  the accuracy of the data given to the UN by national governments or authoritative bodies. Thus the US-installed Iraqi government highly implausibly claimed that “under-5 infant deaths per 1,000 births” declined progressively with successive application of sanctions, war, and occupation [4, 7].  However the UN Population Division data is all that we have available to quantitatively assess the active and passive mass murder of children by the American Empire.

The fundamental human imperative “Thou shalt not kill children” is so basic that it is not specifically listed among the Ten Commandments i.e. it is so obvious that it obviates explicit enunciation.  Back in the Vietnam War protest days  we would chant “Hey, hey, USA, how many kids did you kill today?” As of 2020 on Spaceship Earth with the US in charge of the flight deck the daily under-5 infant deaths total 5.296 million in 2020/365.25 days per year = 14,500 per day. As a child (and still am as an adult) I was horrified that women were guards at the Nazi Germany Ravensbruck Concentration Camp. I was similarly horrified when in 1996 Madeleine Albright  justified the passive mass murder of half a million Iraqi children [1, 8].

With these considerations in mind, we can now briefly but comprehensively summarize (1) the life and career of Madeleine Albright (1937-2022), and  (2) US child-killing war crimes during 50 years of Madeleine Albright’s war crimes-complicit public life (1972-2022).

(1). The life and career of Madeleine Albright (1937-2022).

(a). Early life and education. Madeleine Albright was born Marie Jana Korbelová in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1937 to Jewish  parents Josef Korbel, a Czech diplomat, and Anna Korbel (née Spieglová). The family moved to the UK in May 1939 and her parents converted to Catholicism in 1941. In 1945 the family returned to Czechoslovakia and her father was appointed to a diplomatic post in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. After the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia in 1948 the family moved to New York, and thence to Denver , Colorado, where Josef Korbel gained an academic post in the department of political science at the University of Denver, Colorado (he was later to teach Condoleeza Rice, who later became the US Secretary of State of Iraq War notoriety). Albright  attended Wellesley College, in Wellesley, Massachusetts, on a full scholarship, majoring in political science, and graduated in 1959. In 1959 she married Joseph Albright (with wealthy media ownership connections). The couple moved to Joseph’s hometown of Chicago in 1960 and in 1961 to New York where she had twin daughters. In 1962, the family moved to Washington where they lived in Georgetown. Albright studied international relations and continued in Russian at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, a part of Johns Hopkins University in Washington. In 1967 she had a further daughter She continued her studies in political science at Columbia. Albright returned to Washington, D.C., in 1968, and commuted to Columbia for her PhD (awarded in 1975) [1].

Unlike Albright, her eminent scholarly contemporaries Richard Falk (born 1930) and Noam Chomsky (born 1928) publicly recognized their Ashkenazi Jewish background, and publicly criticized the crimes of Apartheid Israel and US imperialism. Albright, despite having the benefit of education at top universities (Wellesley, Johns Hopkins and Columbia), chose a life-time of very well-paid and high level support for genocidal and nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel (nuclear weapons acquisition by 1967 and an ongoing Palestinian Genocide) and bloody and nuclear terrorist US imperialism (it used nuclear weapons to destroy  Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 [2, 3], subverts all countries [9, 10], invaded 52 countries since WW2 [11, 12], and presently has over 800 military bases in 70 countries [13]).

(b). Democrat apparatchik and foreign policy adviser (1972-1993). She began a long association with Democrat politics by fund-raising for the 1972 presidential campaign of Senator Ed Muskie of Maine (1972), being Muskie’s  chief legislative assistant (1976), and under President Jimmy Carter being the National Security Council’s congressional liaison in White House (1978; recruited by  her former professor,  National Security Advisor and Cold War hawk, Zbigniew Brzezinski). After Carter’s loss in 1980 to Republican Ronald Reagan, Albright was a researcher at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. She travelled to Poland for her research, but on her return her husband sued for divorce. Albright joined Georgetown University in Washington in 1982, specializing in Eastern European studies, and served as a key  Democratic Party foreign policy advisor, briefing vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro (1984) and presidential candidate Michael Dukakis (1988). In 1992, under President Bill Clinton she was employed to handle the transition to a new administration at the National Security Council (NSC) [1].

(c). Clinton-appointed US UN Ambassador (1993-1997).  Albright had a despicable role as US UN Ambassador, failing to act over the Rwanda Genocide (0.5-1.0 million killed), supporting Apartheid Israeli apartheid and the continuing Palestinian Genocide (2.2 million deaths from violence, 0.1 million, and imposed deprivation, 2.1 million), vetoing a second term for UN secretary-general Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and supporting US subversion,  perversion and violence on a global scale (for the appalling details see below). However  Albright falls into the category of “child-killing evil” in her notorious justification of the passive mass murder of Iraqi children by US-enforced sanctions. On May 12, 1996, Albright defended US-enforced UN sanctions against Iraq on a “60 Minutes” segment in which anti-racist Jewish American journalist Lesley Stahl asked her “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” and Albright notoriously replied “We think the price is worth it” [8, 14].

(d). Clinton-appointed US Secretary of State (1997-2001). Albright also had a violent and despicable role as US Secretary of State supporting nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel, supporting deadly sanctions against Iraq, backing the devastating UK, US and Apartheid Israeli bombing of Iraq, belated action in Bosnia and the bombing of Serbia, backing the deadly bombing of Sudan, ignoring warnings about terrorist attacks on US East Africa embassies, and supporting US military action against Iraq and other countries, telling US general Colin Powell “What’s the point of you saving this superb military for, Colin, if we can’t use it?” As a follower of Cold War hawk, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Albright rejected the great possibility of peace and friendship with Russia after the collapse of communism. Thanks in part to Albright the new century instead of being one of peace was one of unbridled murderous violence by the US throughout the world (for the appalling details see below).

(e). Post-Clinton years (2001-2022). Albright was appointed to highly influential positions including Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2001), board of directors of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) (2003), board of directors for the Council on Foreign Relations,  and the International Advisory Committee of the Brookings Doha Center. In  2016, she was made the Mortara Distinguished Professor of Diplomacy at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Washington. Albright was chairperson of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, president of the Truman Scholarship Foundation, co-chair of the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor,  and chairperson of the Council of Women World Leaders. As a great and influential friend of the Clintons and the Democrat Establishment Albright supported the presidential political campaigns of  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Albright became very wealthy, and a decade after the US bombing of Serbia it was revealed that her investment firm, Albright Capital Management, was preparing to bid in the proposed privatization of Kosovo’s state-owned telecom and postal company [1].

(2). US child-killing war crimes during 50 years of Madeleine Albright’s war crimes-complicit public life (1972-2022).

In 1972 Madeleine Albright  commenced a half century professional lifetime as a high-level political apparatchik, US foreign policy adviser and  high-level associate of US governments and US politician war criminals involved in numerous atrocities. It is important to put numbers to this half century of horrendous US child-killing with which Albright has been complicit. See below what has happened in relation to US intervention and under-5 infant mortality (IM) in your country, and remember the fundamental moral imperative: “Thou shalt not kill children”.

