Articles by: Binu Karunakaran

Night of the broken glass for Huzaifa Pandit

Night of the broken glass for Huzaifa Pandit

On the night of broken glass he reads a poem by Faiz. Outside, someone drives under influence down a frail bridge across the river, after the rains. jo toot gaya, so toot gaya ‘Khuda Hafiz. Khuda Hafiz, Would there be salvage after the wreck?’ asks the squeaky wiper blades to the tune of filmy rain dance that fogs the pane.[Read More…]

by August 15, 2019 Arts/Literature
Kowtown Diktats

Kowtown Diktats

Count the cows & the cakes
of dung, lynch a few men
every time
you get their tally wrong.

by November 7, 2017 Arts/Literature



i sent you a postcard

neat 6×4 inch

slab avalanche of grief

disfigured black flag

punched with pellets

the night sky’s

braille ligatures

by July 18, 2016 Arts/Literature, Kashmir