The 31 Commandments Of Gaia

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 Deus sive Natura

1) Gaia is both a complex planetary ecological system and a Goddess. This may seem paradoxical even contradictory but it is not. It depends how you approach Gaia: scientifically or spiritually. The one does not exclude the other, they strengthen each other. Both are necessary for the future.

2) Gaia gave birth to you. To your mind. To your body. Contemplate this. Respect this. In respecting yourself you respect Gaia and others. The way of respect is the way of balance between Gaia yourself and community.

3) Neglect Gaia and you will fall into ruin. Take care of Gaia and she will take care of you. Hurt her she will hurt you. Kill her and you will both die. Change and cleansing is now necessary.

4) Do not think science is enough. It is now necessary but without love and awe Gaia cannot exist. And we cannot exit. Deep love and awe and respect are the three necessary elements for a renewal of both our planetary civilization and Nature.

5) Gaia is your true Mother. Learn to love her. Respect her always. She is the miracle, visible resplendent. Never forget this.

6) Would you smear someone else’s shit on your face? No? Then do not litter. KEEP GAIA’S FACE CLEAN!

7) If in the future Humanity is able to significantly extend our natural lifespan then having children will become problematic. Draconian laws will be necessary due to the limited carrying capacity of the Earth. One child per person. And, if necessary, a shortened lifespan for that person shall be enforced. Otherwise we will literally infest our planet with human bodies within a very short period of time

8) If in the distant future we encounter other civilizations less “advanced” than our own we should not interfere with their development UNLESS THAT DEVELOPMENT THREATENS THEIR OWN EXISTENCE AND THAT OF ALL LIVING BEINGS ON THEIR PLANET. This is in accordance to our highest moral law: PRESERVE THE TOTALITY OF LIFE WHENEVER POSSIBLE OTHERWISE DO NOT INTERFERE.

9) Attempt to consume moderate amounts of meat and diary products. Try to avoid processed foods, especially sugary ones. Fast occasionally.

10) Always be mindful that it took billions of years for you and the person sitting next to you to get here. This should inspire awe and respect.

11) When you hurt some entity, this just reveals your own weakness, inferiority, and ignorance. REDUCE PAIN WHENEVER POSSIBLE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

12) Love is rare. Kindness however can be made into a habit. The thought “how can I help” can transform a world. To be kind is to be strong. Cruelty is a mental sickness and should be treated as such.

13) Preserving all life is the highest commandment. Creating the right conditions for that is our ultimate purpose.

14) Knowledge is freedom.

15) Absolute power in the hands of one or a few people is detrimental to life unless truly drastic conditions require it

16) Free will probably does not exist. Therefore there should no longer be any prisons but only hospitals and rehabilitation centers. No one chooses to become a serial killer. They are sick and need help as do all so called “criminals”. Causality is neither good nor bad. Rather it must be understood.

17) Respect science but revere the Earth

18) Do not think of human beings in terms of particular categories. This is ultimately self defeating. A person is not “Austrian” “Lesbian” “Conservative” “Black”. This is ancient thinking. This is tribal thinking. A plant, animal, or human is quite simply and beautifully a “living entity that should be respected as you respect yourself”.

19) The fundamental philosophical thought behind the preservation of the totality of life is: that life is good. Everything flows out from this idea. If we think and believe its opposite then we will destroy all life. It is therefore the fundamental existential philosophical leap to make: LIFE IS WORTH LIVING THEREFORE WE MUST PRESERVE ALL LIFE AND CREATE THE NECESSARY CONDITIONS FOR ITS FLOURISHING.

20) Religion, Art, and philosophy are only as useful as they seek to both preserve life and aid its flourishing. Any other types of artistic/philosophical movements should be treated with extreme caution and should be vigorously fought against through a combination of reason, faith, and moral example.

21) Civilization’s values must change and quickly. We should no longer strive for the accumulation of material goods. Bigger houses, bigger cars, or bigger this or better that.  This is stone age thinking.  Rather we should ask ourselves: How can I live with less. How can I improve the environment even in a small way. What can I do to make the people in my life happier. What can I do to make Gaia healthier and even more beautiful? For if you deeply love Gaia, she will provide. Leave the fetishism of things behind, practice yoga, meditation awareness of what already IS, ESPECIALLY IN NATURE.

22) Our future civilizational goal should be to fall in love with nature in a knowledgeable philosophical way not just romantically. Science and Gaia: together.

23) Do you feel alone. Enter nature. Meditate observe. You will soon find that you are not; were not ever alone. Gaia is here. She is always waiting for you. Love her as she loves you. And you shall be liberated from your illusion of the lone self. Now go. Gaia is waiting for you.

24) Learn to observe Gaia not only with your eyes but with your mind and with your heart

25) Most, if not all, scientific research should be channeled into helping Gaia flourish and thrive. After Gaia has stabilized then, and only then, can we turn our attention to other scientific subjects.

26) Top priority should be given to carbon scrubbing,  nuclear and fusion technology. 

27) People should be encouraged to have no more than two children or at the most three

28) Schools should teach environmental ethics and the Gaia hypothesis at all grade levels. A deep sense of empathy should be developed at an early age for all life on this planet, including for the planet itself.

29) Settling on Mars is a noble and worthwhile goal but should not take precedence over healing the only habitable planet we have.

30) And finally learn to love life deeply. All life. The more deeply, the deeper your own life. Embrace Gaia. Change and help others change. For, at the moment, Gaia is dying. We are her only children and we are killing her. But we have the power to stop this right now. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. THERE IS NO MORE TIME TO LOSE. EITHER WE LOVE AND HELP GAIA NOW OR ELSE NEITHER OF US WILL EXIST.


These three commandments are applicable for all times, places, peoples, and civilizations (alien or otherwise). All else would be doom and destruction. Good luck my children. And: LONG LIVE GAIA!! LONG LIVE MOTHER EARTH!!

Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen’s “Studium Professionale” Program

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