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Happiness In The “Demonetized Nation”

Statutory Warning : – This is a fictitious retelling of a real life event. The arguments presented through various characters have taken place in real life only the circumstances & places have been changed. Before you read this: It is crucial to understand that this piece was written during the initial days of Demonetization, when almost every Well-to-do Indian was[Read More…]

November 22, 2016 India
Demonetisation And Bhakts

Demonetisation And Bhakts

Demonetization is the new polarisation strategy deployed by the Modi Government, which has succeeded in killing many birds (and people) with a stone. This new policy is not only mindless but also evil right from its conception to execution. Much has been already said & in cases proved by various sources as to how the Demonetization is actually a witless,[Read More…]

November 19, 2016 India