Take This Red Pill If You Dare Or Stay Controlled :

Transgender people have existed since at least The Middle Ages in Europe according to early records of the printing press. Yes, even prior to Monty Python.

Hermaphroditus was acknowledged as being male and female and beautiful in ancient Greek civilization thousands of years before your great grandparents were born, back when they made myths out of what was experienced in life.

Creation, including the many animals, plants, and various other living beings big or microscopic, has a multitude of ways of having sex no matter how you personally choose/were taught to see our miraculous existence on Earth.

Before the Europeans arrived the Indigenous of the Americas saw “Two-Spirit folks… as gifted and honoured in their community”.

Today’s infernal fury and indoctrinated dismissal of humans born on a different spot than the majority along the sacred spectrum of sexuality is nothing new but just as mistaken as other hysterical hatreds and manufactured fears throughout history.

People are being triggered with exaggerated horror stories involving the young and it’s working. Are you convinced that a lot of children are being groomed by liberal politicians, teachers, social workers, entertainers, and medical hucksters into undergoing gender altering surgery? That is simply not true, anywhere. The latest righteous rage, phalloplasty, is not performed on minors anywhere unless they’ve been grievously wounded like many a soldier.

Understandably, it can be quite unsettling that in this day and age a prepubescent minor could be recognized as being different in public school among classmates and education workers without a parent knowing of the change in a young person’s preferred name or pronoun which begs the question why a child would not be comfortable sharing this important information with Mom and Dad or other caregiver at home. As a father, uncle, and former rugrat I know it’s true that kids go through phases that often fade away but some of those ways of being are meant to stick around for one’s character in an incredible and difficult journey.

Are you pretty much the same person you’ve always been even if you now wear prescription glasses or had vision correction surgery? Are other people’s private parts a major problem we should be concerned about right now? Does it matter what someone thinks of themselves or is that decided by you?

In Canada a very, very small number of individuals going through puberty are deciding on gradual or permanent transgender medical procedures they strongly believe are necessary for their well-being that in almost all cases also Require The Approval Of Parent(s) With Recognized Guardianship. Is this debatable? Sure, especially if you think a teen cannot choose a medical procedure sanctioned by doctors that goes against the wishes of their parent(s); keeping in mind that even in these modern times some see a life-saving blood transfusion as evil.

Yes, sometimes mistakes happen and things can go terribly wrong. This can be said way more often about adolescents getting a license to drive a car or shoot a gun. In reality there is risk in everything. Accepting that is a part of growing up. Reducing the chances of serious harm is part of being a good caregiver or society.

I know this can be an extremely difficult subject to get your head and heart around but so many of the arguments and personal feelings against recognizing the rights of trans youth mirror the regurgitated ridicule and constant dehumanization shown towards transgender grownups whose sexuality and right to exist is just as real as anyone else’s even if they are not as mainstream as the mean. While I agree there should be separate categories for the trans participating in sport there is no demonic plot by The Woke or so called “Globalists” to ruin our children (though capitalism and greed are destined by design to ruin the biodiversity of their planet).

Once again we are being played by fascist fxcks, the real ones who want to get enough approval thru furious fables to justify the assault and elimination of others in the name of some deluded higher ground.

Please, at the very least, consider the values of Jesus Christ and try not to bully. Love thy neighbour as thyself.

Mark Kirkwood Callingham is an empty nester who works for a homeless shelter in downtown Ottawa. He’s also the founder of Project for a New Economic Century, a plan for the co-creation of money with morals.

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