Students Organisations condemn Saffron terror on campuses in Varanasi and Allahabad 

student protest

The Bhagat Singh Chatra Morcha in Varanasi Hindu University campus and Inquilabi Chatra Morcha in Allahabad University campus have been playing a vanguard role as mascots in the crusade against Brahmanical fascism and been consistent torch bearers in shimmering the views of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh..They have done the utmost to integrate or fuse  the views of Ambedkar with Bhagat Singh .In recent years it has undertaken prolonged struggles for rights of dalit students and for general students on issues of privatisation of education, fee hikes etc.It has earned the wrath of the saffron brigade like no other force on the campus which is perfectly illustrated by the victimisation of one of it’s activists on April 14th.

The BCM was staging a programme commemorating B.R.Ambedkar, on April 14th in BHU campus highlighting how the no-fascist BJP was patronising all culture alienating the dalit community and championing the hegemony of the Brahman caste. They equated Hindutva with the anti-people economic policies and how was an integral part of every rung of society .In no uncertain times they condemned the sheer indifference of the rulers to the economic disparity prevailing and the crushing of all dissent. No stone was left unturned in summarizing how Brahamanical ideology was fascism and its penetration in every sphere of society would breed the ground for fascism to emerge. It was underlined how the student community on the campus must confront Hindu fascism at its’ strongest point.

In the very mist of the programme RSS goondas intervened to sabotage it and kidnap activist Yogesh.They vigorously beat him in a corner in Birla Students hostel and threatened to murder him if he pursued his course of action. The Bhagat Singh Chatra Morcha pledged for a united protest campaign from all sections of society to condemn such an attack.

On 26th April at 12.a.m a collective protest was launched in Allahabad University campus  by the All India Students Association, Disha Chatra Morcha and Inquilabl Chatra Morcha on the issue of the goondaism prevailing on the campus and launching a sustained attack on the leaders of the democratic organisations in Holland Students hall by Sandeep Saha and his 11 other  colleagues .They summarised how communal forces were turning campuses into bastions of Hindutva.They pledged and placed a demand that all the culprits should be brought to the book. They called on students to prepare themselves to build a movement to extinguish Hindutva ideology and placed a demand for democratisation of the campuses..It was also touched upon why the women’s advisory board should take an active initiative in confronting goondaism.Representatives of the various organizations covered different aspects.Vivek of ICM,,Dharamraj of Disha, and Manish of AISA addressed the gathering.

A procession was taken to the chief procter’s house placing demands of rusticating the culprits involved in the assault .Although small in number, it was qualitatively effective.Most prominent participants were Devendra,Azad,Vivek,Dharamraj,Sonu, Pankaj,Vikas ,Vishal, Anurag,Sultanvi ,Ambrish ,Ramchandra,Some and Ashish.

It is heartening that with great determination democratic forces are galvanizing forces collectively to resist the saffron error in college campuses. Even if not so quantitatively strong seeds are being sown for secular roses to bloom. The most qualitative contribution has been made by the Bhagat Singh Chatra Morcha and the Inquilabi Chatra Morcha who are determined to fight feudalism, imperialism and fascism to the last core.

Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist. Toured India, particularly Punjab .Written on Mass movements. Also attended conferences of Bhagat Singh Chatra Morcha and other events in Uttar Pradesh condemning Hindu Communalism.


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