Solidarity Statement Against Malicious Slandering of Activists Who are Fighting Against Adani International Seaport at Vizhinjam, Kerala, India

vizhinjam protest

The coastal fishing community is on a struggle path against the disastrous International seaport which is being built at Vizhinjam by Adani ports.  The port has resulted in coastal erosion leading to the disappearance of coasts and the destruction of houses in the fishing villages.  The dredging in the port will result in the loss of local fishing habitats leading to the destruction of the livelihood of thousands of fishing families and their displacement from the coasts.

As the coastal community's sit-in protest continues against the distress caused by the Vizhinjam Adani port gathering solidarity and support at the state level, corporate-backed media such as News 18, Janam TV, Desabhimani, Kerala Kaumudi are now resorting to blatant lies and misinformation against the protest and protesters. As a part of this, attempts have been made to slander Ms Aleyama Vijayan who is the founder trustee of the feminist organisation Sakhi women’s resource centre and has been working for women’s empowerment for the past three decades, along with AJ Vijayan, who has been working as a trade unionist and researcher in the fisheries sector since 1980.

It is accused that Sakhi, a women’s rights organisation based out of Thiruvananthapuram, which has no direct affiliations with the protest committee, is receiving foreign contributions for the protests. They have already issued a defamation suit against the media for spreading misinformation and rumours. The details on the Sakhi website show that all their activities are transparent. We support this legal suit and wish this organisation to operate smoothly in the future.

The attempt to portray the struggle as a foreign conspiracy through funding is malicious and an insult to the fishing community who is fighting against the port and its sponsors.  We request that all people who believe in democracy protest against this false propaganda. This slander campaign is done together with attempts by vested groups to create communal issues and problems of law and order on the coast, to divide the fishing and host communities in the name of religion.  We urge the government, masses and civil society groups to positively intervene to keep communal harmony and peace.

The fisher folks in Vizhinjam, under the leadership of Thiruvananthapuram Latin Archdiocese, have been protesting for the last 105 days, raising seven demands, including stoppage of the construction of the seaport in Vizhinjam and a complete study on the impact and damages by the port by an independent team of experts including people representing the fisher community.

The rest of the six demands from the formation are:

(1) Find a sustainable solution to coastal erosion on the Thiruvananthapuram coast due to the unscientific constructions in the sea, including that caused by the Vizhinjam port construction.

(2) Provide temporary rental accommodation to people whose houses were destroyed due to coastal erosion

(3) Plan and implement reasonable policies to rehabilitate the people who have lost their land and houses.

(4) Intervene to revoke the kerosene price hike; provide subsidised kerosene following the neighbouring state Tamil Nadu model.

(5) Provide minimum wages to the fisher folks to compensate for the loss on the days of fishing weather warnings.

(6) Find sustainable solutions to the problems instead of temporary ones. The claim that all the demands have been more or less accepted by the government has been debunked by the Convener of the protest committee, Thiruvananthapuram Latin Archdiocese, Fr. Eugene Pereira, in a press conference on October 31st, 2022. It is undemocratic that, instead of fulfilling their obligation to settle the strike, the ruling government is resorting to covert attempts to tarnish coastal communities and overturn their struggle.

We strongly condemn attempts by certain media houses to malign civil society organisations and vilify A J Vijayan, who has been researching and writing on the eco-social impacts, the unscientific nature of the project and the contract irregularities. He has been doing so since the period of the environmental impact study during the UDF regime, which initiated the Adani port project with special interest. We believe it is essential to have independent research and scientific studies on the impact of the port on coastal communities, and any such studies should be encouraged.

