India Can Play a Key Role in Ending the War in Gaza

Palestine Peace

War never changes. While political elites fight for influence and resources, civilians continue to die. Five months have passed since the beginning of a nightmare for the residents of the Gaza Strip, but everyone who pretended to play the main role in resolving the crisis showed their incompetence. Despite public statements against Israel’s war crimes, the United States continues to support it. Turkey, which actively tried to present itself as the main defender of Palestine, for once again has exposed its double standards. Ankara not only failed to achieve any significant results in reconciling Israel and Palestine, but also drew attention to its clear reluctance to influence its own allies in Central Asia, in particular Azerbaijan, which continues to supply Israel with energy resources which are so necessary for its war, including through the territory of Turkey. Such approaches not only serve to erode confidence in politicians’ promises, but also raise questions about states’ real intentions.

Under the current circumstances, India could assert itself as an influential geopolitical player capable of bringing the warring parties to the negotiating table. Firstly, Delhi has close ties to both the Palestinian and Israeli leaderships, and could act as a neutral platform and mediator in a political settlement of the conflict. Secondly, India has consistently supported the implementation of a two-state policy and, due to its neutral position on the world stage, can negotiate for peace both with countries supporting Israel and those who share the Palestinian point of view.

Even a little progress towards peace will have a positive impact on India’s status on the world stage, securing for it the title of peacemaker, and will also increase the country’s prestige in international organizations such as BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), which is now especially important given their rapid expansion.

Ranbir Naidu is a political commentator
[email protected]

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