A Resolve So Bold, A Cause So Pure

Columbia University student protest

Sons and daughters in faraway lands, give promise to justice, a resolve so bold,
White, black, and brown speak to power, in defiance, their unity refuses to fold,

Then, there are those, big and tall, selfish men, and women with a broken soul,
White, black, and brown, bigoted, and shy, to their masters is their loyalty sold,

Sons and daughters in faraway lands, to you I send my love, your bravery is gold,
White, black, and brown, serving truth, peace and justice, your story will be told,

Then, there are those, hungry for power and fame, while living the life of a troll
White, black, and brown, obediently prostrate in subservience as the drums roll

Sons and daughters in faraway lands, we owe you an apology, morality must uphold
White, black, and brown, leading the way, shining the light, on a journey to behold

Then, there are those, biased, rabid, and prejudiced who best fit the racist mold
White, black, and brown, united in hate, blow a trumpet, their ensemble exposed

Sons and daughters in faraway lands, lead the way, pave the path, hands they hold
White, black, and brown, have taken the side of the weak, pride we can’t withhold
Respect for a resolve so bold, a cause so pure, their pain untold, but the grit unsold

Samina Salim is Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacological & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Houston


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