written on the eve of Earth Day, 2022

war 1

i spit an iron ball at you

i spit a ball a meteor of fire…

i spit into your eyes

i spit into your ruptured heart

on puddles of your

interrupted blood

into your splattered

brain, onto

your speechless tongue

i spit on the splinters

and charred ruins that before

were houses – that were peoples’ homes

onto pox-

marked streets and lightless

streetlights crushed and

smoldering rubble of urban tombs i

spit savagely on

your once happy memories on your

parents and grandparents spitting

into your shattered skull polluting

the cherished images of

friendly land and sunny sky

on native fauna meditative

pond and carefree flower


and wreathes and summer halos

i spit on your

executed horse bloated

with maggots shot –

by the side of the road

i spit on your dead dog

on your naked body

in the bloody mess

of lingering snow and i

spit on the person you loved

most kissed most often

and slept beside

i spit on your past

and into your future hopelessness

trauma and expiring throes

i spit my venom at you

i spit on you

i spit inside you


i am the politics

of murder

i am the obscenity of war


David Sparenberg is author of CONFRONTING the CRISIS: Essays & Meditations  On Eco Spirituality in the Earth Spirit Series.  An international essayist and eco-poet,  David teaches existential-ecosophy through his writing and lives in Seattle, WA in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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