We urge the government to settle the Vizhinjam issue urgently by arriving at a reasonable and sustainable solution and defending the rights of fishing and coastal communities. Vizhinjam Struggle Solidarity Committee, Keralam

Social Movements, Eminent Persons, Social Organisations

  1. Aflathoon, Samajwadi Jan Parishad
  2. Ammu Abraham, FAOW ; PUCL Maharashtra (E.C.)
  3. Anand Patwardhan, Film Maker
  4. Anjali Bharadwaj, Collective Delhi
  5. Arundhati Dhuru, National Convenor, National Alliance of Peoples Movements
  6. Ashok Choudhary/ Roma , All India Union of Forest Working People
  7. Avinash Kumar , Former Director, Amnesty International India.
  8. Aysha, Right to Food Campaign
  9. Chandana Pusapati, Dakshin Foundation
  10. Delhi Solidarity Group
  11. Dr. John Dayal, Writer, Human Rights Activist
  12. Dr. Ram Puniyani, National Solidarity Forum
  13. Dr. Suneelam Ex MLA
  14. Dr. Syeda Hammed, Former Member Planning Commission
  15. Evita Das – Pakistan India Peoples' forum for peace and democracy
  16. G Devarajan, Gen Sec All India Forward Bloc
  17. Gabriele Dietrich Movement for Womrn's Rightss
  18. Geeta Seshu, Co-Editor, Free Speech Collective
  19. Gutta Rohith, Human Rights Forum
  20. Indian Social Action Forum – INSAF
  21. Joy Sinha – COLLECTIVE Delhi
  22. K Babu Rao, HRF, President, Hyderabad City
  23. K P Sasi, Activist Film Maker
  24. K. G. Jagadeesan trustee Centre Gandhi Smark Nidhi
  25. K. J. Joy, Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India, Pune
  26. K. Sajaya, Women & Transgender Orgs JAC, Hyderabad.
  27. Krishnakant (NAPM, Gujarat)
  28. Leena Dabiru, Anhad, Delhi
  29. Madhu Bhushan, Women's rights activist, Bangalore
  30. Madhuri, Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan Madhya Pradesh
  31. Medha Patkar, Narmada Bachavo Aandolan
  32. Meera Sanghamitra (National Alliance of People's Movements), NAPM
  33. N.D.Pancholi, Citizens For Democracy, Delhi
  34. Nityanand Jayaraman, Writer, Social Activist. Chennai Solidarity Group. Chennai
  35. Pradip Chatterjee, National Convener, National Platform for Small Scale Fish Workers
  36. Priya Dharshini, Finanical Accountability Network India
  37. Prof. S. P Udayakumar, Anti nuclear activist
  38. Prof. Sandeep Pandey, Writer, Social Activist
  39. Ranjit Sur, APDR
  40. Sandeep Pandey Socialist Party (India)
  41. Soumya Dutta, Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha
  42. Subhash Lomte, Swaraj India
  43. Tapas Das, National Convenior, Nodi Bachao Jibon Bachao Andalon
  44. Vidya Dinker, President, INSAF
  45. Vihaan Vee – Ambedkarite, Queer Feminist Activist
  46. Xavier Dias, Editor, Khan Kaneej Aur ADHIKAR (Mines minerals & RIGHTS)
  47. Yash, Let India Breathe
  48. Yugma Collective
  49. A Sunil Dharan, Motilal Nehru College (Delhi University)
  50. A.Suneetha, Independent Researcher, Hyderabad
  51. Alaka Basu, Researcher
  52. Amod Shah, PhD Researcher
  53. Asha Achy Joseph, Dean, SH School of Communication, SH College, Thevara, Kochi
  54. Brinelle Dsouza, Chairperson, Centre for Health and Mental Health, TISS
  55. Chhaya Datar Ex-professor of Women's Studies in TISS
  56. Devika, feminist scholar
  57. Dr . K.P Rammohan, Economist
  58. Dr. K. G. Tara, Former Head, Disaster Management Centre
  59. Dr. Karuna DW,
  60. Dr. Mary George, Economist
  61. Dr. P. A. Azeez, Salim Ali Centre For Ornithology And Natural History
  62. Dr. T. G. Jacob
  63. Frans Manjali, Prof. Linguistics, JNU
  64. Hariprasath R, Researcher
  65. Jashodhara Dasgupta, Independent Researcher
  66. Kochurani Abraham, feminist theologian, Kerala
  67. M. Dasan, Dalit Thinker
  68. Maggie Allessu, Vidhyadeep college, Gujarat
  69. Nandita Narain, Associate Professor, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University College
  70. Nivedita Menon, Professor JNU
  71. Padma Velaskar ,Professor (Retd) TISS
  72. Prof. Iris
  73. Prof. Janaki abraham,
  74. Prof. Kusum Joseph
  75. Prof. Sanil V
  76. Prof. Vida Sequeira (Retired)
  77. Prof. Vindo Chandran
  78. Rakhi Sehgal, Researcher, New Delhi
  79. Rita Paes Retired Professor
  80. Rohini Hensman, writer and researcher, Mumbai
  81. Seethalakshmi, Independent Researcher and Activist
  82. Shilpa Parthan, PhD student, University of Illinois Chicago
  83. Shweta Wagh, Associate Professor, KRVIA. PhD researcher IIT Bombay
  84. Soma K P, Independent researcher

