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Wrongful detention or conviction: Victims’ compensation

Wrongful detention or conviction: Victims’ compensation

On March 03, 2021, The New Indian Express carried a news headline: ‘Falsely accused of rape, UP man freed after spending 20 years in jail’ – a very good news report indeed; he is free man finally. Then on March 06, 2021, Inquest News carried the following headline: ‘Surat court acquits 122 alleged SIMI members after 19 years of arrest’[Read More…]

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 Women protesting against the Farm Bills (Image for representative purpose)

Indian Farmers’ protest is inching towards a ‘Movement’

The Indian rightist government, intoxicated by its power induced due to number of seats occupied by its party in the Lower House of Parliament which enabled it to form the government without the need for a political alliance, has assumed power to be absolute. Although it has a dummy alliance under the umbrella named as the National Democratic Alliance (NDA),[Read More…]

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