The listed countries listed below were significantly impacted by the US during the professional life of Madeleine Albright. However many other countries  suffered from post-colonial intervention and hegemony (neo-colonialism)  of  their US-allied former European masters, notably France in  West Africa and the Sahel, and the UK in Africa and the Middle East [2, 3].

For each country the 2020 population is given  in brackets after the name of the country. Countries are listed in alphabetical order with pertinent information. “Under-5 infant mortality” is abbreviated as IM. “2020 under-5 infant mortality as a percentage of total population” is abbreviated as 2020IM%. The 21st century  impact of hegemony, subversion, war and occupation is indicated at the end of each country entry in square brackets as “21st  century IM” together with “2020 IM% as so many times that of Japan” (Japan having the best IM% value). Avoidable mortality from violence and deprivation is about 1.4 times the IM.

Afghanistan (population 38.9 million). 1979 US-backed coup followed by Russian invasion fought by US-backed Islamists (1979-1989) and thence by civil war (1989-1996; won by Islamist Taliban); 2001-2021  US Afghan War and thence sanctions and deadly famine-inducing US seizure of Afghan reserves; 1980-2020 IM 11.5 million; the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reports that 0.6 million people die from illicit drugs each year with 290,000 such deaths linked to US protection of  the Occupied Afghanistan opium industry; US-imposed global carnage of 290,000 opiate deaths per year x 21 years = 6.1 million opiate drug-related deaths world-wide linked to rapid US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry from about 6% of world market share in 2001 to 93% in 2007 [15, 16]; 1980-2020 IM 11.5 million, an Afghan Holocaust and Afghan Genocide [21st century IM 3.8 million; 2020 IM% 118.5 times worse than Japan’s].

Argentina (45.2 million).19th century genocide of Indigenous inhabitants [3, 17]; 1896, psychopath and genocidally racist  founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, in “Der Judenstaat” (“The Jewish State”)   speculated on Jewish settlement of already ethnically-cleansed Argentina instead of colonizing an Arab-inhabited Palestine [18, 19]; 1946, Peron leader; 1955, US-backed military coup followed by further coups, right/left violence and urban guerrilla warfare; 1973, Peron restored followed by wife Isobel; 1976, Isobel Peron removed by US-backed military coup; further military coups and era of 30,000 “missing persons”; 1981, Galtieri accession; 1982, war with Britain over Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas); 1983, democracy restored; major, continuing economic difficulties; 1980-2020 IM 492,000 [21st century IM 216,000; 2020 IM% 12.6 times worse than Japan’s].

Australia (25.5 million). 1788 onwards, Australian Aboriginal Genocide (2 million Indigenous Australian deaths from violence, dispossession, and disease); 1901-1973, White Australia Policy; 1908, US Navy “Great White Fleet” visited; 1941, Pearl Harbor attack and Australian allegiance to the US;  1951, ANZUS Treaty with Australia, New Zealand and the US (in 1986 the US aborgated its treaty obligations to New Zealand because of the latter’s objection to nuclear weapons and visits by nuclear-powered warships); 1975 US-backed coup removed Whitlam Labor Government; 2010 US-approved, pro-Zionist-led coup removed Rudd Labor Government; 2021, AUKUS Treaty with Australia, UK and the US to “guard” the Indo-Pacific; US lackey Australia has participated in all post-1950 US Asian Wars (40 million Asian deaths from violence and war-imposed deprivation) [3]; 1980-2020 IM 58,000 [21st century IM 27,000; 2020 IM% 11.5 times worse than Japan’s].

Bahrain (1.7 million). In response to 2011-2013 Arab Spring-inspired protests by the Shia majority, US-backed Saudi Arabia invaded; home to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command and nuclear-armed United States Fifth Fleet; 1980-2020 IM 8,000 [21st century IM 3,900; 2020 IM% 7.0 times worse than Japan’s].

Bangladesh (164.7 million). 1970, Awami League victorious in East Pakistan elections; 1971, US-backed West Pakistan military discarded the election results, invaded East Pakistan (East Bengal); 3 million killed (mostly men and boys in a “male gendercide”), 0.3 million women and girls raped, 10 million refugees; India forced to intervene but threatened by the US; 1972, Bangladesh independence; 1980-2020 IM 12.3 million [21st century IM 4.1 million; 2020 IM% 35.1 times worse than Japan’s].

Bolivia (11.7 million). Pre-1982 US-backed military dictatorships; 2005-2019, socialist Evo Morales Bolivia’s first indigenous Indian president; 2006, Morales nationalized huge gas industry; 2019 Morales removed in a US-backed  effective coup d’état; Morales and associates flew to Mexico; 2020, Morales’ party won in a landslide. 1980-2020 IM 728,000 (cf Cuba’s remarkable 48,000) [21st century IM 310,000; 2020 IM% 66.7 times worse than Japan’s].

Brazil (212.6 million). 1964-1985,.US-backed military regimes; US-trained death squads; 1985, restoration of democracy; 2002, leftist Lula da Silva elected president;  2010, Dilma Rousseff succeeded Lula but was impeached in 2016; 2019, Trumpist fascoid , effective climate change denier and Amazon forest destroyer Jair Bolsonaro elected; 1980-2020 IM 4.8 million [21st century IM 1.7 million; 2020 IM% 13.0 times worse than Japan’s].

Cambodia (16.7 million). 1960, Prince Sihanouk head of state; 1965, broke relations with US; 1969, huge bombing by US; 1970, US-backed Australia-complicit coup installed Lon Nol; US invaded against the Khmer Rouge; 1975, Pnom Penh captured; 1976, Sihanouk was head of state but was thence exiled and the Khmer Rouge took over; 1976-1979, genocide, 1.5 million murdered; 1979, Vietnam invaded, ousted the Khmer Rouge and installed the Heng Samrin regime; 1990s, final defeat of Khmer Rouge; country crippled by legacy of US bombing, war, genocide, civil war and landmines; 1998, Pol Pot died and the Khmer Rouge resistance collapsed; 1975-1980 excess mortality 1.2 million;1965-1998 excess mortality 3.9 million; 1980-2020 IM 2.7 million  [21st century IM 796,000; 2020 IM% 37.7 times worse than Japan’s].

Chile (19.1 million). 1973, US- and Australia-complicit coup; 1973-1990, US-backed military dictatorship, 30,000 imprisoned, 3,000 killed;  1980-2020 IM 136,000 [21st century IM 54,000; 2020 IM% 6.3 times worse than Japan’s].

China (1,439.3 million). 1945-1949, civil war culminating in Communist victory; KMT fled to Taiwan under US protection; subsequent US protection of Taiwan, non-recognition of “Communist China” by the US and US economic boycott; Mao Zedong  (Chairman Mao) founded the People’s Republic of China (PRC), chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (1949-1976);  1950-1953, limited Chinese involvement in the Korean War (a potential trigger for US nuclear destruction of China); 1957, “let 100 flowers bloom” followed by crackdown on dissent; 1958-1961, Great Leap Forward to speed industrialization and agricultural collectivisation; 20-30 million died in the associated famine compounded by exclusion and economic boycott by the US Alliance; 1990s onwards, China adopted communism-capitalism pluralism with huge economic growth and 800 million Chinese taken out of dire and deadly poverty; China threatened with nuclear annihilation by nuclear terrorist US; 1980-2020 IM 29.4 million [21st century IM 9.6 million; 2020 IM% 8.7 times worse than Japan’s (cf India’s disastrous 43.3 times)].

