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Anand checking the oxygen of a woman working in the field

Where governments fail, youth respond to the Covid crisis

At the peak of the recent second wave of Covid infections while other parts of rural Uttar Pradesh struggled to survive the pandemic, there was no panic among residents in Deorai village of Kerakat block of Jaunpur district. This was thanks to the volunteer work done by a group of young activists, backed by celebrity poets and artists, to ensure[Read More…]

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Covid tragedy unfolds in Jharkhand

Covid tragedy unfolds in Jharkhand

Dumka, Jharkhand: ‘I am completely alone’, says Asha worker Jayshree Marandi sadly.  ‘He would have helped me in the care and education of the children, but Covid-19 snatched him from me.’ Jayshree Marandi is talking about her husband, whom the pandemic swallowed. Jayshree remembers how he used to take her from village-to-village while he carried out his work. “ I[Read More…]

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