Gaza And The Israeli Killer Instinct

The Israeli war on Gaza is moving full-blast ahead despite international pressure to have it stopped. The Israeli government is neither listening to the International Court of Justice nor to the World Criminal Court to end the bloody conflict on Gaza that long passed genocide and ethnic cleansing.

If anything, Israel is moving ahead with its military offensive in all of Gaza, beating, starving and massacring Palestinians from the south, middle and north of the enclave with more US-made bombs and missiles willingly given to Israel.

The Israeli army is in the middle of a protracted military campaign in Jabalia, Al Nazla, Biet Lahia, Tal Al Zaatar and Beit Hanoon. All they can do is destroy more houses of ordinary people and who in turn move to schools which are bombed by the Israelis. It’s a vicious cycle.

But Israelis soldiers are not being let off the hook easily. Together with their armory and tanks, they are facing stiff resistance from Palestinian fighters and their soldiers and tanks are being killed and destroyed by the day.  

To be noted is the fact that while the bombs are reigning down on Gaza, Israeli politicians pay lip service to mediation and the freeing of the Israeli hostages – now at 125 or so – but this might be to keep the Americans happy and keep the war going for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is only interested in a war momentum.

Following are different videos showing the extent of the deprivation Israeli soldiers are being reduced to in their slaughter on ordinary Palestinian civilians.

It’s a sick society. An Israeli soldier dangling a baby’s sock says “my hobby is to inhale 10 Palestinian baby’s socks a day after I kill them.” This soldier, which Israel should be proud, of was “neutralized” recently by the Palestinian resistance.

This is Israel’s “most moral army in the world” as termed by Netanyahu. Shocking footage captured by Israeli soldier/photographer Yoni Pasha shows the extent of the war crimes in Khan Younis committed by the Israeli army.

Pasha uploaded the footage, shot on 12, 20 February 2024, was uploaded on the social media. It shows the targeting and destruction of residential blocks, striking unarmed civilians and indiscriminately firing artillery shells on homes of ordinary people.

Israeli soldiers never learn. They will keep invading Palestinian homes, but for them, this is fatal. And so is the case with a unit from the Golani Brigade.

They recently entered one of the houses in Jabalia to no doubt, rest and take pictures from the bedrooms there as reported by Rozan Qabass Aal Salem, who is a Yemeni Jew.

An image of at least four soldiers shows them stretched out  and happy, but not for long. Little did they realize the house was bobbytrapped by Hamas fighters and moments later, it blew up burying the soldiers under the rubble, no doubt following the thousands – estimated at over 10,000 Palestinians – who continued to be immersed in the Gaza mother earth because of Israeli bombing.

The scale of destruction and debris has probably never been known by mankind especially, if you take the time period, the geographical space of Gaza which is around 364 kilometers.

In just 200 days – and now its 234 since the bloody war on the territory began – the Israeli military dropped 75,000 tons of explosives on the Gaza Strip. Besides turing 80 percent of the area into rubble and wreckage, the explosives equate to more than 37 nuclear bombs – a disaster for humanity being dragged by Israel on the brim purgatory and hell.

This should be seen as absolute madness by the moral West. The United States is a major conspirator in this war providing an air-and-sea bridge of weapons and mass weapons to fuel the war which so far killed over 35,000 people mostly women and children and injured over 80,000.  

The Israeli war on Gaza, although intense has not satisfied the “blood-thirst” of many Israelis according to one video posted. It shows the pledge of one claimed soldier to Netanyahu and says there are 100,000 soldiers who will not leave Gaza to Hamas, Fatah and or the Palestinian Authority of the West Bank.

The soldier makes a direct challenge to Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant and the Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi about their comments on the need to rethink the Gaza war the day after. Both men have said there must be new perspectives on Gaza.

The soldier talks of an impending military coup if Gallant and no doubt Halevi, put their full force behind Netanyahu which is to continue the war, invade Rafah and eradicate Hamas and the Palestinian resistance movement.

This is not happening despite the full military blast of the army. Yair Netanyahu, who is in Florida, and has been there for the duration of the war on its beaches, and no doubt avoiding military conscription, has posted the video-clip and then deleted it after pressure from the office of the Israeli prime minister, or so we are told.

Dr Marwan Asmar is an Amman-based writer covering Middle East Affairs

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