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Covid 19 exposes the way we treat our teachers   

“Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition”, said Jacques Barzun. Rightly, did he point this out that ‘teaching’ is no more respected as a profession neither ‘teachers’ are accorded their due share of acknowledgement for the work that they do. This is not to say that teaching has always been a respectful[Read More…]

by 29/07/2020 Comments are Disabled Life/Philosophy
Education of the masses in times of Covid

Education of the masses in times of Covid

With the schools and colleges being shut due to the covid-19 pandemic the respective ministry and departments have advised the institutions to ask teachers to keep engaging students academically through e-platforms. Good enough, as in such times this is the only solution available. However, how much of good it would be is decided by the varied class structures Indian society[Read More…]

by 20/04/2020 Comments are Disabled India
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