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Protest in Barnala on May 26th  by BKU(Ugrahan)

Modi government’s economic policies pose an existential threat to backward communities that must be resisted

The present government’s aggressive push for privatisation, corporatisation and automation – deviously dubbed ‘economic reforms’ – is undoing the gains made backward communities in recent decades, and must be resisted at all costs. ‘Economic reforms’ – it’s a catchphrase that India’s media pundits have repeated for three decades like a mantra, a sleight of hand meant to suggest that these[Read More…]

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Central acts will facilitate corporates

Central acts will facilitate corporates

Draft prepared ahead of round of talks scheduled for December 29, 2020   Note from the editor: In a recent response to an RTI plea filed by Jatin Desai, the central government revealed that it had no record of meetings or discussions with farmer associations ahead of finalizing the three new farm laws. The farmers on protest, however, seem deeply conscientious[Read More…]

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