Thousands Of Czechs Protest Price Rises And Military Aid To Ukraine

prague protest ukraine

People take part in an anti-governmental demonstration in Prague on March 11, 2023. Photograph:(AFP)

In an anti-government demonstration on Saturday, thousands of Czechs joined protest march in Prague. Protesters decried falling living standards and rising prices, and their government’s continued military support of Ukraine.

Media reports said:

Organized by the right-wing Law, Respect, Expertise party (PRO), the rally saw demonstrators wave Czech flags and placards demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s government. The current Czech cabinet has been criticized for its perceived failure to tackle the issues posed by rising inflation.

Addressing the crowd, PRO leader Jindrich Rajchl vowed: “We will do everything in our power to make sure that this government’s national catastrophe of Petr Fiala ends as soon as possible.”

The politician added that the country deserves a new government that would “put the interests of the citizens of the Czech Republic first.”

Other speakers at the rally included at least one serving and one retired senator, as well as a lawyer and a film director.

Concluding the protest, Rajchl warned that unless the government steps down by April 10, there will be another demonstration next month, with participants blocking government buildings.

After Saturday’s event came to an end, a group of protesters marched toward the National Museum, where they chanted for the Ukrainian flag to be removed from its facade. According to a police spokesperson, several dozen people tried to force their way into the building, which resulted in scuffles with officers. Local media reported that 18 arrests were made, while two policemen were injured.

Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan condemned the protesters’ behavior.

Canadian Communists Ask Ottawa To Withdraw From NATO, Reduce Military Spending

Another media report said:

The leader of the Communist Party of Canada Elizabeth Rawley called on the Federal Government to reduce its military spending by 75%, withdraw from NATO, and achieve a peaceful settlement to the conflict in Ukraine.

“We call on the government and on parliament to act now cut the military budget by 75%, withdraw from NATO and call for a peaceful political settlement to the war in Ukraine,” Rawley said during a press conference from Parliament Hill.

The Communist Party of Canada held a presser in response to a meeting on Thursday of a parliamentary subcommittee with CEOs from three major Canadian grocery chains, questioned over the “skyrocketing” prices of food.

Rawley also criticized major companies for making major financial gains in times of crisis, and the government for not protecting consumers.

Other calls included asking for a freeze of food, fuel and rent prices as well as interest rates. She also asked for Ottawa to rise wages and pensions, and enact a guaranteed livable income.

Created in 1921, the Communist Party of Canada is the second oldest active and recognized political organisation in the country. It does not currently hold any parliamentary representation.

Greek Peace Committee Calls For Protest Against U.S. Aircraft Carrier’s Port Visit in Crete

Other media reports said:

The Peace Committee of Chania on the Greek island of Crete, which hosts the largest natural port of the Mediterranean, called for a rally on Saturday to protest a visit by a U.S. aircraft carrier, media said.

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush and its crew of over 6,000 returned to the Souda Bay in the Chania municipality on Friday for the second time in less than six months.

The Peace Committee said the arrival of thousands of American sailors for a shore leave came at the worst possible time, according to Greece is still reeling from last week’s train crash, which left 57 people dead and dozens injured.

“Less than 24 hours has passed since they came here and the first incidents [of public disturbance] have already been reported,” the committee said, citing several brawls and assaults on the locals that involved drunk sailors.

The carrier has been operating in the Mediterranean since August. Capt. Dave Pollard, commanding officer at the USS George H.W. Bush, said the sailors were taking their time off to experience Greek culture.

“As ambassadors of our country, we plan to only continue our outstanding reputation of being respectful guests in the beautiful region around Souda Bay… These warriors understand the importance of representing the United States in our allied nations,” Pollard said.


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