Role of Muslim Intellectuals in the Promotion of Educational awareness among Students


Today , a public meeting was organized by the Education Promotion Council ( henceforth EPC)at the Nobel Senior Secondary School, Dillar Nagar, Ghazipur, UP. At the outset, let me remind that long ago a great educationist and social reformer like Sir Syed Ahmad khan had founded Scientific Society in Ghazipur to spread education , social reform and scientific temper among the Muslim community in a early colonial India. Taking the inspiration from Sir Syed ,some Muslim intellectuals of Kamsar-o-Bar who are living in Delhi and elsewhere had visualized the concept of launching educational awareness programmes in Dildar Nagar region which is still educationally backward one. As a result, this civil society organization like EPC has came into existence especially in Delhi . In this respect, the launching event of educational awareness program organized by the EPC on 11th September 2022, at Nobel Senior secondary School in Dildar Nagar. The meeting was attended by people associated with adjoining areas of Dildar Nagar. In this said meeting, eminent personalities of Kamsar-o-Bar (who had came from Delhi, Aligarh and Kolkata and elsewhere) like Janab Prof.Badruddin saheb, Janab Sarfuddin saheb , Janab Imtiaz saheb, manager of the School, Janab Inam saheb , Janab Anwar saheb and others of Kamsar-o-Bar region have expressed their views especially how can promote education among Muslim community.

Most of speakers have underlined the importance of education especially moral, value based and quality education in the light of Islamic teachings in Kamsar-o-Bar region especially in current socio-educational context. They also said that purpose of establishing the EPC is to identify the talents among Muslim students of region and help them to achieve their goals. So that they can get success in their respective professional areas. The purpose of this organization is also visit in the schools and villages ,located in Kamsar-o-Bar region. In the beginning, Janab Anwar saheb said that there is need to strengthen humans resources especially education and health and need to forge link between School, community and parents in era of global village and knowledge hub society. He also said that, there is a need to reform, school curriculum, pedagogy and teaching methods in light of recent National Curriculum Framework ( NCF)and improve the infrastructure of School buildings so that students could get quality education and able to qualify various medical and other educational tests of our region. A leady speaker like Ameena khatoon said that we have to end differences and work together. She also underlined that parents should avoid extra and useless expenditures and parents should focus more on providing education to their children.

A very intellectually stimulating lecture was given by Prof.Badruddin. While reading couplets of AIlama Iqbal, he underlined the importance of value based education and need for reform in society in the light of Islamic teachings especially mention in Quran. He emphasized that we need to think and introspect a lot do something concrete in future in light of bitter past experiences. He underlined community need to think and come out with solutions in light of Dr. Allama,’s Iqbal couplets and Quranic teachings. In light of Quranic injunctions, he argued that it is need of hour to combine education and training together. He finally said that first opening words of Quran is to “read”. In the last, Prof. Badruddin saheb said that we have to draw inspirations from great anti-colonial and freedom struggle’s leader of South Africa like Nelson Mandela . According to Mandela, education is most important weapon to change world and reconstruction of new society, added by him. Finally he said that the parents and community have to think about education of their children rather than construct unnecessary buildings. In short, in light of past mistakes and bitter experience, we have to draw a lesson especially in light of AIlama Iqbal couplets and construct a new future.

Another speaker, Janab Sarfuddin saheb has said that we have to create interest among students and parents and extend them our helping hand for promotion of education. Lastly he said that people are most welcome to give us good feedback in times to come. Another young from audience, Janab Pervaiz has said that we need to focus on documentation’s work collectively to promote education. He also emphised the need for educating the Muslims ‘ girls and promote the concept of inclusive education system in our society.

In this meeting, I have also spoken about the role of School and especially teachers in promotion of education, social reform and change. I underlined the need for quality and moral based education among the students. The role of teachers and civil society group like EPC, along with schools located in our region are very important in our society especially to prepare the minds of students in right direction. To promote culture of education in our areas, I said that teachers must perform their academic responsibilities with dedications , devotion and sincerity. I have also underlined importance of girls education in our areas. Without education of girls, our society can not ogress. Finally I said that while drawing inspiration of Sir Syed Ahmed khan, there is a need to spread awareness about the importance of education among parents and community at large in adjoining areas of Dildar Nagar. Given the sad scenario and reluctance of government towards minorities, I have underlined the importance of civil society groups like EPC to promote education and develop confidence among community. Now there is need to forge link between School, community and teachers and intellectuals.

While giving vote of thanks, Imtiaz saheb Manager of the School said that we have to search committed volunteers and keep the EPC away from political influence. Lastly ,he said that quality education is weapon to change our society. While commenting on social reform, he underlined that if people will get education, process of reform (Islahe mauashra) in society will be done automatically.

To conclude here, Muslim civil society groups like PEC must be supported by the Kamsar-o-Bar region and intellectuals alike. As I said earlier , the role of teachers and intellectuals are very important to bring social reform and overcoming educational backward prevalent in our region. The civil society platform like EPC along with promotion of education among students of region, must provide a viable space for expressing different views points irrespective of caste, class ,gender and religion. Lastly, the said organization while promoting educational related awareness among the students should adopt a secular and inclusive approach rather than “Secular Sectarianism ” in days to come.

Author is a research scholar, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi.


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