Logical Hope to Save Democracy is only BSP

by Ajit Kumar Lenka and S. Noonia


Complexities mongering around electoral bond scheme got filtered out after facing stringent attitude of Supreme Court . Image came out very clearer as how much amount have been received by whom and what has been returned back against respective donations. All investigations are going on. In the course of these probes, what most significant disclosed out is emergence of BSP as most honest party amongst all political parties of India. Though, there are other smaller parties which did not receive any amount through electoral bonds but a national party like BSP has not received any amount from unknown sources. Whatever, small, received came from smaller sums of known sources. All other parties stand out to be exposed bare in the corruption of bonds quagmire.

In this regard, corruption by secret money obtained through unscrupulous sources is observed by BSP Supremo as the largest after corruption in defence deals . Funds raised through these electoral bonds primarily attempts to keep electoral process and politics away from public opinion and public Interest. It also reminds us about repercussions of being directed these funds into unethical actions, in the statement of Sahab Kanshiram – “Jahan Sahara, Vahan Ishara“. That’s why BSP maintained distance from money of the big corporates and consequently was able to work for the welfare of poor and oppressed people. BSP officially declared in letter to Election Commission that party has not received any amount through electoral bonds. Big corporates, having ‘paid-up capital’ greater than 100 crore, have funded 500 to 1000 crore to various parties. In this view, it is a impeccable occurrence that national party like BSP did not receive a single penny. Surprisingly, even smaller regional parties have obtained significant amount of money through electoral bonds.

BJP led government at centre launched electoral bond scheme to protect those donors who does not want to get their names exposed in public. Scheme maintains anonymity for this purpose. Electoral Bond is purchased from SBI office without declaring names. Scheme has completely abandoned transparency in political funding in contrast to its objective of combating the black money and corruption. Nation was deceived by propagating the idea that electoral bond is an instrument to eliminate black money from system. Rather it came out to be spectacular exemplification of corruption and black money became part and parcel of political system. In the wake of erupted controversy, Supreme Court has directed Election Commission of India to declare amount of funds received by different parties. BJP emerged out to be biggest beneficiary of these electoral bonds by grabbing 6500 crores. Names of donors have not been shared by SBI on account of its inability to compile data within stipulated time. SBI sought an extension of time period more than 4 months, which is enough to skip Lok Sabha election 2024. On this lax attitude, Supreme Court took Stern stance and ordered to submit names of donors. Following which SBI has submitted data to Election Commission of India. This was then classified on urgent basis. 94% of total donation through electoral bonds have not been disclosed yet by names of donors.

 BJP obtained 6500 crores, Congress secured 1952 crore and TMC, having limited presence in eastern state of West Bengal, received 1708 crore. Even smaller state parties like SP and TMC has scored extensively from this scheme. BRS, regional party, in which RSP has surrendered his all self respect along with his disillusioned swaero youngsters, is not behind anyone in staking claim on 1408 crore. What an irony reflected in media’s hypocrisy which consistently malign image of Behenji using terminology “Daulat Ki Beti”. While, BSP received only it’s accounted donation 600 crore through coupons, distributed by party to its supporters. It is the only financial source on which it has to depend for operationalising all its administrative functioning across the country. Moreover, this data is duly submitted to Election Commission of India in regular reports and return filing of income tax in abidance of its constitutional obligations. Striving to establish conformity about the fact that BSP has never received any sum from big Corporates through electoral bonds, this statement is perpetually and earnestly contended by Behenji as BSP is not run by money of “Dhanna-Seth and Poonjipati means big corporates and capitalists. Huge capital accumulated by TMC in comparison to miniscule amount of BSP undoubtedly debunks the misnomer of Daulat Ki Beti propagated by relentless media reporting about Behenji. A scant view on data extracts from electoral bond scheme blatantly exposed the harsh truth hidden behind simple living image of TMC chief Mamta Banerjee wearing Khadi Saree and slippers. Now, it is revealed crystal clear as who is Daulat Ki Beti.

Data and Research manifestly displays ” quid Pro quo” settlement between political parties and corporates. It means either parties have been made to promise specified benefits in return of their donations or corporates have been compelled to donate in return of clearing their dues in government projects, passing tenders, GST input tax credit issues, tax exemptions, reduction in corporate taxes. Even vaccine producer has donated to BJP. This scheme is not a fraudulent on political financing but a scam in Indian political economy. Basically scheme is designed to route the black money in party by extending special immunity to interest of donors. It’s procedure is operationalised by Complex pathway of channelizing the money via network of agents. This makes it very difficult to decipher out its underlying tenets. It needs investigation at larger scale to dig out the truth behind it. That probe can only be carried out by a party of national status which is not beneficiary of this scheme. In this filth of corruption and black money indebted political system, BSP is the only party  which has potential to form government at centre and bears courage to cleanse our dirt entrenched politic.

Answer to a very general question as to why social and economic conditions of oppressed poor is not improving for years of their hard work lies in the bankruptcy of our political system wherein if parties are run on money funded by big corporate, how could a government formed by funds of capitalists make policies in favour of poor and oppressed. Government in any democratic nation having welfare objectives are inherently entrusted with primary responsibility of safeguard the interest of poor working in industries which are fundamentally in contradiction to the interest of big Corporates. This is the same labour class which forms oppressed section of Indian society. Their emancipation rests with the growth and strength of only one party which has been carrying faith of these oppressed in its ideological framework by rejecting money from big corporates for the interests of oppressed majority.

S. Noonia working as an independent writer and working for Marginalized community.

Ajit Kumar Lenka worked an independent researcher and working with marginalized community.

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