woman sunrise

Do they have a choice

— all these unfledged

young hands that

crumble under the


weight of guns— not to

fight a war that is not

theirs? Could his army

choose to disobey Sauron?


The world watches

as they decimate towns,

cities, humans in the name

of a cause that grew out


of a debt-ridden soul, a

voice that lived and died,

withered away in quest of a

figment of the human mind.


A new Sauron tears the

wombs of weeping mothers

to raze sunflowers that

outlive the insanity of wars.


And we all watch… watch

newsreels and condole

for the loss of a global soul.

Earth laments, blood-stained


by wars and tortured

by the incarnadining of

protests from shadows

behind voiceless veils.


Will veils and sunflowers

inspire spines to found

a new tribe, Lalon-like,

with myriad colours of


peace, tolerance and love —

with no wars nor weapons

that destroy? Will Earth smile

again and hum a happy tune…?

Mitali Chakravarty writes in hope of a world without borders and with that hope has founded the Borderless Journal

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