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“There is a voice within me/ That will not be Still”

“There is a voice within me/ That will not be Still”

Nalini Priyadarshni in conversation with Anu Mahadev An abuse victim in the past, Anu Mahadev is a poet based in New Jersey. She is a 2016 MFA graduate of the Drew University’s MFA program in Madison, NJ. With two poetry collections to her credit, Myriad (2013) and Neem Leaves (2015) Anu is a curious reader and lifelong learner. She is passionate and outspoken about[Read More…]

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On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Greenpeace volunteers fly Peace Doves, bearing messages of peace, "No More Hiroshima", "Yes to Peace",  "No to Rokkasho" in Japanese and in English, beside the A-Bomb Dome Memorial in Hiroshima. 
Greenpeace renews their calls for peace and make this anniversary a message to world leaders to make real their commitments to nuclear disarmament, including the Japanese government to abandon plans to produce nuclear weapons.

Warriors of Peace – What do We Fight for?

For this country of our fathers and forefathers who laid down their lives to unshackle it and rebuilt it with their sweat and blood India of their hopes and dreams the land we kiss, whose dust adorns our foreheads We fight for the Constitution collective conscience of wise men and women who wanted to ensure that each one of us[Read More…]

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Song of Requiem For the 46… and Counting

Song of Requiem For the 46… and Counting

Beneath a pile of charred rubble sodden with splattered blood hanging on precariously to the half rotten dead in the drain killed in the name of God now a bait of murderous mob for the unsuspecting who come looking for their own I am Delhi ravaged by my kith, shamed by my kin I bewail my destiny marked with massacre[Read More…]

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When A Woman Laughs

When A Woman Laughs

There are hundreds of ways to silence a woman
stare her down if she happens to laugh out loud
in public space especially in the presence of men
where she should be whispering at side lines
make your dismay quite apparent
if it fails to mortify her

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Physiology of Lynching

Physiology of Lynching

It starts with division
‘We’ the majority all powerful against fewer ‘you’
righteous in our indignation against your beliefs
and much aggrieved by your actions
even if there is no evidence of your actually doing it
your caste or religion is enough
to multiply our aversion
your name alone aggravates us
your beards, caps or turbans are dead giveaway
that you don’t belong here

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April Fools

April Fools

I found god today at the bottom of a tequila bottle or was that a worm well preserved for eternity con gusano to infidels sans imagination interested only in their impotent virility Impossible is nothing in the cowdom we inhibit right from immaculate conception of virgin peahens to teary head honcho who eats his words for all three meals and[Read More…]

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