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Our world…

Our world…

World hides its monstrosity In being silver around night’s chest World easily presaudes World changes color like we do World lends a hand, heavy like society Coiling what’s night with care World kicks hard out of its property World says, it’s all fair World never wears what it can’t bare World walks miles to gain position World freezes at you[Read More…]

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Martyr’s Futile Tenure

Martyr’s Futile Tenure

Let’s not extend it to an ‘end’; your lips, thirty two barricades for my fleet
I once had whiskeys of your sigh, I had laughed off the ice
Beyond the border, two hundred lovers in order
Your desire for the garment martyred mine, my gun shot your soul thrice

by 16/10/2017 1 comment Arts/Literature
I Am The Last Crop

I Am The Last Crop

My harvest without a red bell
From my farm
Beneath the well
Watching those eyes burn
Even when few clouds assist
And few turn soft pillows
Making it my debt
I am the last crop

by 07/10/2017 Comments are Disabled Arts/Literature
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