Hellish War, Slaughtered Humanity, Endless Biodiversity Extinction

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It’s now going to take literally every citizen of the world to assume more personal responsibility to end: the hellish war in Ukraine; stop the wholesale slaughter of humanity, and the ever more rapid extinction of the earth’s biodiversity. The world’s politicians, militarists and international corporate CEOs, especially those who support the world war against Russia, already are incapable of doing so because they’re too-compromised in all ways: ideologically, politically and, most importantly, morally.

It’s always amazing the way the individual human mind and the collective unconsciousness of the masses, can come together, in ordinary, everyday instances of ‘reality’ and the synchronicity of world events; especially around key issues like this hellish war, the consequent senseless slaughter of humanity, and ludicrousness of the rapid extinction of planetary biodiversity. As each day and month passes, it becomes ever clearer that those governments and citizenry who support the murderous, senseless slaughter of so many human and non-human life forms are, once again, on the wrong side: of history; morality; preservation of the Earth, and; life itself.

The hideous role assumed by the world’s corporate mainstream press that, for almost a year, has continued to fuel the world’s oppressive war propaganda, remains unchanged as it continues to obfuscate and bedevil the truth, as it steadily feeds the progression of war in Ukraine.

For the longest time this writer hadn’t given enough serious thought to how the related biological realities of the evolution of all planetary life forms on earth and in the universe first came to be, or the impact these forces play in the ever-evolving collective consciousness of everyday human life. More specifically, how the realities of the war in Ukraine continues to deteriorate towards the fatal direction of the unbelievable, yet very real, dire possibility of the growing likelihood of the nuclear annihilation of all living things on earth.

Yet, at the same time, how the insanity of such a harsh, brutal reality continues to be furthered by the glib way in which the war mongers everywhere in the world, especially among the jingoist and chauvinistic hawks: within the American government; its U.S. House of Representatives; the U.S. Senate; NATO; Canada, as well as, the rest of the Western world, daily go about providing whatever war materials and moral support is needed to deliberately move the world’s collective energies and thought processes in this fatal direction; while opposite multitudes of collective spiritual healing forces, no matter how much others may attempt to squelch them, also simultaneously seek to penetrate the collective conscious awareness of the masses and broach a possible opposite non-violent reality of the way life still could be.

Before this writer sought to compose this piece about the insidiousness nature of the war in Ukraine, he also hadn’t specifically given much thought, for decades, about the spiritual jazz musician Pharoah Sander’s composition The Creator Has a Master Plan; even though back in the day when it first was released upon the music  scene in 1996, he had endlessly played and listened to the brilliance of Sander’s universal message, while, unknowingly, its message, over the ensuing years, continued to penetrate ever-deeper into his psyche.

Yet as the depressive weight of the unveiling realities of the current world war continued to trouble his thoughts, the moment he again consciously-recalled the intent contained within Pharoah Sander’s composition, he felt both inspired and compelled to weave the writing around his jazz piece; especially in light of the constant stonewall of resistance that he and so many other writer’s, musicians and truth-tellers of all colors and stripes have also had to endure over the past year in the face of so much hostility by the corporate world’s purveyors of violence, hatred and warfare, who forever ignore the universal truth’s embodied within the music of those like Pharoah Sanders and their messages that speak to the insanity, madness and hopelessness of the war in Ukraine, and all war in general. More specifically, this writer’s own efforts, in particular, that seek to speak to the evilness of so many truisms about the current dismal state of the world that continue to be blocked from publication, even though the horrendous clash between so many obvious truths and lies about peace and war, life and death, already were and continue to become more and more apparent the longer the outrageousness of the war continues and the living conditions of the citizenry  in the world deteriorate all the more.

Call it happenstance, an epiphany or whatever one will, but, suddenly, as if the awakening consciousness of the general public, within this writer for one, had suddenly been tweaked. It was about six months into the war in Ukraine, when Pharoah Sanders, at age 81, the same age as this writer, passed from the physical confines of this Earth home in the universe and joined with all those other departed soul mates, like John Coltrane and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to continue to sing and speak their eternal truths to we still living ones on the other side of life’s transit.

As attention was drawn to Sander’s passing, and reference made here to Pharoah Sander’s spiritual jazz compositions, more and more awareness and synchronicity to his music and its message also began to everywhere appear in the greater reaches of the world, as if by magic, on websites like You Tube.com. It was then that the realization dawned that there constantly is at work in the universe some kind of operative, mystical, cosmic principle at work that forever seeks to speak, en masse, to our inner-knowingness. That’s when this one’s attention also turned back to the realities of the war in Ukraine, but in an entirely different direction with a markedly-different focus. The feeling was as if the writing now was being channeled by those like Pharoah Sander’s music and the wisdoms of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., himself.


