Will BJP, Modi, accept defeat?

Narendra Modi 2
Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India

It is being discussed in social media and among people that whether Modi will remain in power even if BJP is defeated in the elections. Ex-Central minister Yashwant Sinha, while giving an interview to a channel, said that Modi will not leave the chair even if BJP doesn’t get the majority. If India alliance doesn’t get the majority BJP will be the single largest party and in that case, he will be called by the President and will be asked to form the government. Another senior editor Shravan Garg said that the corporate sector wants Modi so he will not relinquish the chair. Other points for doing so will be many charges of misdeed and corruption levelled against him.

Another factor concerns RSS. If we go to the years of the independence movement at that time also RSS tried to capture the power in Delhi. This fact is not discussed in the media as media is not separate from RSS, it is in fact part of it. 

In an article in the Caravan,, magazine New Delhi this was exposed by Dhirendra K. Jha. He writes, 

 “RSS role and its activities are needed to be fathomed.  RSS planned to kill Indian democracy even before Independence. A 1945 police report shows the RSS’s secret desire to capture political power. 

(DHIRENDRA K JHA 11 August, 2022) 

Another revelation is by Prof. Dr. K. L. Mahale who lived in Wardha and Amravati, near RSS headquarters Nagpur. He keenly studied RSS and wrote a book, ‘Manucha Masa’ : Rashtriya Swaymsewak Sangha. (Masa means fish in Marathi).

In that book he writes, 

“The Sangh had started internal talks in its congregation that the Sangh would soon take over power at Delhi.  While testifying before the Gandhi murder enquiry commission i. e. Kapoor Commission in 1969 some members of the Sangh admitted that the the RSS had conspired to seize power with the help of some institutions in the pre-Gandhi assassination period. Volunteers were told in the RSS circle to wait and let time come.

 * Sardar Patel had come to know that the RSS people had taken possession of some military materials.  But, Sardar Patel didn’t want to incur the wrath of the RSS.             

  He was informed by the government Secret Service in November 1947 that something terrible was about to happen.  But he did not take proper notice of it.  In December 1947, the Delhi Police Secret Service informed Patel that Golwalkar’s speech was held at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi. Alwar, Indore, Maharajas, Dr.  Gokuldas Narang and Seth Jugalkishore Birla were present. Golwalkar had urged the volunteers to increase their presence to a great extent and declared that his intention was to raise a King Shivaji-like guerilla war for the purpose. 

(Manucha Masa – Rashtriya Swaymsewak Sangharsh, p. 81,By Prof. K. L. Mahale, 1987 , Publisher : Lokwangmay Griha Pvt. Ltd. Sayani Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400025

Modi and RSS 

If it is surmised that Modi will not resign even if he is defeated. What is the role and will of the RSS? As pointed out earlier when RSS conspired right from the 40s to capture power and now will it not help Modi to retain the power? More than Modi it is the RSS which wanted to rule the country since then. Modi was nowhere then. So, the reality is that it is RSS which will not ask Modi not to leave the throne. RSS may change the person but not power. So, blaming Modi leaves RSS unblemished. RSS through Golwalkar said, many times that, “We – RSS Are owners of the country. (See – “Sangh (RSS) is not only the representative of Hindu Rashtra (Nation) but it is the form of Hindu Rashtra. That is why the entire land of India should be of RSS in the nation form .”

(Shri Guruji: Samagra Darshan, Part-1 Pa. 108)

Since the discussion is on whether Modi will relinquish power, thinking of RSS in this context is also Important. RSS is more powerful than any individual. So Modi is not a match for RSS. If RSS wants to make India a Hindu Nation this is the proper time. Its control over many governmental agencies is helpful to retain the power.

Nagesh Chaudhari is editor of Bahujan Sangharsh, from Nagpur. He has written books on RSS, Hindu Nationalism, caste system and recently his published book is ‘RSS, Caste System and Hindu Nation. (English)

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