Punjab Revolutionary Rural Labour Union vow to advance movement in Provincial Conference


Revolutionary Rural Labour Union (Punjab) or Krantikari Pendu Mazdoor Union vowed to advance on the path of revolution, intensify the struggle, and further advance the land dispute in the second provincial assembly. In a most organized and determined manner it organised it’s provincial meeting on October 14-15th,, giving a boost to collective spirit.

In recent times it has in a qualitative manner organized resistance of dalit agricultural labour, particularly for right of 1/3rd Panchayat land and auctioning at fair prices to eradicate dummy auctioning. It steered many meetings organising agricultural labour on demands for 100 days of work in year, 5 marlas of land to each family .minimum wage Rs 700 a day etc and also raised political issues condemning arrest of urban intellectuals NRC. etc.In over 100 villages it fortified a network of struggles, enriching the striking power of the dalit labour and fluttering the red flag.It organised a series of Kirti panchayats staging the 3rd edition in March 2021, protest matches in front of the District collectors office in Sangrur, on issue of 5 marla plots in October 2021 in Lehragaga and Budhlada , revolutionary drama on martyrdom day of Shaheed Bhagat  Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev., agitations on non -reinstatement of ration cards  and protest on allotting plots at Dayalgarh, Sunam and Namol  in April,2022.

On the second and last day of the provincial meeting held by the Revolutionary Rural Lab or Union (Punjab), apart from reading the review report, presenting the financial report and passing it, the state committee was dissolved and the new committee was elected unanimously through the delegates present. From the newly elected seven-member committee, the state president of the state committee, Sanjiv Mintu, the state secretary, Dharmapal Singh, were unanimously elected. The session of the second day began with the reading of the review report (the report was presented on the first day) by State Secretary Dharampal Singh.

It is worth mentioning that on the first day, the state committee started the session while performing the flag ceremony and the declaration was read by the state president Sanjiv Mintu and the state legislative leader Ginder Rode. Prof. Gian Singh presented the opening speech and he was presented with a medal of honour with the photograph of Shaheed Azam Bhagat Singh. After this, the report was presented. State Secretary Dharampal Singh while submitting the review report, while describing the challenges, said that there are serious obstacles faced in continuing the anti-caste struggle. Brahminism was a concrete manifestation of  Jatism here. The issue of eradicating the feudal lords, usurers and riches and building unity with the rest of the labouring peasantry poses a serious problem. Giving a death blow to economism and projecting the question of establishment of people’s political power to the agenda, awarding respect to Punjab’s heritage, waiting for a constructive shape of the political-economic model of the land, etc. are huge hurdles.. After this, the financial report was presented by Baljit Singh, the provincial leader of the Revolutionary Rural Labor Union Punjab, and this report was unanimously passed by the delegates present. After this, the seven-member state committee was selected by Sanjeev Mintu in which the names of Sukhpal Khayaliwala, Ginder Rode, Baljit Singh, Dharmapal Singh, Darshan Singh Tahlian and Sanjeev Mintu were proposed. The proposal was unanimously passed by the delegates who arrived from different villages. The state committee elected state president Sanjeev Mintu and state secretary Dharampal Singh.

The state president said that inspite of achieving considerable progress,, a tortuous path s still lays ahead It was imperative  to wage a battle for social change along with economic demands. Only after the execution of the new-democratic revolution can we govern the state-part and the means of production. The entire state committee and the present delegates pledged to advance on the path of revolution, to consolidate the struggle, to further sharpen the land dispute and to double the number of active village units established already, by the next session. State leader Bimal Kaur performed the responsibility of stage secretary. The state president of Punjab Radical Students Union, Rashpinder Jimmy, gave a fraternal message. After this, various resolutions were passed by state leader Sukhpal Singh Khayaliwala.It included   Rana Ayub, the author of the book “Gujarat Files” which projects  the truth of Gujarat to the public, which has been banned  and Bombay High Court’s order to acquit GN Saibaba and 5 others in recent days and the Supreme Court’s reverting it.The  resolutions reflected how  Hindutva-fascist Modi government has mercilessly trampled on the rights of different nationalities, religious minorities, Dalits, labouring farmers, democratic and populist intellectuals, penmen, hardworking people, jailed intellectuals and their own. Important resolutions were passed against not releasing prisoners who have completed their sentence and against the promise of Bhagwant Maan government.

Significant that it has given consistent solidarity with the Zameen Prapt Sangharsh Commitee in recent times. However regrettable that a split was initiated around 3 years ago in the Rural Labour Union ,with the other section of KPMU ,going along with the Lok Sangram Morcha . and the Bku(Krantikari)Thus a division was created in the dalit agricultural labour movement. Positive that still the Punjab Radical Students Union has stood along with this section.

Harsh Thakor is a freelance Journalist who has covered mass movements around India and frequently attended programmes in Punjab.


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