This home we humans call Earth, America, Russia, China, or wherever else there exists a myriad of parallel universes of constant destruction and creation, is where this ancient tale of life, death and consciousness in 2023 begins or ends.

For billions of years this earth orb module we humans and all other living things travel upon together, intergalactically, has been hurtling, at thousands of miles an hour, through the universe, as its own unique, self-contained, self-sufficient cosmic laboratory of untold diverse worlds of sentient organisms, each locked within their own mysterious “tiny acorn to Oak Tree” genetic journey; miraculously-evolving towards whatever unknown, ‘pre-destined’ outcome.

Somehow, long ago, each organism, in a still primitive microbial state, descended as a spore from somewhere else in the universe, from yet another place in which it had previously long-inhabited, before whose DNA mysteriously-was again propelled into the universe, imbedded itself and was awakened within this new orb.

With the help of some still unknown, indefinable universal power, along with an infinite number of other cosmic spores of potential species of life, each life form was left to its own devices to miraculously find its own way, over the vast stretches of outer space and galactic time, to slowly assemble again with other disparate or symbiotic spores of organisms, to continue evolving together into yet an entirely new mix of myriad new life forms and biozones that, as if by magic, over an unfathomable span of celestial time and distance, still continue, every second, to arrive and further evolve as they and we collectively travel together upon this planetary ‘Earth’ module, until whatever final physical or spiritual destination is ultimately to be realized.

Meanwhile, We humans, travelling with all the other time-space sojourners of these multitudinous parallel universes, inexorably appear to be rushing ever faster now, even in the way humans everywhere seem to walk ever faster and faster, as if they already know the grains of time in this cosmic hour-glass are fast running out, before they/we can hope to reach some as yet still unknown, mysterious, destination. Each sojourner, with every step taken, capable of creating, in the process, either: a dream of resurrection, creation, preservation and restoration, or nightmare of untold: carnage, extermination, extinction and slaughter of its fellow organisms.

Yet after travelling millions of light years, the human species only now is ever-so-faintly beginning to consciously gain a mere inkling of how much its continued ultimate survival on this long journey, through so much timeless, trackless space, as but one of gazillions of other tiny organisms, no greater than any of the rest, has been assured by some mysterious source of life, only so long as our species cooperates and does its part as a co-creator and caretaker of this Earth, and if all goes as planned in the grand scheme of things.

Each living thing on Earth, as if a magical enabler of all the rest, but one tiny piece, of some complex, intricate puzzle, carrying within its mysterious genetic code, the very secret of life’s essence, whose suspected mission, during the course of this uncertain space odyssey, bear wondrous gifts they’re all prepared to mutually offer to every other space-time traveler. Together, they/we actually possess everything each organism will ever need for however arduous may be this galactic journey: the cures of every disease, the healing balms for every-mental, emotional, physical affliction; the secrets of eternal universal life; or whatever other protections are needed against all such hostile entities that may threaten that species demise or impede its ability to survive for however many light years still await; before the earth’s vast numbers of life forms can all hope to safely arrive together at some final destination, wherever that may be, for whatever purpose or whatever ultimate grand design of all the Earth’s species are intended to be.

Yet miscreant gangs among the Homosapien species ‘Dark State’ – non-believers, heretics, haters, infidels, malcontents of all manner, that some now call ‘Nazi’s or ‘Fascist’s, from time to time, act like bad regressive seeds, and for whatever primitive, savage, selfish destructive purposes or needs, viciously and arrogantly defy these cosmic rules and universal truths of the universe, and instead try to take over the Creator’s master plan of this most mysterious, glorious, exquisitely-designed cosmic journey.

One case in point, is the recent ever-escalating nuclear-bent of war in Ukraine, driven by the same miscreant Nazi’s and Fascist’s that attempted to do the same thing during WWI & WWII, and, once again, have arrogantly decided to continue to point their fellow humans, and all other Earth beings, towards some ultimate, as yet unimaginably horrible, conflagration and mass slaughter; underscored by the ever-escalating, intentional human-caused, disappearance from all the oceans, seas and lands of the Earth’s biodiversity of untold numbers of natural wild beings.

