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Feeling blue

COVID 19 and Mental Health

Co-Written by Hemraj P Jangir & Mamta Yadav   It has been more than four months but the whole world is still grappling with the pandemic. Every day we are getting distressing news and images on social media. The COVID-19 has brought many changes in our daily lives. These changes have not only been of staying at home, dining at[Read More…]

by 07/06/2020 Comments are Disabled Life/Philosophy
Why Dalit and OBC Communities Should Not Join RSS

Why Dalit and OBC Communities Should Not Join RSS

Book Name- I Could Not be a Hindu – A Story of Dalit in RSS Author- Bhanwar Meghawanshi Publication & Year- Navayana 2020 Bhanwar Meghwanshi, a renowned Ambedkarite activist, writer, and journalist from Rajasthan does not need much introduction. His work in the field of Dalit activism and the Ambedkarite movement in Rajasthan is admired nationally by many scholars and[Read More…]

by 13/05/2020 Comments are Disabled Book Review
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