Israel desecrates cemetery in Khan Younis

Khan younis cemetery

The Israeli army continues to chase civilians in Gaza even after they die and buried deep into the ground ready to make their maker. The process is no-stop with no pause.

Their latest mayhem has been the bulldozing of a cemetery at the back of the Naser Hospital in Khan Younis. After the withdrawal of Israeli soldiers they bulldozed the cemetery with no compunction and dug up many graves, further mutilating the different bodies who were laid to rest.

The media and social media have covered the latest destruction at length with images and videos but the Israelis are usually careless about such things.

“Why desecrate a cemetery and dig up the graves,” one Gazan man asks. “What did the dead do to the Israelis” he continues incredulously.

The cemetery is in the Austrian neighborhood west of the city and is adjacent to the Jordan Field Hospital that was hit during the Israeli abusive action of its many graveyards. 

The Israeli actions show their systematic desecration for prior to the bulldozers Israeli warplanes struck and missiles the military. They paved the way for the bulldozers which started digging up the different graves. It’s pure vandalism as shown on TV satellite stations.

Eye witness reports say some of the graves were recent and suggest the Israelis took some of the bodies’ parts. This is not a first time affair they maintain. In this war on Gaza, the Israeli army has made it a point of digging up and desecrating Muslim cemeteries as a sign of vengeance as the only logical explanation. 

In December 2023 it dug up six cemeteries all at once. 

And then a statement released by the Gaza Government media office in early January 2024 suggested 1100 graves were dug up by Israeli bulldozers in the Tufah neighborhood in central Gaza through what is described as heinous acts and part of Israel’s military campaign of destruction of Gaza which killed so far over 24,000 people.

Marwan Asmar is a journalist from Jordan


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