Colombia (50.9 million). 1964 onwards, US-backed civil war against FARC; 1980-2020 IM 816,000 [21st century IM 320,000; 2020 IM% 13.9 times worse than Japan’s].

Congo (Kinshasa), Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zaire (89.6 million). 19th-20th century, horrendous exploitation by Belgians under mass murderer King Leopold II (10 million died); 1960, Congo independent under Lumumba; Katanga rebelled and became independent under Tshombe (with Belgian and white mercenary support); Belgian- and US-backed overthrow of the Lumumba government; Lumumba murdered; 1961, UN forces intervened; 1965-1997, US-backed Mobutu dictatorship with gross human rights abuses. The continuing civil war has killed several millions and HIV/AIDS has spread catastrophically; 1950-1960 Belgian era excess mortality 2.8 million, IM 2.0 million; 1960-1997 US-backed Mobutu era excess mortality 16.5 million, IM 11.8 million; 1994-2005 civil war excess mortality 10.1 million, IM 7.2 million; 1980-2020 IM 21.5 million) [21st century IM 9.3 million; 2020 IM% 266.9 times worse than Japan’s].

Costa Rica (5.1 million). 19th – 20th century US hegemony; 1949, Figueres elected in first of several presidencies; post-1950 era, peaceful, conservative, democratic society; famously without an army but pro-US and permitted US-backed anti-Nicaragua incursions; 1980-2020 IM 28,000 [21st century IM 13,000; 2020 IM% 7.9 times worse than Japan’s].

Cuba (11.3 million). 1902-1920, repeated US military intervention; 1933, military coup; 1940-1958, US-backed Batista dictatorship; 1958, Batista overthrown by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro; US imposed sanctions from 1958 onwards and unsuccessful US-backed invasion in 1961; 1958 onwards IM 170,000; 1980-2020 IM 48.000 [21st century IM 19,000; 2020 IM% 3.7 times worse than Japan’s].

Cyprus (1.2 million). 1960, independence under Archbishop Makarios; subsequent Greek union, EOKA and Turkish minority tensions; 1974, Makarios overthrown; US NATO ally Turkey invaded; 200,000 Greeks displaced from the Turkish enclave; 1980-2020 IM 4,000 [21st century IM 1,600; 2020 IM% 2.8 times worse than Japan’s].

Djibouti (988,000). 1977, independence from France with subsequent and continuing French, UK, and US strategic military bases; 2016, Chinese base to protect Red Sea-Indian Ocean  shipping (the only overseas Chinese base); 1980-2020 IM 152,000 [21st century IM 50,000; 2020 IM% 67.5 times worse than Japan’s].

Dominican Republic (10.8 million). 1965, US invasion; US-installed Balaguer ruled with flawed elections (1966-1996); 1980-2020 IM 348,000 [21st century IM 150,000; 2020 IM% 35.7 times worse than Japan’s].

Ecuador (17.6 million). 1950s and 1960s, increasing US-backed repression and malignant US involvement (hegemony, militarization, “running” leaders as “US assets”, secretly bombing churches to excite anti-communist sentiment; this was revealed by Philip Agee for the CIA in Ecuador in his book  “Inside the Company: CIA Diary” [20] and one supposes such CIA subversion and terrorism could be general in Latin America and  world-wide); 1970s, oil industry commenced with subsequent massive environmental and social damage; 1981, 1995 Ecuador-Peru wars; 1999, Ecuador-Peru peace; 2000, military coup involving Guiterrez; democracy restored; 2003, Guiterrez elected (6th president in 10 years); 2012-2019, Australian Julian Assange, world hero and the world’s most famous journalist, given sanctuary from the UK and US in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London but was then handed over to UK police (still imprisoned and facing life imprisonment in the US for truth telling); 1980-2020 IM 332,000 [21st century IM 141,000; 2020 IM% 19.9 times worse than Japan’s].

Egypt (102.3 million). Invaded by UK, France and UK-backed Apartheid Israel in 1956 (an Israeli general boasted that because of Vitamin A deficiency most Egyptian soldiers were blind at night), and again in 1967 by US-backed Apartheid Israel; 1973, Yom Kippur War; Egypt again defeated; 1979, US-brokered enforced peace with nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel;  2013, first democratically-elected Egyptian government led by Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood removed by US-backed military; tens of thousands imprisoned; 2020, escalation of dispute with US-backed Ethiopia over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the upper Nile; 1980-2020 IM 2.6 million [21st century IM 1.2 million; 2020 IM% 32.4 times worse than Japan’s].

El Salvador (6.5 million). 1970s-1992, civil war with the US backing the rightists; 1972, electoral fraud established US-backed rightist Duarte regime and prompted insurgency; 1979, US-backed military coup; 1979-1981, 30,000 killed by US-backed death squads;1980, rightist assassination of Archbishop Romero; 1980s-1990s, bloody civil war; 1992, end of civil war (75,000 killed; 1972-1992 excess mortality, 0.4 million); elections; 2003, military support for US occupation of Iraq; 1980-2020 IM 240,000 [21st century IM 82,000; 2020 IM% 19.0 times worse than Japan’s].

Eritrea (3.5 million). 1952, formal federation with Ethiopia; 1962, Eritrean Muslim and Marxist groups led the revolt for independence; 1993, UN-sponsored referendum and overwhelming support for independence; 200,000 killed in the war with  1962-1993 excess mortality 1.0 million and IM 0.7 million); US opposed Russian and Cuban actions; 1980-2020 IM 604,000 [21st century IM 202,000; 2020 IM% 79.9 times worse than Japan’s].

Ethiopia (115.0 million). Post-WW2 saw the restoration of Haile Selassie as Emperor and federation with Eritrea and thence decades involving coups, famines, civil wars and wars with Eritrea and Somalia in which  the USSR and Cuba were variously involved on the left and opposed by the US on the right. Thus in 1978 the Somalis and Eritreans were defeated with Russian aid and Cuban forces. 1984-1987, huge drought and famine (1984-1987 excess mortality 2.1 million); 2007, Ethiopia joined the US in invading and occupying Somalia; 1980-2020 IM 19.8 million [21st century IM 7.1 million; 2020 IM% 107.4 times worse than Japan’s].

