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Reject Raytheon AVL shuts down Pratt & Whitney

Reject Raytheon AVL shuts down Pratt & Whitney

It was an Earth Day to remember. On a beautiful sunny spring day, our local citizen coalition Reject Raytheon in Asheville, NC pulled off a three-part demonstration for the protection of the earth and earthlings and against the US military-industrial complex. We rallied, we paraded, and we performed a direct action. The event on Friday, April 22, began at 10[Read More…]

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 Delegation arriving in Honduras/ Photo credit: Ken Jones

Accompanying Honduras

As the bus was taking our accompaniment delegation to Honduras to the airport for our return home, it stopped by the offices of Radio Progreso. Piling on to the bus came some twenty staff members of the station to bid us goodbye. Each of them greeted us with an embrace, a kiss, or a clasp of hands expressing heartfelt gratitude[Read More…]

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