Academicians / Writers

  1. Swati Birla, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  2. Trisha Gupta, University of Oxford
  3. Vineetha Venugopal, Researcher

Poets, writers and solidarity from Kerala Groups

  1. B Rajeevan, Cultural critic
  2. Binitha Thampi, Poet
  3. C Radhakrishnan, Novelist
  4. Damodar Prasad, Journalist
  5. Dr. Ambikasuthan Mangad
  6. Fr. Jose Kaliekkal ,
  7. Hameed Vaniyambalam, state president welfare party
  8. Joseph Jude, Kerala Regional Latin Catholic Council (KRLCC) state vice-president
  9. K Ajitha, Feminist activist, Anweshi
  10. K. Sahadevan, writter
  11. Kalpatta Narayan, writter
  12. KG Sankarapilla (KGS), Poet
  13. Kumar Kalanand Mani, Save the Western Ghats Movement
  14. Kuripuzha Sreekumar, Poet
  15. Pandavath Baburaj, Activist Film Maker
  16. S Rajeevan, K Rail Virudha Jankeeya Samara Samiti
  17. Sarath Cheloor, State Coordinator, NAPM- Keralam
  18. Savithri Rajeevan, Poet
  19. Sridhar Radhakrishnan , Kerala Paristhithi Aikya Vedhi
  20. V Dinakaran , Akhila Kerala Dheevara Sabha
  21. Vijayaraghavan Cheliya, State Convenor, NAPM Keralam

