India: the Greatest Political Let Down of Recent Times

India Cricket Team

Knowing that no  right minded  Indian thinks the rate of inflation, the price of potatoes, cooking oil, petrol, diesel, rice, flour, eggs, indeed, any commodity you can name, the indices of joblessness, the  monopolization of national wealth, the degradation of    Institutions, the collapse of parliament, the weakening of democracy, the preponderance of hate  crimes and  vendetta vigilantism, the studied  relegation of minorities, the routine denigration and physical abuse  of women, to be  of primary consequence to our  collective  well-being, India’s electronic media channels have uncannily, as is their wont,  zoomed in on what    is seen by every sensible citizen  as truly catastrophic to national  self confidence and international  standing—namely, our ignominious loss  to England in the semi-finals of the now concluded  T-20  Cricket World Cup.

What is particularly galling, although politely unsaid, is that just when we thought we had our own man in Ten Downing,  his team thought nothing of dishing out a  ten-wicket drubbing to mother eleven, unmindful of the humiliation such things cause to  the celebrity icons of  “new India” and their besotted fans.

The come-uppance did not stop there: he, Sunak,  seems to have instructed the English team to go softer on Pakistan ( who, as we saw, fared much better) just to  make it known to us, as it were, how the Pakistanis are  superior to us Indians.

This circumstance raises a question:  does Rishi Sunak think of himself as a territorial or a  civilisational    Hindu?

Consider that although he took his MP’s  oath on the Bhagvad Gita, it signified  loyalty to the British monarch, who, after all, is the “defender of the (Christian) faith” , rather than to to  Ma Bharti.

We may well wonder whether that can be considered an acceptable use of  the Hindu holy book.

In this matter, indeed,  the  Australian government seems distinctly  more emancipated.

They do not mind one bit if their citizens of Indian origin  shout gung-ho  for the Indian team against their own , even raising the tricolour in the face of the  Australian national  flag to  which their citizenship oath  requires allegiance.

The Americans similarly seem  fully to know that, like the  Jews of the world who follow Zionist internationalism,  American citizens of Indian extraction also subscribe to a like trans-American, trans-national  oneness, excluding  all the others who  remain outside the pail of    Hindutva, as in the case of Zionism.

If anything,  sanatan Hindu  belief exceeds Zionism to the point where the September, 1983 Issue of the Vishwa Hindu,  organ of the VHP, could write:

“In pre-Christian times, everybody, everywhere, in the entire world, was Hindu.”.

Clearly,  Mr.Sunak (whom we may have erroneously thought to be   Shri rather  than Mister), seems a mere territorial  Hindu who still places his narrow  national identity over and above his oceanic   sanatan  ancestry.

Mister Sunak seems not to have noticed that most  Indian NRIs  in the world’s oldest democracy fete Shri Modi when he be visiting not just as the Indian prime minister but  truly  someone more than the President of  the country of which they are  citizens–a  universal  global  Maharaja, if you like.

The question, however, may be asked:  if everyone, everywhere is Hindu, then where does the issue of having been  snubbed by  the Christian English team arise?

After all,  it is Sunak who needs to understand that  it is his meta-historical destiny to make it felt on  those who consider themselves English and non-Hindu that they are, at bottom,  yet more children of the  lost tribe, one which Shri Modi is regrouping with  prophetic  calling.

Many   beloved cricketing heads will no doubt roll in the days to come, not so much for having lost the game, but having  betrayed  Hindutva.

After all,  a loss to any  “other” is not only humiliating; it also entails the  thinning out of  mountains of  lucre,  stored in the coffers of the  BCCI, the richest Board of all worldwide Boards.

After all, unlike the sporting liberals of old,  Hindutva, like  our beloved Americans, recognizes only two kinds of homo sapiens, the winners and the losers.

No Hindu who nowadays  loses  can ever be a proper child of  the cosmic Hindutva parivar, be it in the matter of T-20 Cricket or  a municipal election, not to speak of  assemblies and parliament.

The losers are those who  go  set up them Human Rights  platforms—the dregs of the  realm who make  educated excuses for having failed to  be winners at any and all costs.

In their case,  nobody said it better than the dithering  Hamlet:  “thus conscience makes  cowards  of us  all.”

Conscience and empire building do not go together.

Badri Raina is a political commentator

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