This continues to occur, in tandem with such harsh realities as the war in Ukraine, because these same arrogant miscreant have arrogantly decided once again, simply because they have the power to do so, to take or destroy, more than they will ever need, of the earth’s natural resources and territories for their own endless, greedy hoarding, consumption and expansion; while amassing ever more deadly war armaments, costing billions and trillions of the life energies of ordinary taxpayer’s precious-little, hard-earned dollars, that forever robs them of the wherewithal of their basic welfare, well-being and the sheer joy of simple existence.

Without ever being asked, the unwashed human and nonhuman masses are forever forced to bear all the physical-mental-emotional-spiritual costs, even with their own lives; while their habitation’s in every village, town and city on Earth, continue to become increasingly-more impacted and unlivable by ever more traumatized, dispossessed, displaced, refugeed human and non-human one’s who, wherever they’re forced to flee for their very survival, only further add to the un-controllable malaise of exponential growth of excessive human, industrial, commercial, residential over-development; especially in the Earth’s ever-more impacted, affluent, urban environments that require the constant abolishment of whatever former traditional communities and time-honored ways of life that previously-existed; all simply to senselessly make way for the crowding together of yet more uncontrolled numbers of divergent populaces, each with their own peculiar antagonistic needs and wants, that more than not, are at odds with one another, with the concomitant wholesale loss of all their long-standing cultures, values and traditions.

Meanwhile, the world’s dispossessed continue to be endlessly forced to flee from wherever life is no longer tenable for them to wherever, as part of whatever new flotsam and jetsam mix-mash of habitation. It’s what has happened and continues to happen to every species that reaches that point where it becomes over-populated or abusive of its environment until it finally dies off or is killed off.

The magnitude and legacy of this unnecessary gradual death-process of the essence of life continues to be facilitated by a growing elimination of any truthful and honest reporting, by a once, so-called ‘free’ press, of the real, on-going, no hold-bared, mallee that’s consciously being waged against the essence of life. Instead, an ever-burgeoning glut of yet more propaganda is required by the corporate world media, who forever heap more lies-upon-lies to keep some semblance of world order in the face of all the chaos and world panic that would occur if the real truth were beknown. The kind of truth’s that expose governments and their over-taxed, compromised and collapsing infrastructures that are now incapable of doing anything meaningful about the absolute about-face that is actually immediately required, other than passively go along with all the ensuing insanity and madness that continues, rather than report the real extent of the non-stop destruction to the Earth’s assemblage of biodiversity and its infinite array of universes in need of immediate nurturance and protection rather than more abuse and abandonment.

The result is that the Creator’s original master plan continues to be stood on its head by all the miscreant ignoramuses who hold sway, forever moving the essence of life towards something more odious, self-destructive and-evil than ever known before.


Yet, in spite of the constant war-mongers in America, NATO and the rest of the world who have caused all the wars of the past century, and now continue to aggressively pursue yet a possible pending fatal nuclear War in Ukraine, for whatever their own primitive, savage destructive reasons. Yet there also exists untold creative spiritual artists of the human heart– Tillers of the Garden of Music & Words – who forever dare to challenge this war-dominated dystopian view of life. They dare to challenge these dark forces with the belief that the Creator-Of-All-That-Is has a Master Plan and Makes But One Demand, Peace and Happiness Through All the Land.


This reality once was succinctly-stated, musically, by one group of jazz artists in particular, during their epic 2011 performance that was recorded at London’s Jazz Café. The legendary tenor saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, a one-time cohort-soul mate of John Coltrane, and his assembled jazz quartet: William Henderson (piano); Antoine Banville (drums), and; Miles Danso (bass), took the opportunity to brilliantly scream aloud, musically, to the world, with so much immense joy, passion, hurt, pain, anguish, sadness and hopefulness, of all that is simultaneously real, joyful and hurtful in this world, in their historic interpretation of “The Creator Has a Master Plan’.

Incorporated within their spiritual jazz piece at that signatory-moment-in-time was also their version of “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”; that originally was written shortly before the outbreak of WWII, and went on to become a standard of eternal hope throughout all the murderous slaughter and destruction of those painful war years by the Nazi’s and Fascist’s, until their ultimate defeat was brought about, and the war concluded on VE-Day (Victory Europe).

