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Drought In Thar, Pakistan And The Lives of Hindu Minorities

Tharparkar is a district of Sindh province in Pakistan where Hindus live in majority. Most of them are Bheels, Meghwar, Kolhi, Jogis and other marginalized communities within Hindus. The life status of these communities is extremely bad   because of lack of good governance in this desert. Tharparkar is a deserted area which is why the life of most of the[Read More…]

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Pakistan: A Dalit Friendly Movement For Equality

Pakistan: A Dalit Friendly Movement For Equality

For the last few years the study on Dalit cause has been increasing widely in Pakistan.  Many of the people who were unaware of the work on Dalit enthusiastically tried to know maximum of Dalit and started reading Dalit literature. Whereas there are two sides of a coin on the discussion of dalits in Pakistan. The one who are Dalits[Read More…]

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