Imran Yousuf

Mehmood Gami

I fell in love with the word GAMI so adopted it as my Pen name Mehmood Gami, the 19th century Sufi poet of Kashmir, born at Dooru Shahabad in 1765…

In Conversation with Ghulam Nabi Aatash

Kashmir is a place endowed by divinity from every niche. From eons valley has been witnessing umpteen legendary writers, scholars and poets. Besides breathtaking, splendiferous natural beauty, Kashmir has rich…

Lalla – The Origin

Makuris Zan Mal Tcholum Manas Ada Mya Labum Zanis Zaan Su Yeli Dyuenthum Nishi Paanas Sorui Suie Ti Bi Na Kehn   My inner self got laved and purified About…

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