WWII & Holocaust Could Never Have Happened Without American Corporations Investing & Joint Venturing with Hitler’s Poor Nazi Germany – Chapter 16

 Recapitulation and synopsis of a mega murderous double dealing racket of war that engendered the post war American genocidal neocolonial world hegemony 


The CIA overseen corporate media conglomerates of the Western World Powers [230C] have not only falsified a USA-UK victory over Nazi Germany, but have given the world a false picture of an initially powerless criminally insane Adolph Hitler as himself having had the power to initiate the Second World War. Hitler was only a tool for war intentionally empowered by the heavy investments and joint venturing of American capitalists and the foreign policies of the US, Britain and France.

Criminally Insane Adolph Hitler Was Initially Powerless Outside of Germany

Wealthy Americans industrialists and bankers in violation of the Versailles Treaty’s mandatory prohibition of German rearmament, invested, collaborated and joint-ventured to build up the Nazi war machine of an obviously criminally insane Adolph Hitler, who had promised to invade Russia in his Main Kampf. [230D]Hitler obliged with a monstrously enormous invasion of the Soviet Union, but one month before Hitler has Germany declare war on the United States, while Nazi armies are still devastating much of European Russia, the Americans turn around and begin to send Lean Lease aid to the same Soviet Union they earlier wished to see destroyed.  They did so in order to have its Red Army do the fighting and dying that would save the lives of US soldiers from having to do so.

All War Crimes Committed Made Possible by the Rearming of Germany

All the monstrous beyond description inhuman Nazi German crimes, the crimes that have been attributed to Stalin and those committed by the US and Britain in fire bombing civilians in German and Japanese cities, happened during the world war that was made possible by the enthusiastic rearming of an insanely dangerous Nazi Germany.  This was done to protect and continue invested capital rule over most of humanity by the unjustly wealthy in the Western colonial empires then threatened by the economic calamity of the Great Depression that had been created by their own financial malfeasance. The true source of the Second World War was American industrial might empowering a rabid Adolf Hitler and his Nazi thugs in what had been a disarmed Germany. Hitler’s strident call for Germany to expand into the Soviet Union was silently or tacitly approved as was much of Hitler’s rabid condemnation of Jews by American investing and joint venturing in Nazi Germany,

When we recall films and photos of skies filled with warplanes, of seas filled with warships and of thousands of tanks engaged in deadly conflict on land bringing death, destruction and misery to hundreds of innocent millions, we best remember that a lot of upper class people in business suits were elatedly counting their enormous blood-soaked profits from investments in the manufacture of weapons, munitions, uniforms, and coffins.

The rearming of Germany made possible Hitler’s invasions of twenty-two countries and brought world war to Asia, for Japan would not have dared to attack and declare war on the United States of America without it being able to count on an alliance with an awesomely powerful rearmed Nazi Germany, plus Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Albania, which all declared war on the USA immediately after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. As already mentioned, the Second World War and the Holocaust, which made the rich speculators of Wall Street owned America the sole world superpower, is estimated to have taken the lives of 70 to 85 million men, women and children. Within this total were the 28 million citizens of the Soviet Union, which had been the obvious target in the rearming of Germany of a consensus among the wealthiest American and European capitalists. A further plus for Wall Street was the outcome that left half the cities of Wall Street’s designated archenemy, socialist model USSR, lying in ruins.

The beyond imagination great multi-nation genocide that included the Holocaust must be laid at the feet of wealthy profit scheming speculative investors in war headquartered mostly in lower Manhattan, New York City.

Investing in war is a pattern that runs through American and European history.

Heavy investments in World War One were a determining factor in the US entry militarily as ascertained by the investigations of the US Senate’s Nye Committee.[231] Right after that world war, two US armies invaded a young Soviet Russia, and fourteen years before before that war, a US army sacked the Chinese capital at the same time American troops were bring death to a million Filipinos fighting for their independence. The desire to invest in a Spanish-American war has to have been behind the Hearst Newspaper chain’s led cry for US armed intervention. The profitability of investments in war have been behind all the earlier military conflagrations of the American nation, the actual decisions of US officials reflecting this powerful economic, apparent necessity, for investment in war. The powerful attraction of investment in the conquering of the land of the Filipinos, of Mexican land, of the the lands of the Native American nations and the wars needed to obtain the slave labor of Africans represent something similar to an infinitely available line of war credit that had run through the whole of the two and half centuries of the American white racist colonial capitalist experience. The conquering wars of European financial backed mercantile imperialism throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas preceded the American entry into the industrial and financial colonial imperialism eras. Investing in war was a permanent feature of colonial capitalism centuries before the massive investing in, and joint venturing with, Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany.


War profitability much enhanced by the magnum windfall of profits from the US arming of Adolph Hitler’s Wehrmacht, drove the post WW II wars against independence movements in the colonies to protect White racist colonial capitalist investment’s plundering hegemony from liberation or even modest revolutionary socialist reform, while nominal forms of token physical independence were granted.

The five centuries of European colonial capitalist wars on majority non-caucasian humanity and intra European wars culminated in two world wars.  In our post WW II era, the CIA overseen monopolized Western media [230A] has molded us into a world habituated to Anglo-American or American-NATO permanent war of largely genocidal military interventions, the UN Nuremberg Principles laws notwithstanding. Many post Second World War independence movements in the colonies experienced colonial powers fomented civil wars that would end, with few exceptions, with real independence denied, and a government subservient to the interests of investors within the formerly occupying empires.[231A] One of these many brutal colonial power fomented, often genocidal, civil wars was insidiously arranged in the British Empire’s Mandate (read colony) Palestine mercilessly using survivors of the Holocaust, who were cruelly denied refugee status for resettlement in America’s vast open spaces, their keenly desired first preference

End Notes Chapter Sixteen

230C. “Worldwide Propaganda Network Built by the C.I.A”, New York Times 12/26/1977,  https://www.nytimes.com/1977/12/26/archives/worldwide-propaganda-network-built-by-the-cia-a-worldwide-network.html

230D. Hitler in Mein Kampf called for German expansion to land in the Slavic East and wrote of the history of land boundaries fought for with sacrifice and ‘the sword.’

  1. The Nye Committee, officially known as the Special Committee on Investigation of the Munitions Industry, was a United States Senate committee (April 12, 1934 – February 24, 1936), chaired by U.S. Senator Gerald Nye (R-ND). The committee investigated the financial and banking interests that underlay the United States’ involvement in World War I and the operations and profits of the industrial and commercial firms supplying munitions to the Allies and to the United States. Stuart D. Brandes, Warhogs: A History of War Profits in America(2015) pp 210=225

231A. Noam Chomsky “On the Long History of US Meddling in Foreign Elections,” Noam Chomsky interviewed by C.J. Polychroniou, January 19, 2017, Truthout, https://chomsky.info/20170119/

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