The West supports Israel, whether according to the theory of civilizations or as an imperial agent!


Yesterday, I saw a caricature with many connotations.

The caricature is about Ukrainian man carrying the flag in front of a Russian tank and the writing beside him that he is resisting.

The other caricature is about a Palestinian carrying the Palestinian flag facing an Israeli tank and the writing that he is a terrorist.

Having in mind the unlimited western support to Israel, the question is, what makes the Western world reach this stage of blindness to the degree that it has lost its credibility to a high degree?

This question has become one of the constant questions in the struggle with the Zionist occupiers. We have heard almost since the beginning of the conflict the same explanation. Such as the feeling of guilt among the Europeans towards the Jews because of the Holocaust, etc.

To the extent that prompted a Palestinian writer to wonder that he wants to know how many Palestinians the Zionists are allowed to kill before The West wipes out the feeling of guilt towards the Jews.

The problem is, says Father Mussalam, a Palestinian pastor of the Catholic Church in Gaza that Zionists have succeeded in turning the facts to the point where they portrayed that the occupation is the defender and the Palestinian is the aggressor.

In recent times, especially after Huntington’s book on the clash of civilizations, the categorization of the cultures considered Israel as a civilized extension of the West. If we go back in time, we find that Herzl, the founder of Zionism, said in his book (The Jewish State), decades before establishing the Zionist state, he aims to build a wall between the civilized West and primitive Asia.

Israel has significantly benefited from the cultural clashes assumption, especially after the Al-Qaeda terror in New York, and tried to market itself as defending Western civilization against terrorism and Islamic brutality!

Even if we take the matter from the politico cultural context, Israel, which built an apartheid regime, according to Amnesty International, is a burden on Western democracies. It reveals the truth about Israel and the defect of Western democracies that support it.

But regardless of all the theses which favor the civilizational conflict theory and its impact on policy-making. The fact that has become widely known is that supporting the Zionist state plays a functional role in protecting Western interests.

President Nixon’s statement that Israel is the cheapest airline carrier confirms this opinion. It explains why Israel has always stood above international law and knows in advance that it will escape from all its crimes.

Salim Nazzal  is a Palestinian Norwegian researcher, lecturer, playwright and poet, wrote more than 17 books such as Perspectives on thought, culture and political sociology, in thought, culture and ideology, the road to Baghdad. Palestine in heart


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