Homo sapiens extinction?

statue of liberty global warming

Our near term future:

Over the next 50/100/200 years Biosphere temperatures will rise. This will lead to a rise in Ocean waters. Human survival will be limited to habitable planetary niche areas.

Our long term future:

Temperature rise in the Biosphere of Planet Earth will adversely effect much of Planetary life. Corrective actions by Homo sapiens will be inadequate. A repeat of a Methane Hydrate (CH4) Permian-Triassic feedback loop destroying almost all life is a possibility.



We are at a Biosphere break point.

It may bring on the end to Human life on the Planet.

It is of our own making.

Our Anthropomorphic Brain Cage, once our strength, is now about to become our self executioner.

Over our evolution that Brain Cage strength worked to our advantage. As we multiplied and spread throughout the Planet, it empowered us to dominate its Biosphere.

Now, as in the past, our Anthropomorphic Brain Cage is telling us that we are dominant; we are invincible.

We can not understand that the Biosphere is not now and never was under our control.

We can not understand that we we are not dominant; we are not invincible.

We can not understand that are facing extinction.




X  Quote from above:

“Over the next 50/100/200 years Biosphere temperatures will rise.This will lead to a rise in Ocean waters. Human survival will be limited to habitable planetary niche areas.”


Will this prompt a wake-up-call that will force humanity to address the issue of Homo sapiens survival?


Can there then be world-wide agreement as to the cause being the anthropomorphic self destructive Opposing Force Field underlying our collective unconscious?

(This Opposing Force Field  is the negative force that through the centuries has been driving our deeply flawed self destructive human behavior; now in this New Age continuing to be the cause of societal dysfunctionality – and a threat to our survival.)

X The following historical observations illustrate an early awareness of this dysfunctionality :


In Egypt 1250 B.C.E. “weighing of the feather”

In Judaism Jeremiah 605-536 B.C.E. recognition the “dark deceitful wicked side”

In Judaism then/nowYom Kippur removal of past year’s sin    

In Christianity crucifixion of Jesus the “lamb of God” for removal of sin beyond Yom Kippur’s only past sin limitation

Same level of good/bad introspection in all Eastern religions


X Past – and continuing – awareness of our “dark side” gives us some hope that humans can overcome This Opposing Force Field and bring forward a form of societal change that will satisfy the necessary requirements for survival.

X It will require unified human behavior brought about by world governance in the form of a reformation within all nations under what is here defined as The Global Forum.

X To succeed The Global Forum will need to have broad powers to bring about change: political social economic governmental judicial military educational.

X Final decisions as to enforcement and incarceration and even death will be under the control of The Global Forum.

X The Global Forum will be led by a group of individuals having common outlook and values in opposition to those under the control of the discordant elements of the Opposing Force Field. It will be limited to a small number with backgrounds; economic, political, religious, military, academic, and other; each individual having held the highest position in national and/or global authority. (qualification similar to today’s Secretary General U.N.) Tenure will be 10 years.

X Advising The Global Forum will be a select group of individuals who will conduct ongoing psychological study of that part of the Homo sapiens brain function that is the underlying cause of the predicament. They will have the power to comment on all candidates for inclusion in the above.Tenure will be 10 years.

X Elements in the Opposing Force Field that do not further a symbiotic reciprocal relationship between the planet and all life and non life on it – defined as being discordant – will be removed from the societal Web of human consciousness.

X Removal will consist of identifying those individuals with genetic eukaryotic neurotic psychotic disorders who are under the control of the Opposing Force Field and as such are a threat to continuance of life and non life on the planet.

X To the extent possible, those so identified will be incarcerated and placed in reeducation facilities.They will be released only after it is determined they are fit to reenter society.

X When it is determined that they will continue to be the cause of death to others in the reeducation facilities and elsewhere their lives will be terminated.

X Rational thought will then prevail and bring about human activity on Planet earth that can assure for all forms of life and non life continuation by way of a self-sustaining integrative planetary interrelationship.

X Non Global Forum military and police action will be prohibited.

X The Global Forum will ban all societal media and other communication of deceitful wicked thought. (examples; Lies, Fake Distorted News, corrosive Bernays style Advertising)

X All global emissions will be monitored and screened by The Global Forum for their safety and sustainability in terms of impact on the Biosphere. The same for elements extracted from the earth and oceans. The concept of a “circular economy” will be the objective.

X The Global Forum will identify the geographic niche areas of the planet where there can be a continuance of life; human and other, each life form able to survive in is own geographic niche.

X Ability of human and other life forms to symbiotically coexist on the remaining habitable geographic niche areas of Planet earth will be an objective.

X Non human geographically defined land and water areas will be designated Natural Habitat for plant and other life and protected by way of elimination of human habitation and exploitation.

X Ecocide by humans (damage to Natural Habitat) will be defined a crime with individual penalty under an expanded jurisdiction of a Criminal Court (ICC) such as the one now in the Hague.


X Activity by humans harmful to other Humans and to the Planet will be defined and written into global law with penalty based on harm done or to be done.

X Ethical rules for other life under the control of humans will be defined and written into global law.

X There will be a realization of the population size/Planet earth ideal equation. Our numerical size must be in consort with Planet earth resources. That “ideal” could be 1 billion or less.

(Global human population has increased from about 800 thousand in 4000 BCE to 300 million during the Roman Empire Period to one billion in 1800 to I.6 billion in 1900 to 6 billion in 2000 to 8 billion today.)

X There will be a revised global Capital Market system. All pricing will be ecologically adjusted by way of global “Eco Taxation”.


X Corporate liability will extend to management and principal share holders regardless of residence.

X Earnings and Inheritance will be taxed in such a way as to be considered fair bottom to top regardless of residence. (same standards as seen in early European Social Democracies)

X Each and every individual will be mentored and trained to be able to participate skillfully economically within the system, to become what that person can become.

X There will be methods human birth control designed to constrain genetic eukaryotic neurotic psychotic disorders; also in order to achieve desired genetic outcome, chemical and surgical procedures, selective sperm egg transplantation and abortion. All will assure “ideal” population health, mental capacity and an “ideal” population size consistent with human planetary sustainability. As stated above; that “ideal” population size could be 1 billion or less.

X Medical care will be a human “Right”.

X Those born mentally/physically/genomically unfit to enter society will be institutionalized with proper care.

(3% / 5% of all new births today suffer from physical or mental retardation.)




Overcoming the Threat to Our Future: A Book About the Existential Threat to Our Evolutionary Future, a Book That Explains How We Can Overcome That Threat 






David Anderson is a political commentator


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