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The Kids The World Forgot

The Kids The World Forgot

I spent much of yesterday with some kids the world forgot. Young, remarkably sturdy and resilient,theycan often be naïve and almost willfully gullible. They inhabit a world that delights in tripping them up and watching them fall. They are Kabul’s Street Kids. Every Friday morning, roughly 100 of these forgotten children sit in noisy – sometimes raucous – groups of[Read More…]

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Duvets left at the APVs' Borderfree Center (photo credit Sabia Rigby 2017)

Death At The Gate

Kabul, January 2017: The number of visitors passing through the Afghan Peace Volunteers'(APVs’) Borderfree Nonviolence Community Center in Kabul is incredible. Each afternoon, nearly sixty high-school-age students attend free classes to prepare them for the rigorous KanKor test, required of every Afghan desiring to attend public university. By 8:00 this morning, women from neighboring districts had begun arriving on foot,[Read More…]

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Mike Ferner photo of Kabul 12-24-2010

Welcome To Kabul

  December 31, 2017: It is a dream come true being back among friends in Kabul! Streams of dented Toyotas (They are all Toyotas!) with windscreens cracked like bolts of lightning still jockey for position on roads where traffic lights and common sense hold little sway. Carts of vegetables drawn by donkeys or dragged by men without dreams continue clotting the already stuttering traffic,[Read More…]

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