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Happiness In The “Demonetized Nation”

Statutory Warning : – This is a fictitious retelling of a real life event. The arguments presented through various characters have taken place in real life only the circumstances & places have been changed. Before you read this: It is crucial to understand that this piece was written during the initial days of Demonetization, when almost every Well-to-do Indian was[Read More…]

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Demonetisation And Bhakts

Demonetisation And Bhakts

Demonetization is the new polarisation strategy deployed by the Modi Government, which has succeeded in killing many birds (and people) with a stone. This new policy is not only mindless but also evil right from its conception to execution. Much has been already said & in cases proved by various sources as to how the Demonetization is actually a witless,[Read More…]

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