Now that the mongrel miscreant’s have once again crawled from out of their dark, foreboding underworld lairs, and raised their ugly heads once again in places like Ukraine, the hope is that still more sentient ones, like Pharoah Sanders and other creative artists, in 2023, will pick up where he and they left off and again call the world’s attention, while there’s still time, to the fact that The Creator Still Has A Master Plan. Also that they still have within themselves yet A New Hopeful Nightingale Song to sing in another town square somewhere that, perhaps, will become yet another modern standard to harken back the world’s collective memory and attention to the same world-wide joy and hope of ultimate victory over the always ever-coalescing dark destructive forces now so manifest in the war in Ukraine. Listen closely now to its message:



But, as the first-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine fast approaches, the whole world continues to bear witness to yet another ancient titanic struggle for dominance between all the same-old Fascists, Nazis, Socialists and Communists, who still hate one another as much as they ever did in World War’s I & II, with no peaceful resolution to their many differences yet in sight, as the mass insanity and slaughter continues anew. Where their struggle will end this time in their mad obsession to once more try to totally vanquish the others, short of all-out nuclear world war, remains a giant question mark. Only the Creator yet really knows the end that awaits.


Nearly a year of senseless war has already seen too much human brutality continue unabated on all fronts. All the while the dire battlefield situations progress as much as they deteriorate, while the world’s stock exchanges, Crypto Currencies, Food and Energy Markets, government infrastructure and supply lines of all kinds, that humans everywhere desperately depend upon for their day-to-day struggle for survival, continue to run amuck, worsen or fail, miserably.

It’s eerie how the war in Ukraine now, among those American, Ukrainian and NATO combatants who describe themselves as being everything from Ultra-Nationalists, Patriots, Bander-followers or unabashed Nazi’s who, like their predecessors during WWII, continue to menace the world in a multitude of similar ways as all those same primitive-types who came before them.

Their reappearance should serve as a scary wake-up call to ponder how easily and quickly it always is to control the world’s masses to believe, hate, love, think or don’t think, about anything, and what that means in the short and long-term about the survival of truth or anything that really matters to the essence of life, not to mention the ultimate survival of the human race itself and continued biodiversity of the entire planet.

As the world reflects upon the anniversary of this war, one must now, believe that, somehow, sanity must ultimately prevail and the war will eventually tone down, find some safe off-ramp from all the killing, and get back to its ‘normal chaotic out-of-control way of life as before; or the opposite will happen, with the whole primitive business of once more putting young innocent men and women on all sides, as well as all living things, through another hideous meat grinder, until the whole ugly business of war literally blows up once again in the world’s face.


In the meantime, with an endless number of axes still left to grind against Russia for a multitude of reasons, America, NATO and their Western allies must choose between two ways ahead. They can either explore a way forward together in the spirit of genuine peace or just be done with it, and once and for all, go at it, hammer and tong, with the same fury and vengeance they once did against the Nazi’s and their Bandera allies in Ukraine, during the old war days of WWII; followed by a pathetic repeat of the decades-long ‘Cold War’ years that have long-since been pressed forward by all those who, like a dog with a bone, still adhere to unachievable dreams of world empire and conquest; with the only major obstacle still being their long-standing, much-hatred, Russian ‘commie’ nemesis and, now, China’s new Yellow Peril.

Thus far, the West remains content to continue to cowardly allow Ukrainians to do most of the killing and dying, short of every Western nation, rather than more honestly opt to put their own boots on the ground, instead, covertly, as is now the case, continues to disguise themselves, as spies and combatants in Ukrainian uniforms, and press forward the war despite whatever the required losses to however many men, women, children and old ones in the nation of Ukraine and, eventually, entire world of nations themselves.

Meanwhile, while the whole of the Western world continues to do everything in their collective power to sabotage, undercut and erode Russia’s ability to existentially survive, Russia continues to proceed with its original Strategic Military Operation (SMO) to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. The Russian Bear, in the face of it all, continuing to do what it must: steadily building up its war materials; massing hundreds of thousand fresh, well-trained troops in key staging areas; patiently awaiting the same harsh, brutal winter conditions that once suited the age-old successful war tactics of the Mongol’s who came before the Russian’s; while the Russians also prepare to use the same winter war tactics they used to ultimately destroy Hitler’s Nazi German menace on the Eastern Front during WWII, and, in the process; it should be so noted in passing, ultimately ‘saved the bacon’ of the Western World from some dreadful unknown fate.


But ponder, for a moment, what is really behind so much of the current front-page silence in the West’s corporate mainstream press that doesn’t ever reveal the underlying truths behind the actual, long-standing, unresolved insane hatred that, in the first place, once drove the repugnant hostilities between the West and East in ancient history, as much as it did during WW I & II, and now continues to do so in this war.