Fiji (0.9 million). 1987, multi-racial Fijian-Indian Labour government under Dr Timoci Bavadra upset the US by demanding a nuclear-free South Pacific, this rapidly  followed by 2 military coups by Sitiveni Rabuka (evidence for US, Apartheid Israel and Australian involvement); about 100,000 Indo-Fijians migrated (mainly to North America, New Zealand and Australia); 2000, Fijian coup led by Anglo-Fijian  Australian George Speight with major Fijian political complicity, clear involvement of US- and Australia-backed Apartheid Israel through supply of weapons to the plotters; 2001, new elections won by Fijian United Party (SDL, ethnically indigenous Fijian); 2003, Supreme Court ruled exclusion of Indians from government illegal; 2006, coup by the overwhelmingly  indigenous Fijian  Fiji Army led by Frank Bainimarama against corruption and to protect the mercantile  Indian minority; 2014, democracy restored; 2014 onwards, Bainimarama Prime Minister;  Fiji outspoken over the threat of climate change to Pacific Islands; 1980-2020 IM 16,000  [21st century IM 8,800; 2020 IM% 33.4 times worse than Japan’s].

Grenada (0.115 million). 1983, US invaded and changed the government. Under-5 infant mortality data is not available but culturally and historically similar Trinidad and Tobago has a 2020 IM% that is 29.8 times worse than Japan’s [3].

Guatemala (17.9 million). 1960-1966, US-backed and Apartheid Israel-armed rightists in a prolonged civil war and Mayan Indian Genocide; 1960-1996 excess mortality 1.9 million; 1980-2020 IM 900,000 [21st century IM 334,000; 2020 IM% 39.6 times worse than Japan’s].

Haiti (11.4 million). 1986, US evacuated dictator “Baby Doc” Duvalier  in the uprising that was followed by successive coups; 1991, restoration of democracy, Aristide elected; 2004, military revolt, Aristide kidnapped and removed to Africa by US, US invasion and US-French military presence with Canadians and Chileans; 1980-2020 IM 1.2 million [21st century IM 532,000; 2020 IM% 124.5 times worse than Japan’s].

Honduras (9.9 million). Major US military presence from the 1980s onwards backing violent subversion of neighbouring countries, notably involvement with US-backed Nicaragua Contras and Honduran assistance to rightist El Salvador government in the civil war; 1982, “democratic” US-backed government elected; 2009, military coup backed by elements of the Obama US government; subsequent “elections”; 1980-2020 IM 304,000 [21st century IM 124,000; 2020 IM% 29.0 times worse than Japan’s].

India (1,380.0 million). 1971, India was forced because of 10 million refugees to help Bangladesh from US-backed West Pakistan military but was threatened by the nuclear-armed US fleet in the Bay of Bengal; 2014 onwards, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) majority in parliament under PM Modi (first major party majority since 1984); under Modi administration increased  neoliberalism  with weakening or abolition of  environmental and labour laws, and increased links with US-backed Apartheid Israel (under Congress India had formerly led the world against apartheid in South Africa); 1980-2020 IM 92.6 million [21st century IM 33.4 million; 2020 IM% 43.3 times worse than Japan’s].

Indonesia (273.5 million). Circa 1960, Australia and US backed Islamic insurgents; 1965, US-backed coup by military under General Suharto on pretext of opposing a “communist coup” – 750,000 murdered (including many Chinese) and 200,000 imprisoned; 1965-1999, US-backed Suharto military dictatorship and massive US economic subversion [18];  1999, corrupt Suharto dictatorship replaced by democratically elected government under Abdur Raman Wahid (Gus Dur) (1965-1999 excess mortality 33.3 million); 1980-2020 IM 7.6 million [21st century IM 3.2 million; 2020 IM% 28.2 times worse than Japan’s].

Iraq (40.2 million). 1979, US-backed accession of Saddam Hussein followed by purges; extremely repressive but secular régime; 1980-1988, Iran-Iraq War; US Alliance complicit in poison gas use by Iraq against Iran with 1.5 million Iranian  deaths; 1988, poison gas used on Kurdish Halabja; 1990, Iran-Iraq diplomatic relations; 1990, US greenlighted Iraq invasion of  Kuwait; sanctions imposed killing 1.7 million Iraqis; deadly US, UK and Israeli bombing of Iraqi infrastructure; 1991, US-led Gulf War; 200,000 Iraqi killed; hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees; Kurdish de facto independence protected by UK-US airpower; 1990-2003, deadly sanctions and US, UK and Apartheid Israeli bombing; 2001, 9/11 atrocity prompted US threats (1990-2003 excess mortality and under-5 infant mortality 1.7 million and 1.2 million, respectively); 2003, after extensive UK-US propaganda  build-up involving major lies about actually non-existent Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD), Iraq was invaded by US-led Coalition (initially the US, UK and Australia) and occupied; no “weapons of mass destruction” found; continuing Sunni and Shia resistance; Sunnis excluded from Kurdish- and Shi’ite- dominated indigenous political process; massive death toll (post-invasion excess mortality and under-5 infant mortality 0.5 million and 0.4 million, respectively, in 2003-2006,  and 1.2 million and 0.8 million, respectively, in 2003-2011);  Iraqi deaths from Western-imposed violence and deprivation 9 million (2014 -2011), 4.6 million (1990-2011), 2.7 million (2003-2011); 2012, rise of the barbaric Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS; IS, ISIL, Daesh) countered by US-led Coalition that variously wanted to remove the Syrian Government and variously collaborated with Sunni ISIS through oil purchases;  Fallujah (the ancient “City of Mosques” ) destroyed by the US for the second time; Mosul (population 2 million) substantially destroyed with 40,000 inhabitants killed by US and allied bombing; Shia Iran supportive of largely Shia Iran; 2020 onwards; continued  US and Israeli bombing of Iraq-supporting Iranian forces in Iraq and Syria; 2020, US killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and Iranian and Iraqi associates at Baghdad Airport; US, UK, Germany and Australia rejected the demand from the Iraqi Parliament that they leave with Trump threatening to seize Iraqi bank assets and destroy the Iraqi economy; 1980-2020 IM 4.6 million, an Iraqi Holocaust and Iraqi Genocide  [21st century IM 1.5 million; 2020 IM% 52.3 times worse than Japan’s].

Iran (84.0 million). 1953, economic blockade and UK MI6- and  US CIA-backed coup, thousands killed, and US-backed authoritarian Shah regime installed; Anglo-American, French and Dutch oil interests dominant; 1978, martial law against Islamist opponents; US economic subversion [21]; 1979, Shah deposed and fled; Islamic theocracy under Ayatollah Khomeini; US hostage crisis and unsuccessful US military raid; 1980-1988, Iran-Iraq War initiated by US-backed Iraq invasion and employing war gas; 1.5 million dead (1980-1988 excess mortality 2.1 million); 1981, US hostages released, Irangate Contra arms deal scandal; 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini died and Ayatollah Khamenei succeeded; 1997, moderate Khatami elected president; 21st century, US hostility and threats over Iran nuclear program and hostility to Apartheid Israel; US imposed sanctions from 1979 onwards (apart from 1981-1986); 1980-2020 IM 2.2 million [21st century  IM 780,000; 2020 IM% 16.8 times worse than Japan’s].

