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Education Crisis Must Not Be Forgotten In A Health Crisis

Education Crisis Must Not Be Forgotten In A Health Crisis

Special spittoons… “not to spit inside public buildings or outdoor spaces”…was never been the regular behavior of an American until the War on Tuberculosis impacted the community at the end of 19th century. Crisis always stimuli actions and responses, it alters society not sometimes but often for its good by creating better habits and practices. Many infrastructural developments and healthy[Read More…]

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Indian Education- Suicide--Madura beats

Umpteen suicides – Are we qualified to stop it?  Some educational measures to adopt…

An 11-year-old girl from South Carolina shot herself to death because she was being bullied at school… A 12-year-old boy jumped from an overpass above Interstate 66 in northern Virginia and landed on a car…A 17-year-old IIT aspirant jumped to death as she was disappointed with her scores in IIT-JEE Mains Headlines, headlines everywhere…umpteen and quotidian suicides among our youth[Read More…]

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