Or what also continues to go unreported in the Western corporate press about the actual horribly-large, unaccounted numbers of young Ukrainian and Russian soldiers and citizenry who in 2022, and now in 2023, continue to be turned into ground-up hamburger by yet ever more heinous, sophisticated withering, field artillery-drones-missile barrages and anti-aircraft, air-defense missile systems, supplied by so-called ‘peaceful’ Western countries like Canada and others. Or the once again, unaccounted for, grizzly bodies of so many young brave warriors, like their counterparts in WWI & WWII, who simply once again are being unceremoniously left buried in the trenches where they lay, or quickly disposed of, without any pomp or circumstance, in unconsecrated, desultory plots of earth somewhere. It’s scandalous!

By 1939, the world already was well-aware of the historical realities that had long-fueled all the hatred in that part of the world between the Germanic-Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe, and especially now between the English, French, Germans, Canadians and Americans in particular, and the Russians in Ukraine.

Consider the upshot of all those ‘old tapes’, that, since WWII have been perpetually stuck on ‘replay mode’, especially among corporate American and Western Capitalists and their military counterparts, as well as their Ukrainian counterparts, especially among the followers of Stephan Bandera, who, for many of the same reasons, still hate the Russian ‘Moskali’ Communists, as much as they ever did.

They forever remain in denial of the actual fact, that if the Russians hadn’t defeated the Nazi essentially single-handedly on the Eastern Front, at the cost of tens of millions of their own soldiers and citizenry, the Americans and its Western Allies, likely wouldn’t have won the war and the world would be a very different place than it now is.

While the Russian Communists still hate the American Capitalists for being so ungrateful, ever since, for the way the Americans and its Western allies, consistently, have thrown back in the Russian’s face the precious gift of survival they once gave to the so-called ‘free’ world. The West instead seeking at every turn to destroy the communist political-economic system, while constantly searching for ways to overthrow, depose or diminish both Russia’s and China’s socialist leadership and their influence among the world’s nations.

Then there is the long-standing hatred still felt by the Ukrainian people towards the Russians for Stalin’s infamous genocidal murders throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s of 6-7 million of their people, that some historians say, all toll, is more like 20-60 million due to Stalin’s: forced famine; massacres, forced labor and gulag imprisonment system.

The thing about “Hatred”, as one of the dominant traits of human beings, along with Greed, Hypocrisy, Corruption and Fascism, is the reality that all these seminal emotions, never go away and only forever fester in the human mind, heart and soul unless and until they, once and for all, are properly lanced or exorcised.

Perhaps that’s why the Western corporate media’s constant manipulations of these emotions, and what it deems to be ‘truths’ or ‘lies’ in this on-going war, is such a scary premise to ponder. Especially when, if the human race somehow can ever hope to evolve into something much more advanced beyond its present dismal stage. All the still unresolved pain and anguish that exists within the human spirit must somehow be purged in non-violent ways other than by war, and certainly not by a Nuclear Armageddon that begins in Ukraine.


The Polish-made film “Hatred”, was created in 1939 when all this pent-up rage and hatred between the Fascists, Communists and Nazi was still so raw and seething. It speaks, more succinctly and poignantly than can this writer, who basically considers himself just another “Joe Schmo from Idaho. Watta I no!”, when it comes to suggesting what, ultimately, must be done to resolve all the pain and torment – the utter mess – humanity continues to make of their species, the Earth’s precious Biodiversity and the dignity of life itself.

Especially now, when after almost seventy-five years since they all were last locked in mortal combat together in their life-and-death struggle in that part of the world, they’ve once again returned —déjà vu– to their original crime scene; intent, perhaps, this time, to, once and for all, finish each other off, one way or the other; or instead, this time, finally decide it’s time to try to peacefully evolve together, symbiotically, as the Creator originally still intends them to do.

The reader is encouraged to watch the Polish film and decide for themself what the ultimate answer may be to overcome humanity’s violence and hatred that fuels the war in Ukraine.


The late Doctor Martin Luther King Jr once offered, as one simple, basic starting point that can lead to a possible solution, when he wrote in, A Testament of Hope: “Returning violence for violence only multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

To date, Humanity hasn’t yet succeeded in translating King’s suggested level of love for one’s fellow humans or non-humans to prevent so much planetary violence, death and destruction from continuing. Yet, when all is said and done, the Creator Still Has a Master Plan.

Jerome Irwin is a freelance writer-activist who, for decades has sought to call world attention to problems of sustainability, excessive corporate-development and the resulting horrors of such everyday realities like: traffic gridlock, loss of single family neighbourhoods and; host of related environmental-ecological-spiritual issues and concerns that exist between the conflicting philosophies and world views of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.


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