Israel (Apartheid Israel) (8.7 million). 1880, Palestine under Turkish rule contained 500,000 Arabs and 25,000 Jews (half of the latter being immigrants); 1917-1948, UK rule; 1948, Zionists seized 78%of Palestine, expelling 800,000 Indigenous Palestinians and emptying 500 villages and towns in the Naqba; 1967, a now nuclear terrorist and fervently US-backed Apartheid Israel seized all of Palestine plus part of Syria, expelling 400,000 more Arabs in the Naksa; US-backed Apartheid Israel has attacked the territory of 13 countries, occupied the territory of all its neighbours, and presently occupies the  territory  of 4 of its neighbours; Zionist subversion means that a nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel (90 nuclear weapons) is the tail that wags the US dog (some craven resistance by Obama); 32% of Biden’s Cabinet are Jewish Zionists and the remainder are non-Evangelical Christian Zionists [22]; 95% of Palestine has been ethnically cleansed and the 15 million mostly impoverished Palestinians comprise 8 million Exiled Palestinians (10% of the world’s refugees), 5.2 million Occupied Palestinians (highly abusively confined without human rights and under Israeli apartheid  to ever-dwindling West Bank ghettoes and the Gaza Concentration Camp), and 1.9 million Israeli Palestinians (able to vote for the government ruling them but only as Third Class citizens under 65 Nazi-style, race-based laws). Since 2000 about 10,000 Occupied Palestinians have been killed violently by Israelis, and 85,000 have died from Israeli-imposed deprivation as compared to 1,000 Israelis killed by Palestinians, 40 Israelis killed by Gaza rockets,  and 3,000 Israelis murdered by fellow Israelis. The 5.2 million Occupied Palestinians (about 50% children and 75% women and children) live in deadly imposed poverty (per capita GDP $3,400 versus $46,400 for Apartheid Israel), and cannot vote for the government ruling them (i.e. they are subject to egregious apartheid). Zionism is genocidal racism and Nazism without gas chambers but with 90 nuclear weapons. The century-long Palestinian Genocide has been associated with 2.2 million deaths from violence (0.1 million) and imposed deprivation (2.1 million). 1980-2020 IM 30,000 [21st century IM 13,000; 2020 IM% 4.1 times worse than Japan’s].

Kenya (53.8 million). 1963, independence from brutal UK rule; 2011, Kenya began sending troops to US-occupied Somalia against Islamist indigenous Al-Shabaab; subsequent terrorism atrocities in Kenya; 2011-2012, worst drought in East Africa for 60 years; 1980-2020 IM 5.2 million [21st century IM 2.1 million; 2020 IM% 84.5 times worse than Japan’s].

Laos (7.3 million). 1958, leftist election victory but US, UK and Australian  hostility based from Thailand led to a US-backed military government under Nosavang; 1960, Vientiane fell to pro-US forces after heavy bombing; 1962, tripartite agreement on government of national unity; 1964-1975, huge US bombing, especially of the Ho Chi Minh Trail (more bombs dropped than on all Europe in WW2); 1973, Pathet Lao forced US advisers and Thai mercenaries to leave; 1975, free of foreigners; 1980-2020 IM 780,000 [21st century IM 281,000; 2020 IM% 69.6 times worse than Japan’s].

Lebanon (6.8 million). 1980-2000, US-backed Apartheid Israel invasion and substantial occupation; 2006 renewed devastation by US-backed Apartheid Israel; 1980-2020 IM 84,000 [21st century IM 35,000; 2020 IM% 12.3 times worse than Japan’s].

Liberia (5.1 million). 1822, first Afro-American settlers; 1989, Taylor forces invaded from Côte d’Ivoire; US forces landed supposedly when Taylor forces threatened foreign hostage taking; 1990, Doe killed by Johnson rebel forces; Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) forces installed Sawyer; Taylor backed by Burkino-Faso and Libya; 1989-1997, guerrilla civil war, 400,000 refugees to neighboring countries, 150,000-200,000 killed, 700,000 displaced  (1989-1967 excess mortality 3.4 million); 1995, peace deal; 1997, Taylor elected president; 1999, The Second Liberian Civil War began when Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy, a rebel group based in the northwest of the country, launched an armed insurrection against Taylor; 2000, UN embargo on blood diamond sales and illegal timber exports to fund the Revolutionary United Front backed by Taylor in the Sierra Leone Civil War; 2001, UN sanctions on Liberia; continued civil war; 2003, rebels held much of the country; 2003, a second rebel group, Movement for Democracy in Liberia, launched  attacks against Taylor from the southeast. Peace talks between the factions began in Accra; Taylor was indicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone for crimes against humanity; rebels attacked Monrovia; Taylor went into exile in Nigeria; replaced by Moses Blah; UN West African forces and off-shore US forces; Bryant president; 2004, massive disarmament of 100,000 soldiers; continued diamond embargo, corruption and insecurity; peace deal signed; United Nations Mission in Liberia arrived to monitor peace; 2005, economist Ellen Johnson Sirleaf elected president (2000-2005 excess mortality 0.3 million); 1980-2020 IM 1.5 million;  [21st century IM 523,000; 2020 IM% 154.2 times worse than Japan’s].

Libya (6.9 million). 1973, US-backed Apartheid Israel shot down Libyan airliner; 1982 US sanctions; 1986, US bombing; 1992 UN sanctions;  2011 France-UK-US (FUKUS) Coalition devastated Libya (formerly the richest country in Africa) and killed Gaddafi (Albright’s friend Hillary Clinton: “We came, we saw, he died”); 1980-2020 IM 68,000 [21st century IM 33,000; 2020 IM% 14.8 times worse than Japan’s].

Mauritius (1.3 million). 1970, illegal US-UK removal of all Diego Garcia inhabitants to Mauritius to permit huge US military expansion; 1982, elected socialist Mauritius Militant Movement (MMM) government under Anerood  Jugnauth; objected to US, UK and French occupation of Mauritian islands; 21st century, key sugar economy, continued excellent governance and wish for the return of the ethnically cleansed and UK-US militarized Chagos Islands as demanded by International Law; 1980-2020 IM 16,000 [21st century IM 5,800; 2020 IM% 8.3 times worse than Japan’s].

Micronesia, Federated States of (115,000). 1947-1948, Bikini atoll atomic bomb tests; 1954, Eniwetok hydrogen bomb tests; 1968, Bikini and dozens of other sites declared safe but were still radioactive in 1977; continued military use and Johnson Island used for war gas storage; 1979, self-governing; 1982, voted for US Compact of Free Association with US involving US control over foreign affairs; 1986, independence with US control over external affairs; 1991, joined UN; 2002, Compact with the US renewed for 20 years; US occupies Wake Island with its air force but the island is  claimed by Micronesia; 1980-2020 IM 4,000 [21st century IM 1,900; 2020 IM% 47.5 times worse than Japan’s].

