Delhi State Aanganwadi and helpers Union expose treachery of Rulers

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On 20th November on the first day of the MCD Elections in Pahadganj Delhi Aanganwadi workers Union organised a boycott campaign. They exposed the lies of the Aam Admi party, who betrayed all promises to the workers. Women raised slogans, raised the back flag, and recited songs. They reminded people of 884 workers terminated, for merely voicing heir just demands.

They exposed how the frontline workers in times of Corona were confronted by goondas and abuses by the Kejrival govt.Women were also mercilessly attacked. Speakers narrated that in essence the AAP was a ruling class party which deployed goondas to terrorise workers and suppress resistance of women. They expressed that he workers would remain undeterred from the threats of AAP and no stone would be left unturned in engulfing every possible nook and corner to confront Kejriwal.,in streets of Delhi. Not only will the bankruptcy of the elections be exposed, but candidates of AAP will be openly challenged. The Aama Admi party is now engaging in a smearing campaign of face book  to malign the credibility of the Delhi Aanganwadi workers Union, which is being effectively countered by the DWHU.

A militant gherao was staged at Kashmiri gate, on November 21st, on issue of termination of 884 workers. Leader Shivani spoke about it was imperative for the workers to confront the ruling classes through hartals.The administration fears even undertaking talks with the Aanganwadi workers Union.AAP leader Navlendra Kumar issued a threat to the Union leaders ,who earlier promised to address the demands. When the issue of termination was raised, he simply trembled to even come before the workers.Nalendra Kumar, being a stooge of the AAP, is determined to break the unity of the 222000 workers. Politician Manish Sisodia also issue threats to the hartal. Significant that the Aanganwadi workesr Union is not only confronting the AAP but also exposing the nefarious policies of the BJP.A sustained campaign is being  undertaken with fliers, leaflets and posters, exposing how in essence both the AAP and BJP are anti-worker parties.

Yesterday the Union protested outside the office of Gautam Gambhir, representing the BJP.The fraudulent lies of the BJP were exposed.Maneka Pant also was confronted, from the same party. Slogans were raised condemning how the ruling party was hoodwinking the workers, and diverting and dividing them. Workers had to confront threats from BJP goondas  and the local police. Workers were ever determined to prolong the battle till the very last straw. Leaders exposed the sheer bankruptcy of the social system which dances to the tune of the powerful and mighty and pays no heed to the grievances of the common people.

Pro-people forces should be inspired by the relentless spirit and methodical approach of the Delhi Aanganadi workers Union in exposing and confronting bankruptcy of the social system at the very base. It has illustrated before our eyes, the conspiracy of ruling class parties to break the unity of the working class and patronise social exploitation through endorsing contract labour system. Most encouraging witnessing the self-confidence of the women workers and class consciousness. The temper must never be allowed to simmer. Important that other sections of workers are mobilised in support.

 Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist who covers mass movements around the Country

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