Solidarity from across the country

  1. A.K. Shibu raj
  2. Adv K V. Bhadrakumari
  3. Adv Pyoli Swatija
  4. Adv. John Joseph
  5. Adv. Joseph Paull
  6. Adv. Vinod Payada
  7. Allwyn Dsouza
  8. Amit Singh
  9. Amrita Shodhan
  10. Anil E.P
  11. Anita Cheria, Bangalore
  12. Anitha Ruban
  13. Anitha Shanti Treewalk
  14. Anna SJC Social Activist.Karnataka
  15. Annette Fernandes MBBS
  16. Annie Director
  17. Anthony Dias
  18. Aparna, Social worker
  19. Asha G
  20. Baby Chalil Fr
  21. Balkis Bano, Trishur
  22. Beatrice Joseph
  23. Berguman Thomas
  24. Bittu K R, Karnataka Janashakti
  25. C.S. Murali shankar
  26. Cecilia Crasta
  27. Chakradhar, Samalochana
  28. Clara Mendonca, social worker
  29. clare muthukattol
  30. Deejao Pathrose
  31. Deepa V, Delhi
  32. Devika, Advocate
  33. Dorothy, Social Activist
  34. Dr. C. Jayakumar, Thanal
  35. Dr. C. Surendranath
  36. Dr. E. Unnikrishnan
  37. Dr. Joyce Kaithakottil, Activist for Justice
  38. Dr. Mangesh Sawant Environmentalist
  39. Dr. Mercy Thomas Facilitator Nirmal Jyothi ITI
  40. Flory Menezes
  41. Fr Joseph, Vicar, St Joseph Church Konoor Ekm Diocese
  42. Fr Thomas
  43. Fr Varghese Assin, Manager, St Francis Assisi School, Nedumbassery..
  44. Fr. Agustine Vattoli
  45. Fr. Deepak Anto
  46. Fr. Kurian Kurisunkal, Mulanthuruthy
  47. Fr. Lawrence
  48. Francis Xavier, supporter
  49. Freny Manecksha
  50. George Mathew
  51. Glavious Alexander
  52. Gopinath Haritha
  53. Gracy Kallookulangara
  54. Growth Watch
  55. Hazel D'Lima, CRI, ICWM
  56. Holiram Terang. Political activist.
  57. Immaculate.F.
  58. Jabeena Irshad
  59. Jacqueline Rumao. Jeevan vidya.
  60. Jaison Coopur
  61. James Dayalaya
  62. Jesmine Fernandes
  63. Jessin SJC
  64. Jibin Robin
  65. Jinu Sam Jacob
  66. Joanna, Social Worker
  67. John Dsouza, Mumbai , Documentalist
  68. John Peruvanthanam
  69. Johnson Puthenveettil, Director, KLCA, Alleppey Diocese
  70. Jolly Chirayath
  71. Jose Therattil
  72. Joseph Kannamkulam
  73. Joseph Maniangat
  74. Josephine Rozario
  75. K. Ajitha
  76. K. C. Sreekumar
  77. K. Ramachandran
  78. K. Sahadevan
  79. K.G. Jagadeeshan
  80. K.M. Thomas
  81. K.P. Sethunath
  82. Kalyani S.
  83. Karavali Karnataka Janabhivriddhi Vedike.
  84. KB Kannampilly
  85. KCR Raja, New Delhi
  86. KhalidaParveen
  87. Kusum Tripathi
  88. Leela Soloman
  89. Leena Abraham, Mumbai
  90. LEVIN
  91. Lumina da Costa, citiizen of Indiaendorse
  92. M D Varghese, a freelance Eco-Social Development Advisor
  93. M. Dasan, Dalit Thinker
  94. M. Sulfath
  95. M.K. George
  96. Madhuri Mondal, programme officer
  97. Magdalene Almeida
  98. Manju Kulapuram, Activist, Delhi
  99. Manoj Kedaram, Social Worker
  100. Manu
  101. Marcia DCunha ICWM Thane Maharashrea
  102. Mathew Sebastian
  103. Mercy Alexander
  104. Mini Bedi
  105. Mirsad Rahman
  106. Moksha Mary- Anmol NGO Co-ordinator
  107. Ms. Vanitha D'Souza
  108. Mujahid Nafees, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  109. Muralidharan K, political activist
  110. Muthapan
  111. N. Subramanyan
  112. Namrata Lunia
  113. Nancy Vaz, Mumbai
  114. Nikita Naidu, Climate Action
  115. Nirmala
  116. Nita Arvind, Scrum Master
  117. Noela J Dias
  118. Noella de Souza, ICWM, IWTF, CRI.
  119. Om Prakash Singh, Cuttack