Myanmar (54.4 million). 1950s onwards, US-backed, defeated Chinese Kuomintang KMT) forces involved in heroin trade and major ethnic separatism; 1962, General Ne Win overthrew U Nu; subsequent military rule for 6 decades associated with gross human rights abuses, ethnic rebellions (notably the Karen), US-involved opium trade and extreme poverty; 1979, Burma withdrew from the non-aligned movement; 1988, Ne Win retired and was replaced by other generals who have ruled since ; name changed to Myanmar; 1990, Aung San Suu Kyi imprisoned despite  massive support;  she won landslide victories in 2009 and 2015 but the  military remained in control;  1970s onwards, severe persecution of the Muslim Rohingya minority; 2016, increased military anti-Rohingya violence; 2017, over 700,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh, tens of thousands killed and large-scale rape and village burning; Aung San Suu Kyi disgraced herself internationally by silence, lying and supporting the military over the Rohingya Genocide;  2021, military again seized total power in a coup d’état, with Aung San Suu Kyi  and others imprisoned; the military regime has been partly armed and advised by US-backed Israelis; 1980-2020 IM 5.0   million [[21st century IM 1.8 million; 2020 IM% 53.5 times worse than Japan’s].

Nicaragua (6.6 million). 1979, US-backed dictator Somoza ousted by Sandanistas after a 1960s to 1979 civil war that was renewed with US backing in 1982-1992; 1982, Pastora led US-backed Contras from Costa Rica and US-dominated Honduras; 1984, US mined Nicaraguan ports; 1990, US-backed civil war (with the illegal US Irangate funding of the Contras) ended with elections (1979-1992 excess mortality 0.2 million; 30,000 killed violently); 1979-1992 IM 0.14 million; 1980-2020 IM 288,000 [21st century IM 101,000; 2020 IM% 25.2 times worse than Japan’s].

North Korea (25.8 million). US Korean War 1950-1953 and continuing US and US Alliance sanctions; 28% of the population was killed by US bombing. Communist dictatorship under Kim Il Sung and thence his son Kim Jong-il; cult of personality; 1990s-present, catastrophic famine and shortages; 2004-2005, threat of North Korea nuclear weapons and missiles;  2011, Kim Jong-il died and was succeeded by his youngest son Kim Jong–un. Crippling US and US Alliance Sanctions in response to nuclear testing and missile testing (of course no sanctions applied to nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel). 1950-1953 IM 0.7 million; 1980-2020 IM 808,000 [21st century IM 273,000; 2020 IM% 15.8 times worse than Japan’s].

Pakistan (220.9 million). 1954, SEATO member; 1956, CENTO member; US-backed military dictators: 1958, Ayub Khan; 1969, Yahya Khan; 1970, Awami League victory in East Pakistan; Sheik Mujibur Rahman arrested, West Pakistan invasion, 3 million killed (gendercide of males), 0.3 million women raped and 10 million refugees (India was forced to intervene despite acute threat from the US – advised by Henry Kissinger,  President Nixon sent the nuclear-armed US aircraft carrier Enterprise from the Seventh Fleet into the Bay of Bengal); 2001 onwards, Pakistan’s involvement in the US “War on Terror cost $118 billion, 60,000 casualties and more than 1.8 million civilians displaced; 2022, PM Imran Khan threatened by US-backed ousting; 1980-2020 IM 23.1 million [21st century IM 10.6 million; 2020 IM% 31.1 times worse than Japan’s].

Palestine, Occupied (5.1 million). WW1 onwards Palestinian Genocide (2.2 million deaths from violence, 0.1 million, and imposed deprivation, 2.1 million; 0.8 million expelled in the 1948 Nakba and 0.4 million in the 1967 Naksa; US-backed Apartheid Israel occupied all of Palestine in 1967; about 95% of former Mandated Palestine is now ethnically cleansed of Indigenous Palestinians; as of 2022 of 15 million mostly impoverished Palestinians, there are 5.2 million Occupied Palestinians without human rights  under invader military rule and excluded from voting for the government ruling them (apartheid), 1.9 million Israeli Palestinians under 65 race-based laws, and 8 million Exiled Palestinians prevented from returning home;  since 2000 about 10,000 Occupied Palestinians have been killed violently, 85,000 Occupied Palestinians have been killed by imposed deprivation, 40 Israelis have been killed by Gaza rockets, 1,000 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians, and 3,000  Israelis have been murdered by fellow Israelis; 1980-2020 IM 124,000 [21st century IM 61,000; 2020 IM% 37.7 times worse than Japan’s].

Panama (4.3 million). US hegemony since 1848; US-backed and CIA-linked dictator Noriega (1983-1989) removed by US invasion (up to 10,000 Panamanians killed); 1999, full Panamanian control of the Panama Canal; 1980-2020 IM 68,000  [21st century IM 33,000; 2020 IM% 23.0 times worse than Japan’s].

Paraguay (7.1 million). 1865-1870, British-backed Triple Alliance of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay invaded and 1 million Paraguayans died (about half the population); 1954-1989, US-backed General Stroessner dictatorship with rigged elections; 1989, coup and turbulent democracy restored; 1992, democratic constitution; 2008, Fernando Lugo, a former Roman Catholic Bishop and an adherent of liberation theology, elected president; 2012, Lugo removed by impeachment in an effective coup d’état by US-backed rightists; 1980-2020 IM 208,000 [21st century IM 85,000; 2020 IM% 28.3 times worse than Japan’s].

Peru (33.0 million). Historical US hegemony over Latin America especially after the Spanish-American War (1898); 19th-20th century, silver, guano and thence copper mining; horrendous brutality towards Amazonian Indian rubber collector (cf the Belgian Congolese Genocide under King Leopold II); 1960s to 1980, successive military coups and  US-backed military dictatorships;  1980, elections but declining economic circumstances stimulated Shining Light insurgency; 1990, Fujimori elected but was subsequently defeated after corrupt administration and fled to Japan (2000); currently democratic; ongoing corruption; massive environmental damage from US oil industry; 1980-2020 IM 828,000 [21st century IM 308,000;  2020 IM% 18.1 times worse than Japan’s].

Philippines (109.6 million). 1946, independence from the US but immense poverty due to landless peasantry, urban poor, entrenched elites, corruption  and US bases; 1966-1986, repressive US-backed Marcos regime and huge US Clark Air Force Base and US Subic Bay Naval Base; US forces involved against Muslim insurgents; 2017, massive bombing damage to Marawi in removal of Muslim insurgents; 1980-2020 IM 2.9 million [21st century IM 1.4 million; 2020 IM% 37.3 times worse than Japan’s].

Puerto Rico (2.9 million). 1898, US-confected Spanish-American War (“remember the Maine”, the US warship blown up in Havana harbor in 1898, a notable US false flag operation) and the US invaded and occupied; 1900, direct US military rule ceased; 1917, Puerto Ricans could be US citizens; 1946, local autonomy; 1959, Commonwealth association with US; post-WW2, massive Puerto Rican emigration to US;1967-1998, repeated plebiscites confirming continued commonwealth association with the US;  Puerto Ricans still cannot vote in Federal elections; 1980-2020 IM 18,000 [21st century IM 5,800; 2020 IM% 2.6 times worse than Japan’s].

