Call For A Radically Different Relationship – Homo Sapiens / Planet Earth 

Albert Einstein told us that we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.We now have an existential problem that our thinking has created; Biosphere change leading to the possibility of Homo sapiens extinction.What part of our thinking created the problem? What part of our thinking needs to change?



First we need to answer these questions: When did our Biosphere co-relationship originate? When did it then become what it is today? Why is it now an existential problem? What is it in our thinking now that is accelerating the problem? What is it in our thinking now that is moving us away from a solution?

Scientists are telling us that over the 3/2 million year period of our evolutionary development our Biosphere thinking came about by way of the transformative role of eukaryotic cell evolution and DNA sequencing as it all played out in meeting our early survival  challenges. That evolutionary development was what we would call today codependent and positive.

Now we are confronted with a New Age challenge, one that began 10/15 thousand years ago in Egypt and the Levant when we moved into the bronze/iron/agricultural Age.

Before we moved into our New Age, we and Nature were ONE. Nature and GOD were  ONE. Then with our New Age transition GOD moved from the earth dimension up to the Heaven dimension. We were down here, GOD was up there. (for some: many GODS)  We were left alone on the planet.

That gave us what we thought was our ultimate freedom. But there was something missing in the GOD up there disconnect. The Planet now was ours to do with as we wanted. What we did not understand and do not now is that we had turned our back on GOD. We had turned our back on Nature. We had turned our back on the planet.

This left us unable to envision the possibility that we were living in contradiction to both the Planet and Nature – and GOD.

The result now in this Age: extinction signs for Homo sapiens from world-wide resource depletion, rising Biosphere temperatures, monster storms, forest fires – and these signs just scratch the surface.

Yet except for many scientists and some other interested parties, among the general public there is only limited interest.

Why is this so? The answer: Our hominid thinking is telling us not to be afraid. Our hominid thinking is telling us to have patience. Our hominid thinking is telling us the problem will be solved. Our hominid thinking is allowing us only to see what we want to see. Our hominid thinking is telling us only to hear what we want to hear. Our hominid thinking is telling us only to understand what we want to understand. And as for the thought of extinction, our hominid thinking only allows us to visualize extinction as were those extinctions in the past; from a random meteorite/asteroid or other such occurrence.

And for some: Their hominid thinking is telling them that their GOD will take care of it.

How could all this be happening to the most intelligent primate on this planet?

The evidence is clear. The thinking we developed over our evolutionary history is the cause. It will not allow us to understand what is happening.

As we evolved, we destroyed all other life in our path. Our numbers however were small so our impact on the planet was small. Then with the bronze/iron/agricultural age we accelerated this destruction to include non life. Again our numbers were small so our impact on the planet was small. Then, with the Industrial Revolution (At the beginning we numbered about 700 million – now about eight billion plus) we accelerated the pace; pillaging all life and non life, burning all of the coal, oil and gas we could find; thereby releasing enormous amounts of CO2 into the biosphere.

As all of this was taking place, our impact on the planet became no longer small. And to make matters worse, we began destroying our forests and in doing so limiting the amount of CO2 being absorbed back. The result: Carbon dioxide levels today are beyond what they were 3/5 million years ago; well before our evolutionary beginnings. And they continue to rise with worrisome effect. And the heat produced is causing far more potent Methane (CH4) to bubble up in the warming Arctic. By way of a feedback loop, CH4 there could in just a few years exponentially increase global warming. We were warned of this in a 2012 World Bank report that pointed to the possibly of Arctic methane release causing a deadly repeat of an event like that of the Permian Triassic Extinction when by way of very high global temperatures almost all life on the planet was destroyed.

How can we be so naïve? Why are so many of us so blinded to this oncoming reality? The answer can be found in our biological/neurological evolution. We have a neurotic/psychotic cranial defect that now in this new Age is about to spell our end.

So here is the question for our new “Anthropogenic Age”: How deeply implanted is this deficiency in our DNA eukaryotic chromosomic brains?

And now to the big question:

Can we change? Do we psychologically neurologically have the ability by means of some sort of “Transformational Experience” to overcome our thinking imperfection and replace it with a new form of synchronous thought and behavior that can establish for Homo sapiens coexistent unity and inter active equilibrium with all life and nonlife on the planet?

And then the even bigger question: If not, what then?



Climate Code Red Analysis and Sea Level Warnings

Climate Change — Robert Hunziker — 25/02/2023


“Of equal concern: Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, founding director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research:”

If the [climate system] tipping elements interact and cascades develop, then the heating could become independent {i.e. self-sustaining] at 2°C.} Whether that is the case is perhaps the most important question of science right now because it would mean the end of our civilization.”


Methane Hydrate Feedback Loop Challenge

A 500 ppm concentration would most likely warm the planet by 3 to 4 degrees C (5.4 to 7.2 degrees F). The permafrost under the Arctic tundra, already softening would generally melt greatly enhancing the greenhouse effect …. Less obvious but potentially a greater cause for concern than gasses within the Arctic tundra is the enormous accumulation of methane deep within the sea.…. With continued warming, the sea may give up in a geological blink the accumulation of millions of years of carbon sequestration. Destabilizing the massive accumulation of methane hydrates could trigger undersea landslides that in turn could set off tsunamis on a grand scale.”

Earle, Sylvia A. The World Is Blue How Our Fate and The Ocean’s Are One

National Geographic Society,  2010.  pp 169,170

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