  120. P k Sasidharan
  121. P.T. John
  122. Padmaja Shaw
  123. Paniyadima John
  124. Philomena D'Souza, Satyashodhak, Mumbai
  125. Philomena….Provincial
  126. Prabhat Sharan, Journalist
  127. Prajval Shastri, astrophysicist
  128. Prasad Chacko, Social Worker, Ahmedabad
  129. Preeti Mehra, independent journalist, New Delhi
  130. Prema Chowallur SCC
  131. Prerana Gawde, Senior Programme Associate
  132. Promod Puzankara
  133. Pushpa Parmar
  134. Pyoli, Advocate
  135. Raj Shekhar, Right to Food Campaign
  136. Rajesh
  137. Rajnish Gambhir, All India Union of Forest Working People
  138. Raju kalathil,Advocate
  139. Ramnarayan, Independent Ecologist
  140. Raynah Marise Braganza Passanha, Pune
  141. Renita
  142. Rev. Indira Paul, Chennai
  143. Rev. Raju P George
  144. Rita Manchanda, Independent Rights Consultant
  145. Robert Joseph, Teacher
  146. Robi Arayakkandy. CPI(ML).
  147. Rohini, Writer
  148. Rosalind Elaiyarani
  149. Rosamma George
  150. Rosamma Thomas
  151. Rose Mary Tirkey ( Social Worker)
  152. Roshmi Goswami, Shillong.
  153. Runu Chakraborty
  154. S. Rajeevan
  155. Sabina Martins
  156. Sachin Chavan,
  157. Salahudheen Ayyoobi, Writer
  158. Sandeep kaithamparambat, artist
  159. Sandeep Ravindranath
  160. Sandhya Balasubramanian, Member – Growthwatch India
  161. Santana Pereira, Sahayini NGO
  162. Santosh Sharma
  163. Sarah Mathews. Managing Trustee, Sankalp Women's Support Alliance
  164. Sarath Keeraleeyam
  165. Sarojini N, Public Health Practitioner
  166. SAshalatha
  167. Seema Bhaskaran
  168. Shalini Gera, Advocate
  169. Shalom Gauri, student
  170. Sharad Lele, ATREE
  171. Shivsunder
  172. Sister Poonam cj.
  173. Sr Aruna Castelino /Director of Auxilium Out Reach
  174. Sr Maria Shirsath, Teacher
  175. Sr. Elphina Rodrigues
  176. Sr. Mary Jacintha. Daughters of Mary Help of Christians Congregation
  177. Sr. Melusina Colaco – religious
  178. Sr. Rita D Souza – prov adminstrator
  179. SR. Rita Fernandes
  180. Sr. Thelma Paiva
  181. Sr.Anita Gacias
  182. Sr.Marina Kalathil
  183. Sreedevi S Kartha
  184. Sreekala MG, Goa
  185. Sridhar Radhakrishnan
  186. Stella Baltazar fmm, provincial
  187. Suneeta Dhar Activist
  188. Sunirose, I. P
  189. Sunny Paikada
  190. Suresh Melettukochy.
  191. Suresh Rathaur mmu
  192. Susan Joseph, Social Worker
  193. Swarna bhat, social Activist
  194. Swatija Paranjape
  195. T N Sushama, Freelance writer
  196. Tamizharasi
  197. Thresia
  198. V.S. Anil Kumar
  199. Vaishnavi- Independent Labor Rights Activist, Journalist
  200. Vandita, Morarka (founder and CEO, One Future Collective)
  201. Vaneeta khristi
  202. Vanita Mukherjee
  203. Varsha Bhargavi
  204. Veena Maruthur
  205. Vijayan Punnathur Retiree
  206. Vishesh Guru, Anthropologist
  207. Prafulla Samanthara, National Convenor, NAPM India
  208. Sudhir Pattanaik, Editor , The Samadrusti, Bhubaneswar
  209. Debaprasad Ray, Secretary, Lohia Academy, Bhubaneswar
  210. Jyoti Ranjan Mahapatra, General Secretary, AIFB Odisha , Bhubaneswar
  211. Dr Sunilam, Ex MLA, President Multai Kisan Sangharsh samity , (MP)
  212. Shweta Tripathy, SRUTI, New Delhi
  213. Dr. Sandeep Pandey, General Secretary, Socialist Party of India


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