Russia (145.9 million). 1917-1922, civil war between Red and White Armies (US and UK unsuccessfully invaded); Russian famine (5 million died); 1920s-1930s, Lenin; Stalin; massive industrialization and collectivisation; Ukrainian deportations, killings and famine (7 million dead); Stalinist purges (up to 20 million killed in purges and famine); 1941-1945, Red Army defeated Nazi Germany; 24 million Soviet war dead; 13 million military deaths; 750,000/2.5 million Soviet Jews killed; 1945 onwards, Cold War and US threat of  nuclear annihilation; proxy Russia versus US conflicts in Africa, Asia and Latin America; 2022, US-provoked but war criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine and massive US Alliance sanctions (India, China, Apartheid Israel and many Developing countries neutral); 1980-2020 IM 1.0 million [21st century IM 393,000; 2020 IM% 5.4 times worse than Japan’s].

Rwanda (13.0 million). 1994, Rwandan president Habyarimana and Burundi president killed in a plane crash; actively encouraged by the Rwandan Government, Hutu soldiers and gangs killed 0.5-1.0 million Tutsis and connected, politically moderate  Hutus over 100 days (Rwanda Genocide); many minority Twa were also killed; Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) composed of Tutsi refugees responded and took over the country; 2 million Hutus fled; Albright and US Government failed to respond (although they responded at the same time with massive force in Yugoslavia); 1980-2020 IM 2.3 million [21st century IM 734,000; 2020 IM% 71.9 times worse than Japan’s].

Serbia (8.7 million). 1918, Yugoslavia formed; 1940, Germany invaded; Mihajlovic nationalists and Tito Communists fought the Nazis; 58,000/70,000 Yugoslav Jews killed; 1 million Yugoslavs died; 1946, Yugoslavia with 6 constituent republics under Tito; 1980, Tito died; 1986, Milosevic Serbian leader; 1989, Kosovo autonomy ended; 1992-1995, Balkans war; 200,000 dead; war crimes and ethnic cleansing; 1995, Dayton Accord; NATO peacekeepers; 1999, Serbian and Kosovo Liberation Front violence in Kosovo, NATO bombing of Serbia and Kosovo; 2006, independence of Montenegro from Serbia by referendum; 2008, unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo from Serbia recognized by the US and some other countries. 1980-2020 IM 92,000 [21st century IM 29,000; 2020 IM% 3.5 times worse than Japan’s].

Somalia (15.9 million). 1992, famine due to drought exacerbated by civil war (0.3 million famine deaths); UN aid; 1993, Pakistan peacekeeper deaths; US forces entry; US left; 1995, last UN forces left; 1996, Aidid died of wounds; 1997, devastating floods; 1998, Northeast Puntland region and Jubaland (South Somalia) declared independence; 21st century, fragmented country (Northern Somaliland, Southwestern Somaliland, Northeast Puntland and Mogadishu region); 2002, ceasefire covering most areas; continuing attempts at resolution with Kenyan facilitation (1991-2005, excess mortality 1.9 million); 2000, Transitional National Government (TNG) was established; 2000-2004, Transitional Federal Government (TFG); 2006-2007, Islamic Courts Union (ICU) administration; 2007, US-backed Ethiopian invasion, restoration of the TFG supported by African Union forces (African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM)), notably from Kenya; Islamic forces, notably Al-Shabaab, opposed foreign occupation of Somalia; 2007 onwards, US-led “antipiracy” and anti-wood exports in US Alliance naval operations; 2008 onwards, worsening drought in the Sahel; 1980-2020 IM 4.6 million [21st century IM 2.0 million; 2020 IM% 314.1 times worse than Japan’s].

South Sudan (11.2 million). 2011, independence; 2013-2020 civil war, US-backed Apartheid Israel provided arms to back the government; US-China tension [2013-2020 IM 254,000; 2020 IM% 226.9 times worse than Japan’s].

Sri Lanka (21.4 million). 1980s, worsening ethnic conflict between dominant Sinhalese and the Tamils; involvements with Apartheid Israel and the US against the Tamil Tigers; 1987-1990, peace process involving Indian forces; 2009, critically supported by Apartheid Israel-supplied planes and bombs, Sri Lankan military defeated the Tamils; the war involved horrendous human rights abuses, 100,000 killed in the Tamil Genocide, 800,000 Tamils fled the US-backed Tamil Genocide in  Sri Lanka; 1980-2020 IM 236,000 [21st century IM 111,000; 2020 IM% 15.0 times worse than Japan’s].

Sudan (43.8 million). 1958-1972, civil war; 1990s, continued civil war, increased power of the Muslim Brotherhood, increased US hostility and US halt to famine relief; 1991, Sudan supported US-attacked Iraq; 1996, Bashir elected in opposition-boycotted election; 1998, US cruise missiles destroyed a pharmaceutical plant (no evidence for claimed “chemical warfare use”; Noam Chomsky estimated 10,000 consequent nation-wide deaths); 1999, multiparty rule restored but military dominance and a subsequent military coup; 2020, military-ruled Sudan betrayed Arabs and recognized Apartheid Israel in return for US favors including removing the allegation of  “state sponsor of terrorism”; 1980-2020 IM 4.1 million [21st century IM 2.0 million; 2020 IM% 133.7 times worse than Japan’s].

Syria (15.5 million). 1967, US-backed Apartheid Israel seized the Golan Heights and has been regularly bombing Syria ever since;  2012 onwards, US-involved civil war; US failed to get UN approval for bombing Syria; US-led Coalition of US, UK, France, Apartheid Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Kurds against ISIS and the Assad Government  versus Russia , Iran and Lebanon Hezbollah support for the Assad Government and opposition to ISIS; 0.5 million killed, 11 million refugees and Aleppo, Idlib and Raqa devastated. 1980-2020 IM 528,000 [21st century IM 203,000; 2020 IM% 24.6 times worse than Japan’s].

Tunisia (11.8 million). 1985, US-backed Apartheid Israel bombed Tunisia. 1980-2020 IM 188,000  [21st century IM 74,000; 2020 IM% 13.9 times worse than Japan’s].

Thailand (69.8 million). 1954, US-allied South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) based in Bangkok; 1961-1975, large US military presence, increased militarization, drug trade and prostitution; numerous coups by US-linked military and presently still ruled by US-backed military.1980-2020 IM 1.2 million [21st century IM 319,000; 2020 IM% 1.2 times worse than Japan’s].

Timor-Leste (1.3 million). 1975, independence declared by Fretilin followed by UK-, US- and Australia-backed invasion and occupation by Indonesia; 1975-1999, genocide of 200,000 East Timorese out of a population of about 600,000. 1980-2020 IM 80,000 [21st century IM 38,000; 2020 IM% 87.7 times worse than Japan’s].

