A Webinar on Humanity’s Future


A webinar will be held on Thursday 27th October 2022 at 12.00 PM (GMT)  on the theme HUMANITY’S FUTURE.

The webinar will examine critically the dangerous situation we are in today, as the human family confronts the possible danger of a full-scale global war with serious nuclear implications. The war in Ukraine and other flashpoints have brought us to this juncture. The webinar will try to come to grips with the underlying causes of that war, the trend towards militarism, the global iniquities of power and wealth and the increasing marginalisation of the real interests of people everywhere. Through discourse and dialogue, the webinar will attempt to offer solutions to the challenges of the hour.

This webinar has emerged from a document entitled “To All Who Care about Humanity’s and the Planet’s Future” which has been widely circulated since the end of September 2022. It is essentially a call to humanity to come together to overcome the perilous situation that faces us. It is encouraging that in the last three weeks almost 3,000 individuals, among them leading peace activists, human rights advocates, public intellectuals and indeed, citizens from all walks of life have responded to the call.

The three individuals who initiated the call, namely, Prof Richard Falk, Prof Joseph Camilleri and Dr Chandra Muzaffar, will make brief remarks at the webinar. There will be three respondents, Prof Chaiwat Satha-Anand, Ms. Susan Abulhawa and Ms. Victoria Brittain. The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Ivana Nikolic Hughes.

Everyone is welcome to attend the webinar. One hopes that there will active audience participation.

Those planning to attend can register at https://bit.ly/3yIK9Np

The link has already been made available to all endorsers.

We are looking forward to meeting you online.




12.00PM (GMT)                                Webinar Begins

12.05PM (GMT)                                Opening Remarks by Moderator Dr. Ivana Nikolic  Hughes

12.15PM (GMT)                                Prof. Richard FalkRising Dangers Presently                                                                      Confronting the World (5 minutes)

12.20PM (GMT)                                Dr. Chandra Muzaffar Why and How the Call                                                                   Initiative Came About (5 minutes)

12.25PM (GMT)                                Prof. Joseph CamilleriThe Road Ahead                                                                                               (5 minutes)

12.30PM (GMT)                                Respondent : Prof. Chaiwat Satha- Anand                                                                            (7 Minutes)

12.37PM (GMT)                                Respondent : Ms. Susan Abulhawa (7 Minutes)

12.44PM (GMT)                                Respondent : Ms.Victoria Brittain (7 Minutes)

12.51PM (GMT)                                Q&A Interactive Session (39 Minutes)

  1.30 PM (GMT)                               Closing Remarks by Moderator

Richard Falk,   Joseph Camilleri, Chandra   Muzaffar.

24th October 2022.




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