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Articles by: Lirar Pulikkalakath

Strait of Hormuz, Sabotage Attack and the Sabre-Rattling

Strait of Hormuz, Sabotage Attack and the Sabre-Rattling

“The people of Iran should stand united in the face of this, and they will deliver a strong punch to the mouth of the American secretary of state and anyone who backs them” (Dehghanpisheh and Andrew 2018)). Almost one year back, Ismail Kowsari, the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Iran’s elite military force, responded strongly at[Read More…]

A crowd of Kuwaiti spectators erupt in cheers bearing a message of peace during the 50/20 Celebration parade in Kuwait Feb. 26. The 50/20 Celebration honors 50 years of Kuwaiti independence and the 20 years since Operations Desert Storm.

“Youth Bulge” in the Arab World: an Asset or a Burden

Introduction The systematic analysis of human resource, especially its composition, representation, and productivity is an important aspect of the study of any country. The demographic dividend of a youth bulge can be transformed positively especially in economically weak countries by enhancing educational and employment opportunities. These countries can take advantage of their physical strength to intellectual potential. But without due[Read More…]

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