Ukraine (43.7 million). 18th century, Catherine the Great consolidated Russian control over the Ukraine; 1783, Crimea annexed; 1772-1795, partitions of Poland re-joined western and eastern Ukraine under Russian rule; 19th century, industrialization and increased nationalism, especially in Galicia; 1918, Ukraine independence under genocidally racist fascist Symon Petliura; 1922, final Soviet victory; 1920s and 1930s, state terror, forced collectivization, deportation and murder of Ukrainians; 1930-1933, Stalin-made Ukrainian Famine (Holodomor), 7 million perished; 1941-1944, German invasion; extermination of Jews (e.g. the Babi Yar atrocity near Kiev); slave labour of Ukrainians; killing of prisoners of war; USSR war dead about 24 million; extensive Ukrainian collaboration with Nazis by Bandera followers as well as opposition by 0.5 million  partisans and 4 million Ukrainians in the Red Army; post-war payback: killing of Ukrainian collaborating soldiers returned by Allies; Crimean Tatars exiled to Siberia; Russification resisted by Ukrainians; 1986, Chernobyl nuclear disaster contaminated huge areas of Ukraine and Byelorussia; 1990, declaration of sovereignty; 1991, independence; 2014, neo-Nazi-complicit, US-backed Ukrainian Revolution overthrew pro-Russian Yanukovich; Russia annexed Crimea and backed Donbass separatists; 2022, war criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine provoked by the US and NATO; 1980-2020 IM 328,000  [21st century IM 120,000; 2020 IM% 5.0 times worse than Japan’s].

United States of America (331.0 million). Ordinary Americans have not escaped the mass murder inflicted upon the world by the Zionist-subverted American Establishment. Thus 1.7 million Americans die avoidably each year from “life-style choice” and “political choice” causes [23], and accordingly 1.7 million per year x  20.5 years = 35 million Americans have died thus since the US Government’s false flag atrocity on 9/11 in 2001 that killed about 3,000 innocent Americans [24]. Indeed if the rich US cared as much for “born American infants” as for “unborn Americans” and had the same IM% as rich Japan or rich Singapore then  this would save 23,000 under-5 year old American lives each year and would have saved 23,000 per year x 20.5 years = 472,000 American under-5 infant lives since 9/11 2001. 1980-2020 IM 1.4 million [21st century IM 649,000; 2020 IM% 5.8 times worse than Japan’s].

Uruguay (3.5 million). 1831, massacre of the last Charrua Indians by General Fructuoso Rivera (first President); US-backed military dictatorship, 1973-1984; 1984, restoration of “democracy”; 1980-2020 IM 32,000  [21st century IM 13,000; 2020 IM% 8.9 times worse than Japan’s].

Venezuela (28.4 million). Democracy restored in 1958 with US backing rightists. From 1998 onwards the US fervently opposed successive elected presidents Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro, applied sanctions from 2019 onwards, and backed an abortive invasion in 2020; 2019-2022 IM 15,000; 1980-2020 IM 464,000 [21st century IM 280,000; 2020 IM% 36.6 times worse than Japan’s].

Vietnam (97.3 million). 1960, National Liberation Front war against US-backed South Vietnamese régime; escalation of the Vietnam War led to involvement of Cambodia and Laos, 580,000 US troops in 1969, greater tonnage of US bombs dropped on Vietnam than in all of WW2, massive defoliant use (with massive birth defect consequences), about 50,000 US dead, 5 million Vietnamese deaths; 1975, liberation of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and US withdrawal (1955-1975 excess mortality 11.9 million); 1980-2020 IM 2,2 million [21st century IM 911,000; 2020 IM% 22.4 times worse than Japan’s].

Yemen (29.8 million). 2012 onwards, Australia-targeted US drone strikes; US part of Saudi-led Coalition devastating starving Yemen since 2012; 2012-2021 deaths from violence and deprivation 0.4 million, with 0.15 million from violence [25] – a Yemeni Genocide in  gross violation of Natural Law, International Law and Islamic Law, and variously involving Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar (now withdrawn), Bahrain, Academi (formerly called Blackwater) US mercenaries, Djibouti, Eritrea Occupied Somalia, the US, the UK and US lackey Australia (remote targeting of US drone strikes); 1980-2020 IM 4.0 million [21st century IM 1.6 million; 2020 IM% 110.8 times worse than Japan’s].

(3). What if… all the world had Cuban-style health and education services?

Cuba (population 11.3 million). 1980-2020 IM 48.000 [21st century IM 19,000; 2020 IM% 3.7 times worse than Japan’s].

Latin America & Caribbean (650.1 million). 1980-2020 IM 14.9 million [21st century IM 5.9 million; 2020 IM% 19.8 times worse than Japan’s].

World (7,686.8 million). 1980-2020 IM 423 million [21st century IM 167 million; 2020 IM% 47.5 times worse than Japan’s].

From the above data one can readily calculate that if all the world had peace, good governance, and the health and education services provided in US-sanctioned and impoverished Cuba, then the annual under-5 infant mortality in Latin America would decrease by 152,000 and that for the World would decrease by 5.2 million.

Final comments

The above appalling catalogue of avoidable deaths and under-5 infant deaths (overwhelmingly in non-European countries) is confined to countries that have suffered overt damaging US intervention. Indeed it  could be much longer because the US presently still dominates the world and subverts all countries. Thus, for example,  Australia is a fervent US lackey, was involved in all post-1950 US Asian wars, and has been shown to have variously violated all circa 80 Indo-Pacific countries in the last 80 years (i.e. within living memory) as an agent of UK and US imperialism [26].

Madeleine Albright spent her whole adult life in the service of  ruthless and deadly US imperialism. Remarkably, as far as I am aware, she is the only leading US Administration  figure to have ever admitted to the carnage wrought by US imperialism by stating in 1996 in relation to the deaths of 0.5 million Iraqi children under US-enforced sanctions that “We think the price was worth it” [1]. Nevertheless, as documented here Madeline Albright should be held to account for her complicity in the post-1950 US mass murder of millions of non-European children through imposed violence and deprivation.

The 2007 first edition of my book “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” estimated that in the period mid-1950-mid-2005 global  avoidable deaths (from violence and deprivation) and under-5 infant deaths totalled 1,303 million and 878 million, respectively. From data set out in the 2022 second edition of the book, in the period mid-2005-mid-2022 global  avoidable deaths (from violence and deprivation) and under-5 infant deaths totalled 189 million and 135 million, respectively. Accordingly, in the period mid-1950 – mid-2022 global  avoidable deaths (from violence and deprivation) and under-5 infant deaths totalled about 1,500 million and 1,000 million, respectively.

In both editions I discussed  Solutions to stop this dreadful carnage but in the last 15 years climate change (a major concern of scientists from the1980s onwards) has emerged in public consciousness as an existential threat to Humanity and the Biosphere, in addition to nuclear weapons [27-29]. Indeed eminent physicist Stephen Hawking declared (2018): “We see great peril if governments and societies do not take action now to render nuclear weapons obsolete and to prevent further climate change” [30]. As quantitated here, peace, good governance and Cuban-style health and education services for the whole world would prevent over 5 million under-5 infant deaths each year. The continuing malignant and massively deadly impact of endlessly greedy US imperialism and neoliberalism must be countered by global Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) applied to the US and all its supporters. Please tell everyone you can.


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia over 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, notably a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds”. He has also published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (2007, 2022) and “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (1998, 2008). He has recently published “US-imposed Post-9-11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” (2020), and “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” (2021). For images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: http://sites.google.com/site/artforpeaceplanetmotherchild/  .

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