Human civilization is in a real crisis!

Palestine Resistance Slingshot

I am disgusted by those who frame conflicts in a religious context, and even contribute to fuel them, whether through clear language or sometimes through cunning language. These people do not possess the minimum scientific reason to understand the simple fact that conflicts between religions or within the same religion are all conflicts that reflect material and worldly interests, regardless of the religious terms used to support the point of view of this or that group. In the present time, the conflict in Palestine, for instance, is a national liberation struggle against occupation, whether Marxists led it, as in the past, or Islamists who invest religion as a liberation theology. The Zionists’ use of religious expressions such as God’s chosen people is nothing but a cover for the occupation.

The inter-Islamic conflicts throughout history, from the very first day, were conflicts that reflected the interests of forces here and there, regardless of who believes who is right or not. But ultimately, they are worldly conflicts with a thick red line under this word. And so are the inter-Christian conflicts in Europe. The Protestants represented the rising bourgeois class in the face of the collapse of the feudal stage and the middle ages, meaning that they were ultimately worldly conflicts of interest. The Crusades, which many see as religious wars, were wars of interests, nothing more and nothing less, and the use of religious text to arouse enthusiasm among ordinary people.

 God is neutral and has nothing to do with human conflicts, and there is no relationship between God and all religious and non-religious conflicts, and employing that God is with this group or that is nothing more than ideological talk. It should be clear that all religious or non-religious theories are nothing more than theoretical frameworks that essentially express human material interests.

As for today, we can analyze the phenomenon of extremism in the light of the phenomenon of globalization and the phenomenon of the dominance of neoliberalism, which undermines identities in the face of a serious decline in leftist forces and a culture of accepting the other.

These are strong indicators that human civilization is in a genuine crisis and danger and that it is going through a difficult stage. Saving human civilization can only be done by mobilizing a historical mass, according to Antonio Gramsci, to clash with the forces that spread the culture of hatred and the culture of conflicts between humans. Based on Gramsci, it is necessary to mobilize a human mass of all races and religions to stop the culture of hatred. True liberation of humans is more than social and economic justice but to free humans from the ideological illusions and religious interpretations that promote hatred towards other humans.

Salim Nazzal  is a Palestinian Norwegian researcher, lecturer playwright and poet, wrote more than 17 books such as Perspectives on thought, culture and political sociology, in thought, culture and ideology, the road to Baghdad


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