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Aruna and Bunker Roy.

Tilonia Days

India has always been a favorite destination for tourists. This country, with its ancient civilization, culture and heritage, is a paradise of diversity. This country is diverse in all aspects, such as ethnicity, religion, language, culture, climate, and lifestyles.  All the fragments of human civilization are hidden within the shell of India. In Rajasthan I have been fortunate to visit[Read More…]

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What do ‘God’s goons’ think?

What do ‘God’s goons’ think?

Terrorism has struck France again in the wake of the ongoing cartoons’ controversy. In a terrorist attack some years ago on the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo magazine following the publication of the controversial cartoons, several people were killed. And now, in a recent terrorist attack, yet more people have lost their lives. There can be no justification for committing acts[Read More…]

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