Gaza Slaughter: When Will Sense Prevail?

Is this true? Seven Israeli soldiers pose for a group photo wearing the dresses of Palestinian women which they probably either killed or forced them to flee. Since the war on Gaza last October, soldiers would invade these homes and try out their dresses, underwear, bras and more in sick humiliating paradigms of jokes that show a prevailing Israeli sick mind.

The images of these soldiers, who proudly continue to take selfies of themselves have long flooded the internet. So when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Israeli army is the most ‘moral’ one in the world, he is clearly deluding himself and won’t see what is in front of him.

This war have shown a sense of madness among the israeli military machine as one soldier says how proud he is for killing Palestinian children.

“If you show me your t*tties I won’t kill anymore Palestinian kids,” the soldier shouts in one of the video as if there is a dare element.  Videos have shown time and again they don’t care about what they are doing even if their military commanders, their politicians and the world knows.

Question: How can Israelis look at themselves after this war? Haaretz states that since this war began at least 10 Israeli soldiers committed suicide no doubt because of what they have done in this war that slaughtered over 35,000 people so far and injured over 80,000.

The video of the slain woman with her daughter tells of the stark Israeli atrocities. She was killed by an Israeli drone in central Gaza. The woman’s leg and arm were cut off. She was found by a Palestinian medical team after two days on the pavement. Appeals are being made if anyone knows of this woman and her daughter to go to the Baptist Hospital.

“It’s as if the soldier in the control room was taking delight in directing the drone on which parts of the body to shoot. Can you believe that?”

One should ask Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant: ‘Who are the real animals, women and children or the smiling Israeli soldiers taking selfies of themselves while committing acts of murder.”

But does Gallant have the real brain to think or is it just willful, determined, civilian murder? Or is it just keep killing in the hope that the Palestinian Question would end, go away and be trampled on.

Head of the Israeli National Council Tzachi Hanegbi has admitted Israeli defeat when he told the Knesset’s Security and Foreign Committee, last Wednesday, that: Israel has not achieved any of the strategic goals of the war on Gaza, hasn’t brought back the hostages, nor eradicated Hamas nor have allowed the Israelis surrounding the Gaza enclave to return to their homes.

But will Netanyahu relent on the killing fields? Will he be a man, sit at the table, negotiate and end one of the world’s most destructive wars.

Dr Asmar is an Amman-based writer covering Middle East affairs

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