February, the month

of love, is now coloured

by incarnadined cries

from battlegrounds.


Irrawaddy has turned red.

Dneiper weeps ashes and blood.

Yet, red roses will distribute love

bought in supermarket splendour.


Bombings in Beirut, Peshawar.

Ring the bells for love till bombs

are incapacitated to hate.

This February, ring the bells.


Lay red roses on graves

where sunflowers bloomed.

Lay red roses where shootings

killed innocents. Weep. Weep.


Weep for unspent lives that

fell to violent massacred deaths.

The colour red, colour of love,

colour of blood, lies scattered.


Is that a red petal or a white

spattered by the blood of a young

life that lies quietly on the other

side? The tiny feet will not


patter anymore. Red is the

colour of roses. Red is the

colour of love. Lay roses for

those forced to depart untimely…


Lay roses…Shed tears…

Share compassion, kindness

and love, empathy for loss of lives,

love, freedom, peace … Lay red roses

Mitali Chakravarty founded the, which has just brought out its first hardcopy anthology, Monalisa No Longer Smiles: An Anthology of Writings from across the World.

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